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Metallica fan convention 04/02/2006 @ The Cavern, Liverpool, UK


Mont and Star Mont, Star and Mike Star, Mike and Steve Tallica Tallica
Tallica Tallica Tallica Tallica Glenn - Event organiser
Mike The Talk! The Talk! The Talk! The Talk!
Event Poster The Metworld Guys The Metworld Guys Star Mont
Some Met Fans Star The Cavern Inside The Cavern Mike, Steve and Mont
Steve Mentallica Mentallica Mentallica Mentallica

12 noon - Doors
12 noon - 1 pm - Metallica footage on screens
1 pm - 1.45 pm - Live music from "Enemy Of Thought"
2.30 pm - 4 pm - Live music from "Tallica"
4.15 pm - 5pm - Metallica Quiz, Results and Winner
5.15 pm - 5.45 pm - Special Guest Steve Gill from Metallica World fansite will give talks and take your questions (yes that was me!)
7 pm - 7.45 pm - Live music from "Mentallica"
8 pm - 8.45 pm - Live music from "Enemy Of Thought"
9 pm - 10 pm - Metallica Videos
10.15 pm - 12 midnight - Live music from "Mentallica"

Liverpool 2006 Fan event….

So Steve tells me about this fan thing in Liverpool, hey that’s cool I thought, then he tells me he’s guest speaker I thought how and wow. Then, he lets me know how he’s shitting the bed about the talk a bit, so I volunteer to help……..god why did I open my mouth. Never mind… its all the fun of the fair.

So we set off (Mike, Myself, Steve and Mont) up north on the A1 at 95mph with two guys cutting up flyers myself trying to look out for speed cameras direct on the map and rehearse what we are going to say… consequently everyone gets carsick apart from steve.

We get there…er… fashionably late and head to the convo after about 3 laps of the block finding where we were. Adjusting to the accent initially was quite difficult but as Cilla black once said…It’s alright pet you look great…(?)

So we find the Place and hook up with our main man and Ringo Starr look alike Glen. We get acquainted with the down low of the place and find it is low down but I guess that’s why it’s called the Cavern… seeing the poster saying guest speaker Steve Gill brings it home some more but the stage is less formal than I’d expected…

So then…We go for a hearty feed near by and get the first ‘calm down’ of the day from a hung over bar girl/woman. Mont has a big feed in the form of a 24 yes 24 ounce gammon steak.. and I might add finishes it with room to spare.. Steve struggles a little with a 16 oz'er but maybe the nerves are finding their way to his gastric pores and the appetite is submitted to a lower level of frenzy. As we head back we hear a bit of ‘tallica a great lil tribute band doing some of our favourites in fine fettle.

The Quiz follows and we do pretty well as runners up then were straight into the talk… If you were there you’d know it was alright, not as embarrassing as Kelly Clarkson at the Grammy’s but not inspiring to everyone. We laid down the Metworld message had a bit of fun up there then that’s your lot.

Later we had a band Called Mentallica and I was once told if you haven’t got anything nice to say don’t say anything so………………. But what I will say is we met a girl who bet I’d not mention the fact that she wanted to start an all girl tallica covers band nr Liverpool so if anyone sees this get in touch with her…. Do I remember her name…er it was Cath and e-mail is or as I am not sure if the address should have an_ or a-!!

We broke the set up with a Mc D’s or was it a king …nevermind. God I’ve a bad memory.

Then the long drive back me a bit pissed and very annoying Steve a bit stressed in the Peaks in the fog at 30mph getting lost but all worth it I’d say.




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