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Metallicaworld Staff

Steve Gill - Metallicaworld Webmaster and Chapter Head for Metworld local chapter

If you are wondering who the person is behind this website then now you know.  This section really is to show that this is just a fan site done by one person who just loves to waste time on anything Metallica! I have been a Metallica fan since 1993.  I listen to Metallica Virtually every day.  I have seen Metallica live forty three times in seven countries and was lucky enough to have have met the whole band at a meet and greet in Germany at the Rock Am Ring festival in 2003. I met Metallica at the meet and greet at Rock Am Ring festival in Germany 8/June/2003. I got James to draw a "new style" scary guy he also signed below the scary guy. Lars and Rob put their signatures on my arm also and two days later I got it tattooed in!

Why did I design this website? I had a look at the sites that were around and there were a few good ones and a lot of bad ones, so I thought about everything I would want from a Metallica website and that's how it started.  I put the structure together about a year before I even started adding any content to it.  Then one day in about October 2002 I started adding the content (the hard part) and have worked on it in my spare time since then.  In reality this website is not all that original but how original can you make it?  Everything has been done before, but my aim is to provide an easy to navigate website that people can get all the information they want from.  In reality it just feeds my hunger for all things Metallica and when I am doing something Metallica related I'm happy.

A few years on and the website seems to be extremely popular which is fantastic. Its really good to get feedback on what you spend your life creating. I have met a lot of good friends through the creation this website and it has taken me on a few good journeys! I now run a local chapter of the Metallica fan club "Metworld" which you can find the links for on the left hand navigation bar. Its been a great 4 years and I want to thank everyone that has submitted info/photos for any of the fan sections and all the people that email with praise for the site. Without people to view the site it would not exist so thanks again. Hopefully in another 4 years we will still be here!!

John Morgan - Social Networker

Tom Allam - Contributor

A-Star - Idea's man as stated below also to be read as bone idle!!

Hi I'm Ed or Starski depending on the weather and the company. I am metworlds answer to Napolian Dynamite!  I'm the idea's man... damage jackals, Ninja stars and I write the newsletter.

Metallica for me is like a set of feelings and emotions put on CD, I can tap into them any time and they are powerful emotions like the birth of a kitten or the death of a cat.. I'm sure you can empathise.

The website and chapter is a lot of work yes, but it is great fun and to be honest the drive is to see as much of an interactive community feel surrounding Metallica events, topics, views as possible. The site used to be all about a great source of Metfacts, and images. Now we strive to maintain this but also be fun, interactive and different.

I got into Metallica in 94 after listening to Fight Fire with Fire. The intro just did it for me. That was the change from musically lost to found. I've seen the band 39 times now and the experience doesn't seem to falter. It's not only a great buzz to see the band but to meet up with the Metworld crew and dive straight into that vibe... See you on tour.


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