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Earls court London England 19/12/2003


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Pictures below courtesy of


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Pictures below kindly sent to me from various Metallicaworld viewers

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Well well well........

Another day another death another sorrow another gig. The Metworld misfits are out in force today although all starting out in different places. The first assembly of the insane occurs at Hectors hut (Metalcrew) in Camden. Then me myself and Steve and Louise seem to occur at a French cafe by force. We treated ourselves to three courses of 'Mange tu Rodney' and got on the tubular bells toward earls gaff. As we got there I prepared to queue separately as I had a seated ticket but by chance it was gig lucky 13 and I swapped it for a standing with a babysitter-less bird going home. Why her kids weren't at the gig is beyond me, what better way to educate the children than with a bit of preaching from the book of Hetfield. You have to blame the parents in such circumstances.

We approach the queue and on a brief aside I met an old buddy who was doing the security and he informed us that pushing in was selective to his eye's so we can only apologise to the rest of the queue now. We met Metworld members Olly 'Laughing at my cries' Smith, Mark 'fair play' Cads, and his gf. Once inside we soon met up with Heck, and also a Rock am Ring veteran. We entered into the cavern that is the court after a bit and caught the end of Godsmack. We waited patiently by the fold of the mixing desk where we also met Matthijs of the Harvester of Holland Chapter and his partner. The warm embrace of 'It's a long way to the top if you....'. The lights then went out and the crowd roared, Ecstasy then kicked in and one felt like one could easily shed a tear. The intro to Blackened signified all hell was about to break loose. Great.

Steve, his girlfriend Louise, Hector, Cads and girlfriend, Matthijs and partner all watched the show from the mixing desk. A-Star and Olly spent the night mixing between front area and the mixing desk getting all the energy and allowing themselves to see some of the show as well.

After Blackened had got out taste buds wet, our necks whipped and our throats sore we were ready for an absolute pummeling from the vocal canning that is Creeping Death. Die Die Die Die really tore the insides of our throats out! James tells us "three words" "Kill 'em All" we all know that Seek is about to follow - the peoples choice. Searching....Seek and Destroy again added to the voice box damage as we all went nuts. Fade followed in it's immense glory and was a chance to heal some wounds. What followed was for me the song of the night (A-Star), Thing... The mosh pit was furious and the sound crushing, not dead which eternal lie... fucking-A. As the time tick tick ticked on it was time for the Frantic tick tock of Frantic. Full of energy and one of lulu's favourite songs of the night. Then James asks how many times we'd seen Metallica who's first show is this, who's seen them more than 5 times who's seen them more than 10 times? No yes yes James. Then we get the intro of band and Rob then the Rob Lars samurai whisky warlord enactment. Lars won this particular night. Intro kick drum and a whole lotta bellz to follow, always a crowd favourite and no change this night. Then we get a bitta Dirty window and a couple of changes to this song compared to Paris 1) The chant of Me Ta Li Ca in the intro and 2) Lars had the courtesy of using the cow bell Flemming had brought out for him this time! Sad always a classic as is one. From the mixing desk the show (lights, pyros and all) was amazing. Then Damage incorporated followed, this was Olly's favourite of the night and who can blame him, honesty his only excuse. The next song was dedicated to the fans enter Harvester of Sorrow, let the beatings begins. Nothing else Matters follows which gave us all a well earned break. Then for a little Puppet show and this wasn't Punch and Judy. Fuckin A. St. Anger (Louise loved this one) came after a short break and is an intense live performance from the New album, Sandman nuff said. As we approach the final encore a fair brush of Brain Tatler from Diamond Head was observed being kicked onto the stage for Am I Evil? but wasn't ready to Jam. This was a lovely addition to the set. A guitar slide kicked in to signify Hit the Lights, this was end to a exception evening, what a fitting end to such a great gig with the song that started there career some 20 odd years ago. At the end of the gig Lars did his usual 1 man promo machine bit and announced the euro gig's for next year, sex. Hit the tube.

Metworld crew 2003 (joint effort)


Set List

Creeping Death
Seek and Destroy
Fade To Black
The Thing That Should Not Be
For whom the Bell Tolls
Dirty Window
Sad But True
Damage Inc.
Harvester Of Sorrow
Nothing Else Matters
Master Of Puppets
St. Anger
Enter Sandman
Am I Evil?
Hit The Lights






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This site is best viewed at a resolution of 1280x1024 or higher.      2003-2009      Privacy Policy     Site Map