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15 October 1996 Manchester NYNEX Arena England


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At approximately 7.30 pm Corrosion of Conformity storm the stage and they play for about 40 minutes. The set is storming, they create loads of energy down at the front. They play some old classics as well as a great deal from their new album "wiseblood". They seem to be even more intense now than at the start of the tour. They play really well and are an excellent band to open for Metallica.

8.30 pm approx - the house lights are still on when Metallica appear, running around the perimeter of the stage slapping fans hands who happen to be near the front. They suddenly launch straight into 'so what' and the energy vibe in the place is massive. Everyone is going wild. Halfway through the song the house lights are turned off. They then kick straight into 'Creeping Death' and the way they play this song on this tour is probably the best I've heard it. During their set they play allot of the old classics such as Whiplash, Kill/Ride medley, Fade, Sanitarium and Puppets. All of them are really intense. The vibe is really loose with the band regularly coming off the stage to play right in front of the fans, which is cool. Some of the new songs included in the set are Ain't My Bitch, Until it Sleeps, Wasting my Hate and King Nothing. The whole performance was excellent, the ending was good, although it is always more convincing the first time that you see it happen. The show at Manchester was not the best on the tour, I think that honour should go to the Birmingham gig on the 5th, but it was still a really good show.

The set list was well worked out with the majority of the songs staying on there, but a few minor alterations to the list here and there was a nice touch and a good idea in my opinion. This was a truly crushing performance from Metallica - let's hope that they return soon!

We turned up at this gig without tickets and ended up with some crap seats near the back of the arena. Before we went into the show we tried to exchange the tickets for standing with the touts but they did not have any. They did say however that if we pay 10 they would try and get us to the standing area. We were pretty convinced that they were being the lying cheating scum that they are (touts) but we gave them 10 on the very very off chance they would be able to do something. Surprise surprise they didn't, anyway, we tried to get to the standing area when we were inside but could not get through the security which was very tight. We took our seats and waited for the show to start. We watched the security to see if they became slacker during the show, but they were checking tickets when people returned from getting drinks etc, so we thought it unlikely we would get to the standing area. We moved down the seating area to some seats about half way down. Then some one came out of the crowd in the standing section injured, and when the security were sorting him out we made a dash for it, and slipped into the crowd through the security and got to the second row very quickly and enjoyed the rest of the show from there.

This Show report was originally written for the Beholders Of Justice Local Chapter fanzine by myself back in 1996.


Set list

So What! 
Creeping Death 
Sad But True 
Ain't My Bitch 
King Nothing 
Wasting My Hate 
Nothing Else Matters 
Until it Sleeps 
For Whom The Bell Tolls 
Wherever I May Roam 
Fade to Black 
Kill/Ride Medley
Last Caress 
Master of Puppets 
Enter Sandman 


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