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Amsterdam Arena, Amsterdam Holland 21/06/2004


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Pictures below courtesy of

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Metallica World On Tour 04

Leg 1 Ė Amsterdam, The 6.42 Show 

The journey starts off badly at Gatwick airport due to Easyjet selling us tickets on a flight that didnít exist.  After about 20 frames of pool and a few beers, we eventually left the UK for the land of tulips. 

We would have been out on the town earlier if it wasnít for my navigational skills putting us on the wrong train. Hector didnít mind though, he spotted a windmill out of the window! 

After checking into a traditional City hotel, we dined on T-Bone Steak and grilled meat. Topped up with several bottles of Bud and another 20 frames of Pool, Hector wobbled the whole way back from The Red Light Bar to the hotel. Anyone who has never seen Hector drunk (Exodus was the last public appearance), it is well worth it. Only takes 4 bottles of Bud too so is not an expensive way to get 2 hours amusement. 

Steve and Anal arrived at 9.30 on the day of the gig. Slightly delayed due to the merchandise on sale in various shops they walked past. I think they have kept the DVD business going single handedly. I promise I wonít mention the Butt Plug you bought Eddy!!! Eddy then broke the record of checking in and installing the Pay Per View porn channel to his TV. Took us 15 minutes to get him to leave the toilet. Dodgy food indeed!!! 

When Anal eventually pulled himself away from the girls in their windows, and a couple of beers were supped over several more frames of pool, we got to the stadium, and in good time for my Meet & Greet. 

It was five thirty when I was whisked away VIP style and through the Crew entrance, up about four stairs and into the makeshift tent. And it was a while longer before James materialised. I had met the band before in 1985 so it was funny to see how 20 years had changed them. James is a big fella, but was very quiet as he walked around the room signing autographs and admiring various tattoos. He said he has 8 now, and I noticed later the cross he has had done on his elbow. I asked James to play Dyers Eve, but he said that they have the set lists planned in advance and would not be able to change anything, but smiled and said he would see what he could do. 

Kirk followed shortly after and was a bit more chatty, especially when his mobile rang a few times. He also noticed that Korn were playing as well and did not know even though they are all great friends. He is quite a lot smaller than James, but oozed Rock Star. 

Rob entered the room with a loud growl and posed dramatically for pictures. He chatted to me about soccer when he established by my accent that I was over from London. He said that they all love the game and play it regularly with the crew. He also chatted about his favourite pastime Ė surfing. Very friendly guy. 

Finally, Lars entered the room and immediately you could tell that he is the joker of the pack. He rattled around taking the mickey out of the photos and generally had the room in stitches. Again, we spoke about football and he was also taken aback when I told him that my favourite show was the 100 Club. He said that he has not met many people since who were at the show. Probably because there were only about 2 or 300 in there that hot summer night. Again I asked Lars for Dyers Eve which he said he would put to the boys. He also promised to call out the England football score if he could find it out. 

It was great to meet the boys and they were all very friendly and treat their fans like real people and not a means of income. Lars looked taken aback when one of the guys said he is a drummer and Lars is his biggest influence. He was touched. They naturally have grown in stature since 1985 and have gone a long way. There was no writing on desks, drinking beer and shouting a lot this time. More formal. 

The show started late, but who cared as the huge screens played The Good The Bad and The Ugly. Rob could be seen backstage eagerly about to burst into the opening number. 

I have seen Metallica many times over the years and they always put on a tight, energetic set, and this was to be no exception.  They were at their usual best, even young Miles Ulrich didnít miss a beat when he came on for his Dad, perhaps he should have played at Donington when Lars pulled a sickie.

It was great to hear Holier Than Thou, Leper Messiah (which I saw played at the 100 Club for the first time), along with newer tracks such as No Leaf Clover and Fuel. 

When James announced that the next track had been requested by several people, it could only be one song Ė Dyers Eve!! And it was, played in itís entirety, superb, made the trip worthwhile. 

Lars capped the night by calling out the England score as well. It is refreshing to see that after 20 odd years, they still see their fans as fans and listen to them. Too many bands become Ďbiggerí than the 50,000 people paying their wages and distance themselves. 

Hopefully they will do a club tour for the fans and give people a chance to see them raw. I have seen them in small venues before but many true fans havenít had that chance so that would be amazing. 

After the show it was window shopping in Amsterdam along with a few beers and a bit more hunting for obscure DVDís. Eddy was in his element, unfortunately his underpants didnít like it too much!!! 

By the time I awoke in the morning, I was alone, the others had wandered off to catch their bus to Paris, I came homeÖ..

Stuart Higbee 2004


Set List

Leper Messiah
Welcome Home (Sanitarium)
Holier Than Thou
Wherever I May Roam
St. Anger
Sad But True
Creeping Death
No Leaf Clover
Nothing Else Matters
Master of Puppets
Enter Sandman
Dyers Eve
Seek And Destroy






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