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Arnhem, Netherlands, Gelredome 08/06/06

Wednesday and the boys finally arrive in Amsterdam and we start 2 days of Metallica mayhem. In the evening after a decent curry we headed to some dodgy bar for a 'laugh and joke' with the locals. Andy couldn't hack it and went to the flat to sleep. Proving his ageing rocker status (last seen at a gig 10 years ago) he promptly woke up at 2 am when Cads decided to see which adult channels are on free view in Holland. Cads managed to work out how to log on to an Iron Maiden thread which gave us a superb bonus - the audience video of 'New Song'. Sounds great, hope they play it tonight.

Four weary guys then headed to the Station Thursday morning and after a hearty full English (amazing tits on the waitress I may add) we bought tickets and got on the train, where the previous nights curry continued to repeat on us all. Tommy particularly was suffering….. Got to the venue at 1-00 and found that we had to either queue till 5-00 or not get in the pit. It took no persuading to join the queue and invest in the biggest bar voucher you could buy, sit back, ogle the totty and drink till the gates opened. This was pleasingly earlier than proposed at 4.15. This is a lovely venue for a show, indoor football stadium. Shame the sound is shit. 5.10 and Trivium hit the stage. Haven't a clue what they played as they were provided terrible sound. It amazed us as to where everyone was going to stand as we went to the back to find Matti and it was solid the whole was through with more people pouring in all the time. Hot and sweaty we went back to the pit for Bullet. Better than expected which prompted me to get their cd. A7X are a band that I have liked for a while and they played a blistering set getting the entire crowd going with a superb cover of Pantera's Walk. Followed by the superb Bat Country. Then came the interval and Matti confirmed that they would be on stage at 8.45. This was superb news as we had to be gone by 11.15 in order not to miss the last train back to Amsterdam. Watching the guys set up we noticed the acoustic guitar for Unforgiven. Cads came in his pants. Metallica being the perfectionists they are did not hit the stage until gone 9.00 which got us worried immediately. Opening with Motorbreath brought back school boy memories of playing the No Life Till Leather demo to death on my cassette walkman. Cads had been going on all day that he preferred this to Creep, he came in his pants.... again. Eddie would have been proud! Brilliant to get an aggressive opener and you could tell from the off that the boys mean business tonight. We knew from Met On Tour that the next track would be Fuel so soaked in sweat we stayed at the front for a faultless Fuel. Roam next then the new song. Firstly without base, then with. Sounds cool. Hopefully they have more than one new track that they have spent all this time in the studio writing. If so and if they are as good, then the next cd will be great. James wanders up and strums his acoustic. Couldn't believe it... Cads came again he said!!! The poor girl in front of him.... Reckon he must have been behind Eddie in Germany.... I distinctly remember as a kid going to Shades to buy Master... the week before it was officially released. Rushed home and played it to death. Loved it then and love it still now. One thing I notice is that every time you play it something different comes out of it. To hear it played in one go was amazing, never to be done again. Highlight was the 150% that Rob put in on Orion. Cliff was superb and as good as Jason was, Rob is Metallica..... Rest of the show was usual Metallica, faultless, professional and even funny in places.
I may add that my wife Donna went to Bon Jovi on the Friday and complained that they did not play to the crowd, looked out of sorts and were no good at all (could have told her that beforehand). Metallica are never like that, they always play to their capacity and after 21 years of myself seeing them live, they get more entertaining and better each time. After the show we headed to Arnhem station and bought some beers for the trip (yes Steve, beer not cola!!). For 5 Euro we got 2 half litre cans and free bright orange leiderhosen. When the most amazing looking girl we had ever seen said she would show us her full length tattoo if Cads got his leiderhosen on, he duely obliged, just for the boys of course.... and yes you guessed it, he came again when this beauty revealed an amazing tattoo and even more amazing body. In fact Andy and Tommy both looked restless at this point as well. Being the old git I am, she took a fancy to Tommy, bless him. Great few days, great company with Mark 'wet pants' Cadier, Tommy and my cousin Andy. Roll on the next tour, can't wait.

Stu 2006

       Set List
Wherever I May Roam
The New Song
The Unforgiven
Master of Puppets
The Thing That Should Not Be
Welcome Home (Sanitarium)
Disposable Heroes
Leper Messiah
Damage, Inc.
- - - -
Sad But True
Nothing Else Matters
Enter Sandman
- - - -
Die, Die My Darling (with Avenged Sevenfold and Trivium on vocals)
Seek and Destroy


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