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Berlin 19/11/1999 only European symphony show


berlin99.jpg (27452 bytes)

Set List

Ecstasy of Gold
Call of Ktulu
Master of Puppets
Of Wolf and Man
The Thing That Should Not Be
Memory Remains
No Leaf Clover
Hero of The Day
Devils Dance
Bleeding Me
Nothing Else Matters
Until It Sleeps
For Whom The Bell Tolls
- Human
Wherever I May Roam
The Outlaw Torn
Sad But True
Enter Sandman


berlin1.jpg (36187 bytes) berlin14.jpg (30687 bytes) berlin16.jpg (64926 bytes) berlin18.jpg (34872 bytes) berlin3.jpg (27343 bytes)
Matt Proctor rests Matts tat Brekkie at Burger King The crew 1 The crew 2

berlin21.jpg (38987 bytes) berlin2.jpg (29145 bytes) berlin17.jpg (34822 bytes) berlin12.jpg (26255 bytes) berlin8.jpg (57004 bytes)
The crew 3 Steve's flank Graham writes home Matt before gig In foyer of hotel

berlin9.jpg (34420 bytes) berlin11.jpg (43472 bytes) berlin10.jpg (57738 bytes) berlin7.jpg (44212 bytes) berlin6.jpg (31796 bytes)
Andys Tat Wow... Bigger wow... On the bus to gig At gig by barrier

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berlin 8.jpg (20448 bytes) berlin 9.jpg (12464 bytes) berlin 7.jpg (14439 bytes) berlin 6.jpg (13078 bytes)

berlin15.jpg (26985 bytes)
        Cads looking young!

berlin13.jpg (44336 bytes) berlin5.jpg (33788 bytes) berlin4.jpg (47048 bytes) berlin19.jpg (54768 bytes) berlin20.jpg (40827 bytes)
Very tired at 6am Andy and Petes tats Fucking about Return trip on bus Cads in full flow


Cads memories of a fantastic trip

Every now and again you get a summer season of gigs that stands out from all the rest because of the bands that happen to be touring.  1999 was indeed one of those years. 

It all started in May when I ventured to my very first Dynamo Festival for the boys, then on to Dublin before the first, and what looks like last, Big Day Out at the National Bowl. I feel I must add that up until this point I’d had two close encounters with MetWorld founder Steve, without even knowing who he was!….more about that later. 

The season was panning out to round off nicely with a double whammy Iron Maiden tour at the legendary cavern called Paris Bercy and on to the Rotterdam Ahoy.  Very nice. 

Little did I know what was going to drop through my letter box at the end of the long summer……….. an A4 flyer from Steve at International Concert Travel.  Metallica & the Berlin Symphonic Orchestra – Only European Appearance!  I had to go.   It would have been extremely rude to have said no. 

Dover Travel Center was the normal pick up point for me where I met another enthusiastic fan called Andy. A monster of a man dressed in a hand knitted Kill Em All jumper. He’d also brought his mom along to see the show. Cool or what?!? 

On board the P&O ferry I got to mingle with the rest of the punters… including Akam and monsieur Gillyboy.  The other crewmembers for this trip were Graham from Ireland, Stuart and Matt Proctor. It was good to meet up with these guys as the journey across France, Belgium and Germany was going to be a right fucker.  Snow and high winds made the pilgrimage take until late evening to arrive at our hotel. The trip ended up taking 21 hours from Dover! Some unlucky fuckers were from Scotland! 

That night, quite a few beers were had with members from our sesh ending up in Strip Clubs, Police Vans and Steve getting his lovely painted leather jacket “baptized by urine” courtesy of one his room mates… (Graham!) 

Gig day….  I woke first and went for brekkie at Burger King.  I met up with the rest of the clan from the night before and we headed into the city on a mission to find Til Linderman’s residence.  5 Metallica fans looking for the Rammstein singer’s house in Berlin… it seemed like a good idea at the time.  This ended after numerous metro journeys and ending up at a tenement block with the Linderman flat being occupied by what we took to being a local dentist. 10/10 for trying I guess.

We headed back to get Tallica’d up.  Fair play to some of the patrons that donned dinner suits with full Met patches on the backs. Full commitment was on show.

It was lightly snowing as we got to the Velodrome and filtered our way through tight security and eventually to our seats. I recall a few of our group hiding cameras and recording devices into various bodily crevices to avoid confiscation. Neat. 

The show was seated and all had an official program for the nights events which made for a nice souvenir. I recognized a few faces that had been in my hotel for the Dublin gig earlier that summer as we took our places.  Before long the lights dimmed and  the orchestra slipped onto the rear of the stage to take their weapons. The crowd was getting tetchy with anticipation.  Michael Kamen then entered the stage to a huge cheer.

Silence………………silence…………….silence…………..The Ecstasy Of Gold.

It sounded awesome being played live right in front of us.  Goose bumps aplenty I was transfixed to the stage waiting the boys to appear.  One by one and to a roar each time, Lars, Kirk, Jason & James took to the stage. 

Ktulu sounded great.  I believe Steve was close to tears during this number.  The Orchestra parts sounded better and better as the night went on.  Before long we were privy to one of the new tracks being played tonight, No Leaf Clover.  Wow… I was impressed to say the least.  Hero Of The Day and the sublime Bleeding Me brought the first half to a close. 

I must admit that Nothing Else Matters was one of the fellas that I was really looking forward to. And it didn’t disappoint one bit.  The next new song was –Human which had that sound that only Metallica can do.  Roam was next with the intro being played live which made a change!  Outlaw Torn, SBT & One closed the main set but we new they weren’t leaving Berlin without giving us Sandman.  They topped an unbelievable night with a dosage of Battery.  Amazing, Gob smacked, Unique, Fucking Hell!  How do you describe this one to your mates back at home!? 

Tempted to head to the local chapters party after the show, we opted for donning our expensive S&M event shirts and finding a bar.  After another skin full followed by a 4am McDonalds and currywurst all round, we retired back to our hotel. My room was the size of a large coffin or shoe box so the decision was made to join Steve, Matt and Graham in their room for a wait until the bus came. This was not so bad as we were returning to the room at about 6am! No sleep that night. 

The road trip back seemed to be better than the one out.  We discussed the previous nights show and others we’d been at. This is where I found out that Steve was on the same ferry back from the Dublin gig in July as me.  Also, when the BBC filmed the Ozone at the Big Day Out, the only 2 front row crowd shots they used were of him and myself!… Strange But Tue?!?!?

We did a few photo’s back in Dover. Mainly of Big Andy’s Shattered Met tattoo across his shoulders.  Brave man considering it was bloody freezing cold! 

I swapped details with Steve and bid them farewell.  Andy’s mom was a diamond and gave me a lift back home. 

A legendary trip that will never be forgotten for sure.

Mark (literary excellence) Cadier 2004 (fucking good memory also!)





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