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Download Festival Glasgow Scotland 02/06/2004


ticketglas.jpg (37600 bytes)


Pictures below courtesy of


june204_3.jpg (24936 bytes) june204_7.jpg (22646 bytes) june204_10.jpg (16937 bytes) june204_11.jpg (25219 bytes) june204_13.jpg (24453 bytes)
Glasgow Green James/Lars Kirk/James/Lars/Rob Scottish Fans Lars offering a drum stick
june204_12.jpg (14368 bytes) june204_6.jpg (30219 bytes) june204_8.jpg (19379 bytes)
Stage from the crowd Eager crowd The words to Jump!


Knowing that I couldn’t get to Donington due to exams. I asked Uncle Steve when the next available show was, I found out that it was at Glasgow only a couple of days before Donington. I ordered my ticket and was on my way to my very first ‘Tallica gig!! Me and four other guys all squeezed in to a tiny Peugeot 106! (This was a long trip – over 300 miles each way!) In my presence were Gillyboy (Uncle Steve the creator of Metallica World), Olly who travelled all the way from Folkston to see the boys – this was an added 200 miles before he got to us! Hec who’s a cool guy that sorted me out with some nice Metallica memorabilia and finally A* who I think has got seriously cool hair. When we finally arrived after a nice 7-hour journey we walked to Glasgow Green where the band were playing. When we got in Slipknot were playing and by this time I couldn’t wait for the Four Horsemen to come on stage and kick our asses (this would be my very first time). Unfortunately we were unable to get to the front due to not having wrist bands which were given out to the first 1000 or so people to get there. They had access to a pit area at the front of the stage. We did get to the front of the second barrier though and probably had just as good a view. We were able to see the boys perfectly. Hearing Ecstasy of Gold for the first time live sent cold chills shivering down my spine. Blackened was first song in the set and totally blew my mind away. Other songs such as Ride The Lightning, Creeping Death and Fuel were highlights in the set for me. The set ended with Seek and Destroy and Jump in the Fire (what a killer combo) This was a real treat. Two words to summarise the whole trip, F**CKING AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mike Allam


Hi, I was just reading about your trip to see Metallica in Glasgow last year and since you enjoyed the show almost as much as I did, I thought I should share a short story with you about our trip. My brother and I both live quite near Glasgow and decided we would leave for the gig early, we were there hours before and stood in line at the front waiting...........and waiting.........and waiting. Then, when it got close to it opening, we realised we were queuing where people were waiting to buy tickets! we quickly scampered over to the real queue and waited and never got a band for the front either, but being a veteran of Alice cooper concerts, we got in the front anyway ;-)
So, there we were, politely applauding HIM even though we couldn't hear the guy sing, moshing to Slipknot, even though we aren't really fans of the band, scrambling for the front fence when korn were playing and then we seen him!!!! Hetfield!!!!! then Kirk, Lars and Rob!!!!!!!! they were watching Korn from the side! No-one at the front was even watching Korn until they burst into "One". Then when the Four Horsemen finally came out, everyone went mad, and I know loads of people would say this, but I felt like I was orchestrating the crowd from the centre-front, starting "Hammett" chants and all sorts, and when I did, Kirk pointed and smiled right at me. Then when they were finishing up with the second last song and asked if we wanted more, I started "Seek and Destroy!!!!!!", then my brother joined and more and more people joined to drown out the one guy shouting "Sanitarium" and they sang it, and I like to think I requested it, even though I probably never, but you can hear me if you turn it up loud enough on the cd of the gig ( if you dont have it). Anyway, I thought it was a good start for my first Metallica gig and here's hoping there's loads more in Scotland. Thanks for your time and from one metfan to another, "Gimme an M, gimme an E, gimme a T, gimme an A, gimme an L, Gimme fuel, gimme fire, gimme that which I desiiiiiire, OOH!!!!!"

Jamie (Metworld User) took us about seven hours to drive up to Glasgow which was a few more then anticipated. There were five full grown meaty adults shoe horned into possibly the smallest car ever made a Peugeot 106! This made for a nice treat in the hot conditions. Once we were there we experienced the worst sign posting to any gig yet. It took us about an hour to get to the parking site. The venue was a lot smaller than I thought it would be. We arrived as Slipknot were playing but did not move into the crowd until Korn came on. As we arrived late we did not get wrist bands to get into the pit area in front of the stage so we had to make do with the second barrier which actually proved to be a super vantage point to view the show. There were a few treats such as Holier Than Thou and Jump in the Fire which none of us had heard before. Some songs which have not been played in years were present such as Fade to Black, Wherever I May Roam and Ride The Lightning these were all welcome additions to the set. The sound was great for the band and it was unusual to see most of the set in Daylight (as Glasgow is so far north). All the band seemed to be on good form and looked to enjoy the show. For me this was one of my favorite shows due to the excellent sound, super set list and the creamy smoothness of the well oiled Metallica live machine.

Steve (webmaster) 2004


Set List

Ride The Lightning
Fade To Black
The Thing That Should Not Be
Holier Than Thou
St. Anger
Sad But True
Creeping Death
Wherever I May Roam
Nothing Else Matters
Master of Puppets
Enter Sandman
Jump In The Fire
Seek And Destroy





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