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RDS Showground, Dublin Ireland 25/06/2004


dublin04_ticket.jpg (50992 bytes)


Pictures below courtesy of Dave

dublin1.jpg (32443 bytes) dublin2.jpg (28930 bytes) dublin3.jpg (38370 bytes) dublin4.jpg (37652 bytes) dublin5.jpg (24793 bytes)
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dublin21.jpg (21107 bytes) dublin22.jpg (19962 bytes) dublin23.jpg (20666 bytes) dublin24.jpg (10231 bytes) dublin25.jpg (22109 bytes)
dublin26.jpg (16828 bytes) dublin27.jpg (16246 bytes) dublin28.jpg (16061 bytes) dublin29.jpg (18541 bytes) dublin230.jpg (11511 bytes)


Pictures below courtesy of

june2504_2.jpg (27925 bytes) june2504_3.jpg (30841 bytes) june2504_4.jpg (24957 bytes) june2504_5.jpg (25581 bytes) june2504_6.jpg (26527 bytes)
Lars drum kit The "underworld" Zach Robs tech Pyro crew before we got there!
june2504_7.jpg (27131 bytes) june2504_7a.jpg (44082 bytes) june2504_8.jpg (26725 bytes) june2504_9.jpg (27789 bytes) june2504_10.jpg (30740 bytes)
Billboard Chapters unite Kirk and Ireland Inc. Big banner The crowd
june2504_11.jpg (19348 bytes) june2504_12.jpg (20528 bytes) june2504_13.jpg (21380 bytes) june2504_14.jpg (19918 bytes) june2504_15.jpg (24131 bytes)
Me, Hec etc at front Rob looking out Kirk a musical genius James filmed A flamboyant Lars


Well... I will start from the morning of the 24th June

We were up and ready to set off from the hotel in Paris by 9.00 am. We boarded the coach there was Olly, Cads, Hec, Star and myself on this leg. We were all a bit tired after the long night so we slept on the coach as it made its way back to England. This was interspersed by bouts of tired stupidity which we are specialists in! We stopped for a brief break at the duty free so the bus drivers could stock up on booze and say it was for all of us!! Unfortunately at Dover it was time to say goodbye to Olly and Cads. This was a painful moment as we had had such a good laugh and had I been able to afford it I would have paid for them to come to Dublin to! We were carrying around a piece of plywood and a big box of Metclub brochures for Robert from the Metclub. This caused a lot of interest! Once back to London we went back to Hectorials house for the night before another early start. We got to London Luton airport ready for our flight to Ireland on time. The plank of wood especially caused interest in the outsize baggage department. The flight was uneventful and we landed on time. After landing we got a bus into the centre and then a taxi to our hotel. No sooner than we had arrived at the hotel we had to leave to get to the gig. Once at the gig we waited at the MetClub area and had a chat with lots of people which is always good fun. Its great to talk to and meet new people when you go away on tour. We made our way to the front of the stage as slipknot were finishing their set. The show kicked off with Blackened which was as much of a treat as its ever been. Straight into fuel which was blistering - the band were on form tonight and we were loving every minute of it. Other high lights were Clover, King, Holier and Whiskey which brought back memories of 1999 at the Point. All the band members were on fire (see pics above) it really was a blistering performance. I cant wait for another show at Dublin as they always seem to be brilliant.

Steve 2004


Set List

Sad But True
Fade To Black
Holier Than Thou
King Nothing
Wherever I May Roam
St. Anger
Creeping Death
No Leaf Clover
Nothing Else Matters
Master of Puppets
Enter Sandman
Whiskey In The Jar
Seek And Destroy







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