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RDS Arena, Dublin, Ireland 11/06/06
  Some of the pictures below courtesy of  
On the bus from the airport Starsky tired but excited! Full metal attack! Still on the bus Starsky and Mike

Practice before the gig Kirk early in the set The usual early  set at Dublin M.O.P. what a blast Trujillo rocking out with the Irish

Jerry and James (Nothin') Jerry did not let us down Landmine has taken my..... Lars amid pyro madness Another gig down and back home

On way to Airport Mike tired but very happy Just a quick shoe polish... before we board the plane! Detail shot of foot fetish

Relaxing Another day, another Met gig!      

The setting, midnight in Donington, England…. The mission, at least a few hours sleep and a ride on the ferrous wheel in the sky to the fair city of Dublin… the reason.. more ‘tallica obviously… Three of us were heading over the following day leaving the rest behind to enjoy the rest of the Download festival. Steve, Mike and I were the patrons that had invested in the Dublin show.

Like the lambs that flock to the shepherd, the crowd made their way out with the usual ease and slip of a lazy fish in a pan of gravy…but not us, we headed with linked arms straight to the car park with the car in the primed position for departure we’d sorted earlier. No kidding we were the first to leave the car park…taste that.

Straight to Steve’s for a 6 hour kip to the soundtrack of mild tinnitus and we were ready to head for Luton for the gravity defying act of flight. We rushed down the early morning highway towards Luton with the glee of the proverbial early bird, until half way Steve realized… he’d made a mistake about some of the details... So… we arrived at Stansted luckily on time and slipped in the short stay, got the flight and arrived in Dublin…lets skip some of the details.

So the hotel was as you’d expect from Steve’s arranging … overly luxurious and pricey. But that’s all good. After a couple of hours shut eye in the room we headed out to the gig but got sidetracked along the way when we found the hotel stock cupboard was open! Michael and I loaded up on the biscuits/coffee etc. So the gig….. we set out across Dublin via the tram and omnibus to approach our destination… the RDS showground. Getting off the bus and passing all the pissed Irish along the way we headed straight to the stage to catch AIC.. who as in the previous 2 gigs were truly great. The new singer making Lane’s vocal creations beautiful once more.

Tallica were about ready to hit the stage, the wait was made entertaining with some sly camera work, a couple of big screens and the borderline feminist(?) chants of ‘get em out’. Unfortunately most of the girls present were either too short sighted or selfish to ‘get em out’ to a crowd of 40,000. Only 2 breasts were seen and unfortunately both of them belonged to the same person.. oh well.. at least we got to laugh at some fat ugly bas***d slumped over dreaming about his next steak pie…..cunt!

Anyway. The sweet beats of AC/DC long way to the top kick in and this gets the energy more focused as the stunning Ecstasy of Gold follows. The boys look fresh as they strole out and ready to smack our cochlea’s into next week once more ... Starting out with the epic Creeping Death, although Motorbreath would have been a nice change you cannot deny this song has an almost unmatched ability to get the crowd into full ‘fuck me I fucking wanna hurt myself enjoying this’ mode. Fuel follows which does little to calm the situation, how good is that song… shit! The more predictable Roam is followed by a rare treat so rare that it’s been extinct live for about ten years. The god that failed… wow the healing hand no longer held back. I remember hearing Holier Than Though in Glasgow a few years back but this came across a lot better actually. Really sweet! Unforgiven slipped down, like a velvet thong down a pair of legs that saw a tub of veet only minutes earlier. Straight into the full energy of front to back MOP. Legendry, I just loved Leper and Orion especially.

The rest of the set was killer Jerry Cantrell singing on Nothing… was cool, kinda suited him, and seeing James bring his daughter Cali on for everyone to sing happy birthday to her…(it being her birthday n’all) was heart warming. As you’d expect in Dublin most of the last half hour was noted for the crowd’s obvious desire to hear some cover song! Whats it called oh yeah… Whiskey in the Jar … I they’ll never get bored of that one… and why should they hearing it by the best band in the world… (not Thin Lizzy but they are superb) in Dublin is like an aligning of the planets… so much energy… not like I fancy a sing along energy but…. I physically couldn’t stop singing along even if I didn’t know the words… which was clearly evident by some of what came out the blokes mouth next to me … bless him.

Seek and destroy wrapped up the evening and the vibe was just pure respect for a real good craic, fucking craic… oh yes fucking craic, craic like you’d need to reinvent the word… Metallicraic or something ….

We headed back with the hope that the new album will provide the same energy as all the songs we heard there, and that parking would never cost £44 for 1 day again…


P.S. top tip don’t pay the £44 pounds but pretend u lost your ticket and say you only parked there late the night before to settle for a nicer £22. Fuck you pink elephant. Haha I win.

Edward Trevor Glenn 2006

  Set List

Creeping Death
Wherever I May Roam
The God That Failed
The Unforgiven
Master of Puppets
The Thing That Should Not Be
Welcome Home (Sanitarium)
Disposable Heroes
Leper Messiah
Damage, Inc.

Sad But True
Nothing Else Matters (with Jerry Cantrell on vocals)
Enter Sandman

Whiskey In The Jar
Seek and Destroy



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