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Wembley Stadium, London, England, 08/07/07


Log number 1: Stu's account of the day at Wembely.

Day started well, sun shining, bacon doorsteps and no hangover (hahaha Hector!!!). Off we trot in Andy's little red van, feeling a bit like postman Pat to find somewhere to park within reach of Wembley.

Got to Canon's Park to meet Steve, Ollie and co and an unearthly Sunday hour of 10.30. By 10.45 Steve gave up on parallel parking and let Eddie do the biz. Unfortunately we did not have a camera to cature Steve doing his best to destroy his clutch!!!

So after the short tube ride, we were faced with 3 hours of standing around calling each other to see if the other queue's were different. They weren't....

At 2-30 they decided to let us in so we got in the pit and obtained new wristbands. Luckily we all got in even Hangover Hec and his Greek Suntanned torso. Sorry - burnt legs and tummy.

Mastodon and Machine Head were both awesome and got the crowd going. Then for some weird reason some guys in a band called HIM got on to the sacred Wembley stage. I have been going to gigs for nearly 25 years and have never seen a band 'fingered' and booed like that. Deserved it mind as they are shit and should never have been put in the same show as the other bands there.

Rather than stand at the front all day, we took it easy and muscled our way down to the front middle just in time to get a blast of Long Way To The Top. Sorry Cads but there is no way Iron Maiden's intro is anywhere near as good. Then the video screens burst into scenes of Hector trying to get home the morning after the night before. Sorry, realised it was Clint in the Good, The Bad and The Ugly.

What energy, what a set list, what an audience. From the onset of Creep, every one went crazy but at the same time looked out for each other in the front. Eddie seemed to enjoy having sweaty men pressed against him more than the music but each to their own I suppose.

Couldn't fault the set selection at all. When Disposable Heroes kicked in, the relief was evident that they were not going to play Master again. Not that it is bad, but we have seen it, heard it and it was great to witness last year.

Orion still gives that feeling that Cliff is there banging his head, Rob does an amazing job on that one.

Hearing Justice for the first time in a few years was a great treat and boy was that played with some passion. How about Shortest Straw next tour guys?

Not being a huge fan of the Load / Reload era I was knocked back when Memory was played, the crowd loved it and to be honest, I was singing away to it when previously I had pencilled that one in for being a bar run. "This is why we do what we do" emotionally announced James at the end. Cheers James, we love it too mate!!

So after a very energetic end to the set, we get a little break to prepare for the 4 song encore. As Sad was played third we were wondering what they would play and what a great treat we got when the intro started to No Leaf Clover. Brilliant song, played superbly.

A final treat of getting Whiplash rounded off by Seek, then the 'who can get a pick the furthest' contest rounded off an amazing night. I have seen some amazing shows over the years and was afraid this was a 'lets cash in' mini-tour. It wasn't. They were fired up from the opening chord and kept it going all night.

After a struggle to get on the train we were lucky to get to the kebab shop in time for large doners and chilli sauce all round. What better way to end the day? It was then back into Pat's red van and back home. Luckily someone had left 87 feet in front of Steve's car so he could get it out in one swoop.


Log number 2: Starski's account of the day at Wembley. 

Having been inspired by the climate change concert we saw the boys at the day before, we decided to set off from Steve’s house in 3 cars rather than just the two we used the day before (colour our world blackened…eeek) and set off down the A1 to Wembley. 

After a bit of road rage, Steve cutting up his 5th car and forgetting to set the sat nav…again.. we were soon to arrive in cannon’s park for steve to complete the trip with (as stu describes so well) a clutch destroying exercise in how not to parallel park. 

We take the tubular bell to Wembley and start to queue up in various interchangeable locations (organization was like a dog’s large intestine) hoping for a wristband for the pit. Finally after an enjoyable 3-4h wait we were in and enjoying Mastodon from the pit area. They were V.heavy. 

Machine Head played a killer set and Imperium started one of the most insane circle pits I’ve ever seen. Hundreds of people circling round the pit area like a tornado of human meat.  The insanity continued after the set as Triggers recollection of him trampling some weaker Mosher was rudely interrupted by a small glass JD bottle… hitting him on the head and causing profuse bleeding…. Bastards. Trip to first aid room for him then. 

The day turned to reflection.. food, praying to the gods we didn’t get the entirety of M.O.P. again and seeing Hector who I haven’t seen in years. ... Bloody hell he hadn't seen me hair cut... from long to shorter...that was ages ago. Oh yeah and a band called HIM played and were almost universally hated... Jesus. 

Reflection lasted about 2 minutes when the pure psychology of seeing your fav band live kicked in. We made our way down early and got about 6th row for a killer set. The set list was awesome.

Creep killed any amount of residual pussyness still in the air from the HIM show and Bellz pretty much gave me a new frame of reference to the words 'heavy as F&*K'. Sad early was cool and as Disposable kicked in, the air was lifted by the knowledge that the whole of puppets was left back stage and still packed away. 

Justice was amazing. Sorry but to all the people who might think it was a bit long, or not a classic, go find a mans arse cos that song is how it should be done.... sways of riffing and note perfect soloing pleasuring the ear like an acoustic Reiki massage. Nearly cried during Orion and Fade to Black did little to make me feel less emotional. Puppets cleansed the emotional pallet like a brick through a brand new Mercedes C-class, battery pummelled the crowd into a fit of frenzy... there was no letting up tonight. The 1st real break came at this juncture and when No leaf intro began to play... god I was in 7th heaven... brilliant brilliant song. I loved this show it was my 25th I bloody loved it.... classic 3 came, Whiplash and Seek finished off after another brief interlude.... man o man I could not complain 1 bit. 

We headed back at this point snaking through the crowds like eels in a vat of KY, Mike nearly treating one objector to the full RAF training in the face! Police enjoyed the display Mike put on and congratulated him with a stern ticking off over his megaphone. 

We finally get to the cars and the usual feed began. Steve does talk absolute dog shit to any proprietor of a kebab establishment! “Make it big, big, I'm a big eater, put on lots of sauce” he yells”. 

Anyway brilliant day! 

Off home we trot. Thank you Metallica. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Log number 3: TheJohn's account of the day at Wembley.

I hope my employers will forgive me being "ill" on Sunday but any trouble I may possibly get in was well worth it.

We left home about 10o clock ish and went to pick a mate who was coming along. Of course cranking some sweet Metallica tunes on a mix CD i made earlier in the day, blaring out to tell London metallica are coming to tear them a new arsehole! Got to Wembley about one o clock and encountered the first of some annoyances - the car parks did not open until three hours before the first band came on so we had to go and sit outside a shopping centre for an hour before parking but it was ok as we met up with my mates daughter and boyfriend before they went in.

We parked the car in the first row of cars in the car park when they opened which was the furthest from the exit as possible! but oh well. It was twenty five quid to park your car or $50 in american money!

The stadium itself is very impressive. It is physically enormous and is modern and clean in its looks while the place around it is a dump. (hey it is London). Access by road was appalling as you had to drive through an industrial estate with narrow roads.

We then wandered up to the main arena and got some merch which at 18 quid for a shirt was better than the twenty it is usually at a gig. I got the shirt with the pictures of the boys on which was pretty cool and that now increases the number of Metallica shirts I own to a grand number of four.

Then the major mishap occurred. Ticketmaster printed the tickets with the letter of your designated entrance on but put the wrong letter on our tikets so we ended up having to join a huge queue to get on the pitch. We only queued for about thirty five minutes though which was not too bad in reality.

Went in and down onto the pitch and in true style we all had to eat some of the grass poking up between the covers! Yeah I ate some Wembley Turf!

It was the first concert i have been to in a stadium and the sheer size and scale of Wembley it breathtaking (well it is the largest covered stadium in Europe).

Mastodon were up first and their brand of progressive metal was sadly let down by dire sound which made them sound like a loud drone but it was a good thirty minute opener even thought the crowd did not really react to them.

Bang on time Machine Head came on and played a shortened version of Clenching the Fists of Dissent to open - gotta love the riff in that song as well as Halo, Imperium, Old, Davidian and another i did not recognise. I must say they were better than at Download with an improved sound and they are always good to see.

Why HIM played i will never know (although I spose Metallica likes to take rubbish bands on tour, just look at the support for the Summer Sanitarium Tour 2000 - Korn, S.O.A.D., slipknot, Deftones)

Many took the time to visit the other facilities on offer. for starters there were not enough toilets but at least they were clean and still new. The food however was a rip-off, £6 for a pie or £3.90 for a plain old hotdog, needless to say we waited until the end of the concert for some eats.

In the build up for Metallica the people in the stands were doing Mexican waves the entire way around the stadium which was pretty cool to see how excited everyone was in anticipation. Eventually AC/DC "Its a long way to the top" came on and we knew the boys were only moments away from coming on. the Ecstasy of Gold intro tape is of course as spine tingling as ever.

First out the gate was the titanic Creeping Death which suffered some technical gremlins as you could not hear kirks solo but they were quickly banished and the boys then thrashed their way through a set of the hits and some old stuff and rare gems like the Disposables, Orion and And Justice for All sounding as good as when they were written.

A highlight was when Rob played his bass like the bongos treating us all to some monster slap bass. Also the crowds singing on The Memory Remains was so beautiful and James and Lars looked like they were going to cry. It certainly tells me that the boys have turned over a new chapter and I am sure they will go to new heights with the new album (which I am sure all you doubters will be rather good)

The first encore saw gargantuan rendition of One and Enter Sandman were amazing with some cool pyrotechnics but were small potatoes compared to the balls to the wall back to back thrash attack of Whiplash and Seek and Destroy. I was stoked to hear Whiplash after it was omitted from the first time I saw them as it is in my opinion the greatest thrash metal song ever!

After the end Lars promised a new tour along with the new album next year so all I say is roll on 2008 cos I cant wait!

The concert was easily better than the first time I saw them by far and anyone says they won't go and see them for whatever reason is missing out and I would even say it was the best concert I have ever been to. Although I must admit I have not been to a lot of them!

Come back soon boys we will miss you!


       Set List
Creeping Death
For Whom The Bell Tolls
Sad But True
Disposable Heroes
The Unforgiven
...And Justice For All
The Memory Remains
The Four Horsemen
Fade To Black
Master of Puppets
- - - -
No Leaf Clover
Nothing Else Matters
Enter Sandman
- - - -
Seek and Destroy


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