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2005 Autumn Meet Up, Leicester Square, London 04,10,2005


Cads with the ladies ...Still with Cads after five slices At the competition At the competition 2

Fans outside Metworld Fans More Metworld Fans He told us to F-Off What a Gent

Metworld on the.. ..RED CARPET! With some USAers Cads chatting up some more On the hunt for Ace

Still on the hunt for Ace A fan of Ace? Ace having fun? A bunch of.... Inside Crowbar

Another Metworld fan Intrepid Fox Night over... ...Going home Olly looking slim?


Fucking hell! It'd been virtually a whole year since we managed to get a handsome share of the MetWorlders in the same city at the same time... let alone the same bar...

From what looked like a few beers planned between Stu, Hec and oneself on a quiet Tuesday night, no one would have believed that the entire hardcore faithful would turn up in the in the West End for a MW reunion to blow away the cobwebs from the latest Met famine.

We (Olly joining me at the last minute) took the train to London accompanied by 12 of your best cans of assorted lager. We were well oiled by the time we slipped across the Thames.

The school boy prank played on our Uncle Steve on his arrival was the beginning of a full 8 hour onslaught of Leicester Square.

The Moon Under Water was where we settled until we were joined by Stu, fresh from work. With bellies rumbling we headed back to our favourite pizza palace to sample more of its 'All you can make yourself sick on for 5.99 menu. Olly and Steve were keen to hit double figures in regards to the slice count. I was first to fall, only enduring 5 humble segments before being ready to park my breakfast. The boys didn't dissapoint. Both heavy weights tucking into at least 10 wedges. I believe Olly made it to 11... wasn't sure as I was now busting to drop the kids off at the pool and feeling slightly squiffy from the train journey beverages and 5 pints of Guinness.

We headed back to the Moon where we noticed a movie Premiere at the VUE picture box. Some shitty film about Kinky Boots was getting the red carpet treatment. MetWorld had to make itself apparent by heckling every blagger that graced the spangly walk way. Mostly nobodies with ego's bigger than the log I'd left behind in the Pizza Parlours's khazi.

We manged to get a few words from Jimmy Carr as well as a well earned 'FUCK OFF!' from one of the main cast! Some of these so called 'Celebs' can be right cunts! We also pissed of the poor young girl from security too.. nevermind, she was probably on 4 an hour. Sorry, love!

By now the legend known as The Hectorial made his entrance. Was bloody good to catch up with every fucker again I can tell ya. The bets were on whether A-Star was actually gonna make it or whether his 'I'm on my way' phone call was a pile of high quality dog shit.
As promised, Starsky arrived through the darkness and joined the festivities in time to get chatting to a couple of young laydees now drinking outside the Moon. Within minutes and with a little gentle persuasion, chest potatoes were on display for all to admire and touch. If the teenage witch or her mate read this... email us and we'll pencil you in for the next MetWorld night out...just don't bring matey with you.

On to the Crow-Bar which was one of Hec's bars I think. More beer and piccies and it was back towards the Square and to the Intrepid Fox. More mead flowed until we had to think about getting back to our homes.. A damn shame as we all would have enjoyed to keep on quenching the thirst. This is where Ace's hat got half inched I think ...just who dunnit though....??

Well.... what a night The MW faithfull back in the fold and thirsty for some proper Metallica news.. Forget the support slot with the Rolling Stones.. WE WANT BLOOD!!!... and confirmation that they are back in HQ recording a new record would be nice.

Iron Maiden may have Ripped Up The World this summer but MetWorld certainly shredded a few bars in London last night. Catch yourself on and join us for the next instalment of Metallica World On Tour.... Coming Very Soon...

Cads 2005



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