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Metallica Fan Photos

Page one


This section is all about Metallica fans and pics they want to share with the Metallica world family. If you have pics to share then email pictures and some details and join the gallery.


muts04.jpg (171668 bytes) guitar.jpg (42594 bytes) Pics with signed guitar and article from magazine!

Jimmy Janssens-Middendorp  WWW.HBS.BE

MetsterSign.jpg (47612 bytes) MetsterSign01.jpg (48888 bytes)  Right before the Metallica Concert in Amsterdam (21/06/2004) I was allowed Backstage with my Met-ster.  All 4 band members inspected the bike and signed it as a finishing touch.  DREAMS CAN COME TRUE !!! A Metallica Fan 4 Life.

Jimmy Janssens-Middendorp  WWW.HBS.BE

Click the link to go straight to the Met-ster website.


MetsterSign02.jpg (26489 bytes) MetsterSign03.jpg (15973 bytes)
MetsterSign04.jpg (15920 bytes) june2104_4.jpg (26596 bytes)
James&Bike01.jpg (52971 bytes) Kirk&Bike.jpg (66862 bytes)
Lars&Bike.jpg (68208 bytes) Roberto&Bike.jpg (61740 bytes)
hbs2002-11.jpg (28199 bytes) hbs2002-29.jpg (68968 bytes)

Metplate01.jpg (32613 bytes) Metplate02.jpg (28023 bytes) The pics are of another Metallica inspired art piece, the show plate for the Met-Ster.

Jimmy Janssens-Middendorp  WWW.HBS.BE


Metplate03.jpg (33876 bytes) Metplate04.jpg (34109 bytes)
Metplate05.jpg (21117 bytes) Metplate06.jpg (20780 bytes)
Metplate07.jpg (26346 bytes)

James01.jpg (37085 bytes) James02.jpg (37082 bytes) At the Antwerp concert on Dec 17th 2003, I had won a Meet & Greet with the Boys. Finally I had the chance to let James sign my arm and again Skin & Bones (since June 2003 specialist in Metallica Tattoos) immortalized James' signature. Kirk again refused to sign (it's against his religion). I'm hoping to change his view on the subject and make him understand that he is part of my Metallica religion. Yes, my body is a temple, dedicated to my Gods "METALLICA", that's the only reason I'd like him to sign my arm. So people can tell that I'm a true believer of METALLICA, a dedicated "Disciple" as he has stated in the past. During the Meet & Greet I brought 'offers' for my 'Gods'. James got a wooden scale model of a Harley Shovelhead engine, Lars a box of chocolates saying he's # 1 in Dutch on it, Kirk got a Horse's head statue, which took him by surprise as he claimed it looked just like his own horse. And Robert got a 'Funny' looking hat in the Belgian Colors. I stated that the hat is from the Belgian National Soccer team and that he should wear it on stage. The resulting reaction of the audience would last forever in his memory I assured him. He answered: " We'll see !! " And yezzz, after Fade to Black, James introduced the band members, Robert emerged from the backstage with my hat on. The feelings it gave me were indescribable !! The whole 'Sportpaleis' exploded with energy and emotion. The audience chanted the Belgian Soccer 'Warhymne'. He played 'Bells' with the hat on, but near the end of the song it fell off, then Lars was so courteous as to pick it up and slip it on Kirk's head while he was playing his solo. The best day in my life after the birth of my daughter and my marriage. I hope they kept the hat as a souvenir of this magnificent Concert. !!! METALLICA FOREVER !!!

Jimmy Janssens-Middendorp  WWW.HBS.BE

kirk02.jpg (37606 bytes) Lars.jpg (22232 bytes)
Lars02.jpg (26844 bytes) Lars03.jpg (48663 bytes)
Roberto.jpg (30341 bytes)

kirk&me.jpg (28566 bytes) signtattoo.jpg (21462 bytes) A Dream come true: Meeting Metallica at Werchter 2003, that what I did when Harley celebrated their 100th anniversary. Lars and Roberto signed my arm. The signatures are forever now thanks to Skin&Bones Tattoo. METALLICA Rules !!!

Jimmy Janssens-Middendorp  WWW.HBS.BE

lucas & james.jpg (48704 bytes) lucas & kirk.jpg (38384 bytes) Hey man just a short note to say your site is kick ass man its one of the best! and I wanted to show someone my pics I thought that you would appreciate
them keep up the good work dude.

Pics were taken on the 30th of January 2004 at the Adelaide Big Day Out.

lucas & larz.jpg (43839 bytes) lucas & rob.jpg (37237 bytes)

setlistandpics.jpg (89099 bytes) meandhetfield.jpg (43801 bytes)

meandlars.jpg (41091 bytes)

Hey, love your site, and I just wanted to contribute to the site, as I get a lot out of it. Here's the set list and picks I got given to me by Rex King (their tour manager) and Kirk backstage, at the January 23rd Big Day Out gig in Sydney, 2004. I saw them 3 times in 4 nights, two of which were backstage (and just awe-inspiring), and it was the most amazing spectacle I'll ever witness. They were really cool guys, and I hope they come back at least one more time, they're just so just damn incredible!

James and Lars were really awesome guys, and although I didn't really get to speak to Kirk and Rob properly, I got to sit next to Kirk's guitar tech, so when Kirk came to change his guitars we exchanged a few words :) Rob seemed cool, I said hey for a bit, then he had to leave. Cheers, and good luck to any Metallica fans, they are well worth the wait to meet!


dennis1.jpg (62866 bytes) Hi there, I'm Dennis from Holland and met you with your friends at the Metallica club stand in Amsterdam. I was with your English friend the lucky ones to meet the band, and I can tell you it was a unforgettable experience. Great site by the way. lots of respect Dennis



Wouter Amersfoort from the netherlands

  hi my name amine and i'm from morocco i'm fan of metallica and i like all the song of them i hope to see a live of them but they don't come to arab countries
metallica is the best

Hey my name is Rageed, I'm from Syria I am a big fan of Metallica.
I love Metallica

Page one





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