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Metallica Plectrums

Metallica plectrums are very popular to collect.  Here is a guide to the different ones there are and the dates they were used.
Click on the highlighted plectrums to see a bigger picture.


Early Plectrums 1986-1990
logo green front.jpg (8461 bytes)     logo green rear.jpg (7658 bytes) logo blue front.jpg (9941 bytes)     logo blue rear.jpg (11022 bytes)
There is some confusion as to whether this was actually an early Jason Newstead plectrum as Cliff played with his fingers (wanted) "...And Justice for all" guitar plectrum "...And Justice for all" bass plectrum


Black Album Tour Plectrums 1991-1993

snake green front.jpg (12173 bytes)     snake green rear.jpg (9441 bytes) snake blue front.jpg (14904 bytes)     snake blue rear.jpg (12797 bytes) PICK_SNAKE_YELLOW_B.jpg (6140 bytes)     PICK_SNAKE_YELLOW_F.jpg (5259 bytes)
Snake guitar plectrum Snake bass plectrum John Marshall guitar plectrum (wanted)
(used by John Marshall Kirks guitar technician when James was burnt in 1992 and could not play guitar)
live shit promo front.jpg (11276 bytes)     live shit promo rear.jpg (11485 bytes) black album promo front.jpg (11924 bytes)     black album promo rear.jpg (9083 bytes)  
1993 promo guitar plectrum with red logo Promo guitar plectrum with old style silver logo  


Shit Hits The Sheds Tour Plectrums 1994

Scary Guy guitar plectrum (wanted) Scary Guy bass plectrum (wanted)


Load Tour plectrums 1996

ninga star green front.jpg (12594 bytes)     ninga star green rear.jpg (11759 bytes) ninga star blue front.jpg (11131 bytes)     ninga star blue rear.jpg (10571 bytes) load promo front.jpg (11658 bytes)     load promo rear.jpg (8960 bytes)
Ninja Star guitar plectrum old logo Ninja Star bass plectrum old logo Promo guitar plectrum
Ninja Star guitar plectrum load logo (wanted)    


Garage Inc./S&M Tour Plectrums 1998-1999

yingyang_rear.jpg (9731 bytes)     yingyang_front.jpg (13562 bytes) ying_blue_r.jpg (3815 bytes)     ying_blue_f.jpg (5290 bytes) pins old logo green front.jpg (12578 bytes)     pins old logo green rear.jpg (11094 bytes)
Ying Yang 1998 guitar plectrum Ying Yang 1998 bass plectrum Fixxxer 1998 guitar plectrum old logo
pins new logo green front.jpg (12069 bytes)     pins new logo green rear.jpg (10795 bytes) pins new logo blue front.jpg (13849 bytes)     pins new logo blue rear.jpg (12813 bytes) xxx green front.jpg (11945 bytes)     xxx green rear.jpg (10728 bytes)
Fixxxer 1998 guitar plectrum Fixxxer 1998 bass plectrum XXX 1999 guitar plectrum
     PICK_XXX_BLUE_B.jpg (6924 bytes)     PICK_XXX_BLUE_F.jpg (6907 bytes) gimme fuel green front.jpg (13165 bytes)     gimme fuel green rear.jpg (10877 bytes) gimme fuel blue front.jpg (12026 bytes)     gimme fuel blue rear.jpg (10971 bytes)
XXX 1999 Bass plectrum (wanted) Gimme Fuel 1999 guitar plectrum Gimme Fuel 1999 bass plectrum
s&m_rear.jpg (10081 bytes)     s&m_front.jpg (12031 bytes)
S&M 1999 guitar plectrum new logo (wanted) S&M 1999 guitar plectrum old logo S&M 1999 light blue bass plectrum (wanted)
bass_green_f.jpg (3435 bytes)     bass_green_r.jpg (3701 bytes)  
S&M 1999 Green bass plectrum (wanted) Garage style Ninja Star bass plectrum (wanted)  


St. Anger World Tour Plectrums 2003-2004

st.anger style one front.jpg (13493 bytes)     st.anger style one rear.jpg (11884 bytes) tallica_front.jpg (13458 bytes)     tallica_rear.jpg (17259 bytes) stanger_front.jpg (10487 bytes)     stanger_rear.jpg (11546 bytes)
Racing Stripe black 2003 guitar plectrum 'Tallica 4 Life 2003 guitar plectrum St. Anger 2003 guitar plectrum
stanger_rear.jpg (11546 bytes)     fist_rear.jpg (12627 bytes) since81.jpg (10799 bytes)     scary_rear.jpg (10534 bytes) lars_front.jpg (5774 bytes)     lars_rear.jpg (10975 bytes)
St. Anger Fist 2003 guitar plectrum Since '81 white 2004 guitar plectrum Lars guitar plectrum 2003
james_f.jpg (5476 bytes)     james_r.jpg (3174 bytes) kirk_f.jpg (4911 bytes)     kirk_r.jpg (3619 bytes) rob_f.jpg (4916 bytes)     rob_r.jpg (4179 bytes)
James guitar plectrum 2003 Kirk guitar plectrum 2003 Robert guitar plectrum 2003
stripe_w_f.jpg (3836 bytes)     stripe_w_r.jpg (3389 bytes) since81_b_f.jpg (6645 bytes)     since81_b_r.jpg (5554 bytes) white_fist_f.jpg (4785 bytes)     white_fist_r.jpg (2958 bytes)
Racing Stripe white 2003 guitar plectrum Since '81 black 2004 guitar plectrum St. Anger Fist white 2004 guitar plectrum
fist_logo_f.jpg (5537 bytes)     fist_logo_r.jpg (4155 bytes) anger_thin_f.jpg (3868 bytes)     anger_thin_r.jpg (4133 bytes) anger_promo_front.jpg (10645 bytes)     anger_promo_rear.jpg (6741 bytes)
St. Anger Fist "Logo" 2003 guitar plectrum St. Anger 2003 guitar plectrum (Thin St. Anger) St. Anger Promo plectrum
Bob Rock Plectrum 2003? (wanted) St. Anger white 2003 guitar plectrum (wanted) St. Anger guitar plectrum white logo (wanted)




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