Chat session with Lars Ulrich at Metclub - October 29th 2002

LearningToFly - What does Lars think of the new kick ass scary guy logo and orange shirts? 

Metclub - If you like the orange shirts, they were my idea and if you don't fuck off + Lars says 

MetallicAggie - Lars...did you get rid of the snot problem you were having the other day? 

Metclub - done with the snot, now the issue is further south 

frayedbatteries - Lars, how is the album coming? 

Metclub - good as ever - one day ill have a different answer 

Metclub - actually we had a good week last week where we, shock horror, discarded some songs for the first time ever. we are now on what we call round two on the keepers 

Metclub - old tamas, have no idea of their name. Ill send toby down to ask flemming 

kobonga - Lars do you really sing on 53rd and 3rd Ramones song? 

Metclub - loud and proud babe, thats me on the 3d verse 

Neil - Have you decided on the kind of amount of tracks that are gonna be on it yet? 

Metclub - North of ten, south of twenty 

Dhorseman - Lars, what did you and the guys think of THE CULT show? 

Metclub - dude i got there a little late - i saw the last five or six songs. Ive always liked the cult and they did not disappoint the other day 

Dhorseman - Are you going to do vocals for an entire song on the new album? 

Metclub - i fucking should, based on the response to my ground breaking performance on 53rd 

Tolkki - will we ever hear the rest of the recorded ramones covers? 

Metclub - ahhhhh, theres an idea for a fancan. i really would like to - there are some great moments 

Rox - Do you have any Kimo's type gigs planned? 

Metclub - downstairs in studio A....nahh nothing at the moment - we are really trying to just focus on the record 

PapaHet - which metallica album does lars listen to the most? 

Metclub - whichever one KSJO is playing at the moment 

MetallicaPoet - Any possibilities of doing more songs for films or other media after having done i disappear, for MI:2? 

Metclub - the idea of finishing a metallica record for metallica sounds pretty fucking good to me right now, but its difficult to discard good ideas when they get thrown at you 

Dhorseman - Do you record all your live shows? 

Metclub - yes, well actually Big Mick our sound guy does 

Metclub - systematic demos 

icecelt - Lars are you a hockey fan? 

Metclub - let me get over the Giants for a few days before I focus on the San Jose Sharks 

rattlehead93x - are there any plans for lars being in a diet coke with lemon commercial? 

Metclub - they fucking owe me 

muzikman926 - when does the album come out? 

Metclub - same stock answer - around 4 weeks after its done 

MetallicAggie - Did you go to just game 3 or did you get to see J.T. Snow save Dusty Baker's 3 yr old son? 

Metclub - I went to game three and game 5....Yes I saw that 

cjb - you remember playing a small club in Scotland on the load tour? just to say show i have ever been to in my life 

Metclub - that must be the gig at the barrow lands fuck yeah 

ph123 - Hey Lars, How about an ITS video that shows us all the bands guitars, basses and drums??? 

Metclub - i will pass it on to Dr Ev......I mean Niclas 

icecelt - Are you finding the recording process easier on this album than any of the previous ones, or does all of the extra stuff going on make it more troublesome? 

Metclub - the hardest thing is forcing myself to go home and eat dinner with the family. time, baby, is a hard thing for me to juggle






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