Chat session with James Hetfield in Stockholm, Sweden for Aftonbladet May 27th 2003

Moderator säger: We're running a little late, but the chat will begin shortly. 
James Hetfield säger: Hello it's James here, and it's great to be here in Stockholm. 

Metallica rocks säger: Which of your other albums sounds the most like St. Anger? 
James Hetfield säger: ... and justice for all 

Sofia S säger: How are things working with the new member of the band?? 
James Hetfield säger: Rob is amazing, he was meant to be with us. He has an amazing attitude, and a great bass player. it's been an easy transition.

Lars säger: James! Thanx for the music. Are you and Lars as tough on the other band members as the press say? 
James Hetfield säger: used to be but not anymore 

Greven säger: Which are your 3 favorite METALLICA albums? 
James Hetfield säger: St Anger, Ride the lightning, Black album 

Andrew säger: James, now since you've been in rehab and all, do you drink at all or nothing? 
James Hetfield säger: Zero alcohol. 

Helena N säger: What is the best thing about touring? 
James Hetfield säger: Going home. Seriously...connecting with eyes of the fans that understand what we're doing 

Danne säger: When and where are you going to play in Sweden next year?? 
James Hetfield säger: Not sure yet...but it will be an indoor tour of St. Anger 

Valis! säger: Any Swedish bands you're particularly interested in? I noticed entombed were invited to the listening party, and they are among the very best! 
James Hetfield säger: ABBA...*laughing* 

Valis! säger: Any band that inspired you to go "harder" again? 
James Hetfield säger: everything I hear on the radio that I don't like soft metal

JeppeJ säger: Hi, I wonder what measures you have taken not to let your new album leak out to the public for mp3 sharing etc? Good luck with the new album! /Jesper 
James Hetfield säger: Thank you. All the files that we were doing were in a vault, nothing was leaving the studio 

Duffman säger: Who would you mostly (dead or alive) like to do a song with? 
James Hetfield säger: Phil Lynnot, Thin Lizzy 

Jaymz_rules säger: Can you give me a tip on how to become a guitar player as good as you? 
James Hetfield säger: well...*thinks long*...don't practice much

wallforz säger: Which Metallica concert is your favorite? Moscow 91? 
James Hetfield säger: Yes, either that or the summer sanitarium tour with Korn at the Los Angeles Coliseum 

Christer säger: Hallo James, what is you favorite music in this moment? 
James Hetfield säger: a band called cky 

gc säger: What would I have to do to become a drummer of Metallica? 
James Hetfield säger: have shoes that smell like vinegar 

magician säger: Hi! How do you manage to keep up a good show on stage, tour after tour? 
James Hetfield säger: eat your vitamins 

MandusForsell säger: Which of the bands you have toured with are the band you are proudest of have toured with? 
James Hetfield säger: difficult question... say, AC/DC (monsters of rock tour) and Ozzy in 1986 

Piphaz säger: can you feel the spirit of ol' Cliff here in Sweden? I can. Respect to you all. James Hetfield säger: Yeah, the spirit of cliff lives in our hearts and is alive and well wherever be go. 

James Hetfield säger: thanks to everyone asking questions... love and respect, James. 

Moderator säger: Thanks to James Hetfield and all the chatters!






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