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Big Day Out festival England 10/07/1999


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Photo taken from "The Ozone" British TV show from Big Day Out 1999



Well, well, well......Gig three, same week, three countries later and we are on home soil this time. Keen to go bowling it's the Milton Keynes Bowl! This venue always had a unreal feel about it after viewing the press of the '93 June 5th show. We had just survived the rigors of the Nottingham-Dublin-Paris-Nottingham bus festival for the previous two shows, aka 50 hours on a bus in 4 days. We had a one day break at home/work before hitting the road to the bowl. 

The day was very hot. We got a lift to the bowl which was expected to be a day of Metal and rock better than most. We decided to save our energy for the boys so we spent most of the day chilling and trying to keep hydrated. A quick stint in the Sepultura mosh pit and looking at things such as a bloke in a full 100% metal suit of Armour filled the day. When placebo were part way through there set we decided to head down to the front and get on the barrier. This went quite smoothly. Manson came on and fucked off after a bit, crying about someone throwing a bottle at his head. Then it was time for the boys.....The roadies started putting up the scary guy back drop and the usual 2, 2, 2, 2, 2, 2, 2, 1, 2 was under way. We knew it would not be long before the boys were in the fold. We prepared for the attack of the Metal Militia and what a treat it was...Steve like the Metallifan he is managed to do some hardcore screaming into one of the 'Ozone TV' cameras at the front (the day later he was on TV see the pic below!!). Click to view larger image.

me_at_milton_keynes.jpg (25772 bytes)

Ecstasy of Gold kicked in. We were salivating at the though by now. Breadfan opened what was a very very insane gig, the crowd was going so nuts that the crush at the front was unbelievable. Crowd surfers were going over your head like swarms of locusts, I remember having 2 people on top of me at once on quite a few occasions. Well Breadfan was great, then into Puppets and the intensity rose further. 1/2 way through Puppets the song stopped and both Jason and James looked very concerned. At this point the barrier slipped and the security went a little nuts and crowd surfing was prohibited, something had happened in the crowd related to the crush and Puppets was restarted from the melodic breakdown. Of wolf and man into thing was like a crushing blow to the neck. Two very intense heavy numbers. Fuel was next and this was a very popular song with the crowd, always a live favorite, especially around this era. Memory and Bleeding Me followed and supplied a Calm point to the gig. At one point the energy level seemed to dip maybe a little low, something I had never experienced at a 'Tallica gig before. However when Seek kicked in the intensity exploded before you could say 'Scanning the scene', this version of seek was a cut down version with not so much crowd interaction as we would have liked. Fair play to the band they are fucking great live and how they do it is up to them. Bellz came next nuf said "crazy", this would be the last time we would see Jason kick off the intro without the orchestra (Steve went to the S&M at Berlin). King Nothing went down very well a great song live. As was Roam. Then there was a break, the stage went dark and the scene was set for a blistering set of Pyro madness that only leads into One. Fuckin' A. Fight Fire with Fire held the intensity really high, with James enquiring 'what does it feel like to be alive' before the solo, yyyyeeeaaaarrrrrrrrr James. Nothing Else Matters gave another point for a quick breather and a chance to assess how wet with sweat we were. Sad But True came next and fucking Jason was going insane with chants of hey hey hey hey, drawing the crowd into his vision, one of pure energy! In all honesty Jason didn't look like letting up when Creeping Death came in, a great performance. Apparently we heard afterwards that the chants of 'DIE, DIE, DIE' could be heard very loudly from 1/2 a mile away, mutha fucka DIE!!!

After a Fixxxer style jam intro Die Die My Darling blasted at us and was an instant live classic for all involved, this rolled into Sandman already a Classic. Whisky/Sleeps Medley followed and gave a real nice feeling of warmth and it made me personally feel part of a big family,...the Metallica family.

BA  TER  REY.... This ended the show and for myself it was the last song Jason Performed for me live. The band especially Lars seemed shattered, so nice to see a band put in 100% for every show. 

End note: We love you Jason.

review by Ed and a bit of Steve!


Ecstacy of Gold
Master of Puppets
Of Wolf and Man
The Thing That Should Not Be
Memory Remains
Bleeding Me
Seek & Destroy
For Whom the Bell Tolls
King Nothing
Wherever I May Roam
Fight Fire With Fire
Nothing Else Matters
Sad But True
Creeping Death
Fixxxer jam
Die Die My Darling
Enter Sandman
Whiskey in the Jar/Until It Sleeps (jam)



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