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Lars Ulrich's Equipment

Current drum kits


Live drum kit (click here for the full spec of this drum kit) lulive.jpg (8486 bytes)    lulive2.jpg (8466 bytes)

Acoustic drum kit

Warm-up drum kit (black)

Studio drum kit (click here for the full spec of this drum kit) lustudio.jpg (15307 bytes)    lustudio2.jpg (10654 bytes)


Former drum kits used on stage


TAMA ??? (black - stolen in Boston)

TAMA Camco drum kit

TAMA ImperialStar (silver/9 piece)

TAMA ImperialStar (maroon/9 piece)

TAMA Artstar I (dark grey/9 piece)

TAMA Granstar II Lars Ulrich signature drum kit (white/9 piece)

TAMA Granstar II Lars Ulrich signature drum kit (white/7 piece)


Former drum kits only used for warm ups

TAMA Starclassic Maple (white) - ReLoad warm-up drum kit

TAMA Starclassic Maple (blue) - Garage Inc warm-up drum kit

8"x14" Birch Snare Drum
9"x10" Tom
10x12 Tom
16"x16" Floor Tom
luwarmup.jpg (11756 bytes)
16"x22" Bass Drum

14" Z Dyno Beat High Hat
18" Medium Crash
19" Medium Crash
20" Rock Ride


Former drum kits used for recording

Ludwig drum kit

In 1977 Lars asked his grandmother to buy him a drum set. Being a big fan of Deep Purple, his goal was to get the same type of drum set as their drummer, Ian Paice, who used a Ludwig set. He didn't have a lot of time to play in Denmark since the family was gearing up to move to Los Angeles, CA

Jaymz later remarked that Lars' first drum kit looked like a set from "The Muppets Show".

Lars actually started on cardboard boxes when he was 10 yrs old. They pretended to be Deep Purple performing a concert

TAMA ImperialStar - TBA studiokit (black)

TAMA Rockstar - Turn The Page video drum kit


Shure microphones (studio)


Shure BETA 56 - Snare and tom
Shure BETA 52 - Bass drum
Shure SM94 - Hi-hat and other cymbals


Microphone setup (live)


Shure SM57 (x2) - Snare drum
Audio Technica - ATM87R (x2) - Bass drums
Audio Technica - ATM23HE (x2) - Rack toms
Audio Technica - ATM25 (x2) - Floor toms
Audio Technica - AT4041 (x5) - Overhead mics + Neumann - overhead microphones (?)


Other Percussion


Tambourines (acoustic part)



Easton Ahead Alloy - custom Lars Ulrich model     


In the summer of '94, when we did a really quick U.S. tour, we were playing outdoors the whole tour in places like Buffalo, and it gets pretty cold by 9 p.m. on a May night in Buffalo. In the first song, when it was really chilly, I'd literally break four or five sticks, and I just couldn't deal with that anymore.

So I thought back to '92 on the Guns 'N Roses tour, when Matt Sorum had me try the Easton sticks a couple of times. About two minutes into the song, I'd have to put them down because I couldn't quite play or get the feel with them, so I'd go back to the old, reliable Calato Regal Tips. But after the '94 tour, I had a little time to play with them in my studio and I got used to the feel, and now I wouldn't play with anything else. Calato was with me for ten years, and they were really cool, but I had to make the move out of sheer necessity. I still break a stick once in a while, maybe ten or so in the last year and a half, but you can't beat the dependability.

I even recorded with them, but the one thing that's noticeably different with them is how they sound when you're hitting a cymbal. You can certainly make the case that it's not the same as striking a cymbal with a wood stick. I think there were one or two songs in the studio where I actually had a wood stick in my right hand and an Easton stick in my left hand, just to get a little more of a natural sound.




Tama Titan Cymbal Boom
Stands HC104TB (8)
Tama HP45 Pro Beat Pedals (2)
Tama Titan HS90 Snare Stand (1)
Tama Titan HT90 Throne (1)
Tama Lever-Glide HH95NL Hi-Hat (1)
Tama X-Hat HH95XH (1)


Remo drumheads


Tom Tom Batterheads D
Tom Tom Bottomheads D Ebony
Bass Batterheads D Pinstripes
Snare Batterheads D Coded Reverse Dot
Snare Bottomheads D Embassador Snarehead





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