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26 August 1995 "Escape From The Studio" Donnington England


donnington95.jpg (31938 bytes)



My memories of Donnington 1995 my first Metallica gig.


This was my first Metallica gig I can't really remember much about the day. I can just about remember Machine Head and Slayer. I knew I wanted to be down at the front to see Metallica close up. This was the first festival I had been to, so was not really prepared for the crush. As I got closer to the front during the period when we were waiting for the band to come on, I remember being so thirsty, people were passing round bottles of brown water which we all gulped down (yuk!!) The band opened with the "Shit Hits The Sheds" "Attention party goers I'm afraid Metallica wont be making it tonight fuck you Breadfan" (or something very similar) Breadfan had kicked in before I had seen any of the band. I was on the right hand side of the stage in front of the snake pit. As soon as the band came on the whole crowd seemed to fall over, people were swaying around unable to stand up. I just pushed forwards until I was a few rows from the front where things were a little calmer although allot more crushed. Within seconds of Breadfan starting I saw the band for the first time live towering above me. During Breadfan most people in the crowd near me did not seem to recognize the song. The set was very similar to the Shit Hits The Sheds Tour, I had a couple of bootlegs from this tour so had a good idea of the tracks that would be coming up. Disposable Heroes, Harvester of Sorrow and The God That failed were all highlights for me. The concert went by in a bit of a blur, I can remember being dragged along way by the crowd and spent quite a lot of time without my feet actually touching the floor. The concert seemed to go very fast but it took every last bit of energy from me. By the end I was absolutely exhausted and ended up just lying on the people in front of me, unable to support my own body weight properly. I think I ended up on the third row so had a fantastic view of the show. At the end of the show I knew I needed to be on the front row at the next Metallica gig I would go to. It was a fantastic experience and I could not wait to see the boys again live.

Steve 2003


Metallica did a “Donington medley” with covers from other bands who have played on this festival. Bands like Guns n' roses, Slayer, Skid row, Deep Purple and White Zombie were covered.


Ecstacy of Gold
Master of Puppets/Wherever I May Roam
The God That Failed
Fade to Black
Kill / Ride Medley
For Whom the Bell Tolls
Devil's Dance
Holier than thou/ Smoke on the water/slow and easy/More human than human/Welcome to the jungle/Black magic/Youth gone wild
Creeping Death
Welcome home (sanitarium)
Harvester of Sorrow
Remember Tomorrow
The Unforgiven/Nothing Else Matters
Sad But True
Last Caress
Seek and Destroy/London Dungeon/The Outlaw Torn
Enter Sandman
So What!


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