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Metallica News                reports: Heavy metal fans will be banging their heads in delight this fall with the release of Rhinos’s "Heavy Metal Box," due October 2nd. Arranged chronologically from 1968 to 1991, the four-disc, 70-song set includes two tracks from Metallica, "Whiplash" and "One" and also boasts classic tracks from Black Sabbath, Pantera, Megadeth, Iron Maiden, Motorhead and Slayer, among dozens of others. True to its name, the project will be literally packaged in a metal box resembling a Marshall guitar amp. The liner notes will include an essay by Lars Ulrich on new wave and British metal as well as extensive photos, track commentary, interviews with Ronnie James Dio and Lita Ford.


Metallica's "One" are among the newly confirmed tracks for the upcoming Activision title Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock. Other bands featured in the game include Slayer, Queesn Of The Stone Age, Velvet Revolver, Guns N' Roses and Iron Maiden.

"Guitar Hero III: Legends Of Rock" is slated for release on the Xbox 360, Playstation 3, Nintento Wii and Playstation 2 on October 29th.

UPDATE: The Official Metallica Site has officially confirmed the release with Metallica, more info to be announced soon.


Argentina Amber hosts a Master of Puppets 21st Anniversary Tribute on August 3rd at the Lavarden Theatre (Rosario, Santa Fe)

Vertigo, a famous Metallica tribute band, will be performing to celebrate the 21st anniversary of Master of Puppets. Argentina Amber is going to release a new Bash as we did last year and we are going to kick some ass.

Amber Bash II will take place on August 3rd at the Lavarden Theatre (Rosario, Santa Fe).

Club members that attend Amber Bash II will have chance to win some good shit that our lovely MetClub has provided. So what are you waiting for? Go to and sign up for the first seats.

See you there!
Argentina Amber Bash 2

Junto a Vértigo festejando el 21 aniversario del
“Master Of. Puppets”

Un nuevo Bash se aproxima, nuestro tiempo de festejar los logros esta cada vez más cerca, y que mejor para la ocasión que un concierto tributo bajo la mano de nuestros amigos de Vértigo, quienes se encargarán dejar una marca inolvidable.
Los esperamos a todos el sábado 4 de Agosto a las 21hs en el mítico teatro Lavarden (Rosario provincia de Santa fe) para que juntos podamos conmemorar el 21 aniversario del aclamado “Master Of. Puppets”
Para finalizar y poner la frutilla al postre, ofreceremos una fiesta privada a realizarse una vez finalizado el concierto, en donde cada uno de los asistentes al concierto tendrá la chance de hacerse acreedor de algunos de los increíble premios que el
Met Club gentilmente nos ha enviado.
La cita ya esta hecha, solo falta tu decisión.
Acaso ¿pensás perdértelo?

Excerpts from Metal Hammer Magazine's interview with Lars Ulrich has been posted online:

You've already recorded the drum, guitar and bass tracks for the new album, with the rest to be added some time in August?

Lars: "The backing tracks are done, yeah. but Rick likes to keep things organic and work in a way that can be described as 'of the moment'. If we continue in August we should be done by October".

Rubin isn't known for being to giving with his time. What role has he played in the sessions?

Lars: "He's been there every single day so far, He's all about the big picture. He doesn't analyse things like drum tempos or tell James to play something in F#. He's more about the feel: is everyone playing together? Rick's a vibe guy".

And is it okay for Rick to tell you something you've done sucks?

Lars: "Absolutely. And, believe me, he does. There's not a lot of grey with him. He really speaks his mind. Either something's great or something sucks".

How easy was it to can Bob Rock?

Lars: [Frowning]: "That's not a term I'd like to use. We'd been making records together for almost 20 years. That's as creative a relationship as you can come up with in music, film...just about anything. But it had got to a point where we would both finish each others sentences. We needed to look somewhere else for our own sanity, survival and fulfilment".

How did you let him know that it was over?

Lars: "We talk on the phone a lot. That's the thing. I've said it many times: Bob has always been primarily a friend, and secondarily a producer. And that friendship hasn't suffered whatsoever."

In hiring Rubin. What were you hoping to achieve?

Lars: "To a certain extent, it was to do with wiping the slate clean when it came to the process of making records. I've known Rick for many years but we've never worked together. He brings a whole new energy and dynamic".

In keeping with the fact that you've been playing the title track of the ...And Justice For All album again. Internet gossip suggests that some of these songs will be long ones.

Lars: "I wouldn't say that they're longer than the ones before. We've always written long songs. Most of the new ones clock between 6 and 8 minutes. There's one that's 5 minutes. We're recording 14 and plan on finishing them all because we love them all. But only 9 or 10 will appear on the new record".

Kirk has said that although this is Metallica's 11th studio album. It feels like the band's sixth. Does a part of you consider St. Anger was a mistake?

Lars: "Not at all. The mistake was the white leather jacket [worn in the drummer's infamous rock star phase, circa a stadium tour with Guns N' Roses in 1992]. The Napster dispute wasn't a mistake, but it caught us off guard. the music has always been pure. It was the right thing to have done in 2003. That said, I listened to it a couple of months ago and it's a difficult record. I can hear that. But when I finished it, it made me do the same kind of back flips as all the other records".

You must've known that after the whole 'SKOM' thing. Some people - Including Kerry King who called you 'Fragile Old Men' - would never take the band seriously again?

Lars: "Oh listen, the reason we did that movie was to piss Kerry King off. Being the source of his amusement, that's great!"

As fascinating as it looked on screen. Wouldn't it have been better to keep those things behind closed doors?

Lars: "There's certainly an argument for that. But right from day one, Metallica has always been about the relationship with the fans. Unlike bands like Led Zeppelin who tried to keep things mystical, we've gone out of our way to be as accessible as possible. Our roots are a lot more punk than that. SKOM was the logical conclusion of that mindset".

Then presumably you disagree with Kerry's ageist comments?

Lars: "Of course I do. If he hated SKOM that's the only stamp of approval that i need".

Nevertheless, SKOM raised a lot of questions about your cohesiveness as a band. How are you all faring now?

Lars: "Of course it asked some important questions. But you've got to remember that it was a moment in time from five years ago. Phil is no longer around and we all get along. And mentioning Phil's name reminds me, he always used to tell us back then that the music we're making wouldn't shine through until the record after St. Anger. I think he was right about that".

Not everyone approved of the new songs that you debuted earlier on the tour.

Lars: "Listen, what are we gonna do, take a poll of the people that exit the venue? Stop playing them? I've just been on the Metallica message board where a lot of moaning about all sorts of subjects goes on. But people are saying last night was our best ever appearance in the UK".

Did the rumbling of fan discontent have anything to do with you dropping the new material out of the Wembley set?

Lars: "No, no...Not at all. We always try to play a different set every night. we played a new song in Donington last year; we wanted to make the set as different as possible"

Do you consider this new album to be a thrash metal record?

Lars: "Oh [hang on] let me get my dictionary out...check my terminology"

Isn't that the record that the fans what you to make?

Lars: "I know that some of them do. But it's easier to tell you what it's not. It's not St Anger part two. This album has dynamics. It has slow bits; it has some very, very fast bits. It has melodic and very heavy bits. Rick is really focusing on James' vocals, but musically, it fucking rocks. So you might say that it falls into the category you just mentioned. But at the same token, anyone that follows this band will know, we always try to look forwards and not back".

Does it feel like you owe anything to people who loved Metallica in the early days. But haven't liked too much of the band's music since the Black Album?

Lars: "Um, no. Not at all. I've a responsibility to my kids and to my lady to be a good partner. Also to myself, to create music that's honest, real and gets all three inches of my dick hard. Of course it's great to have as many people along for the ride as possible. But when we put acoustic guitar into 'Fade To Black' 200 years ago, that's when the moaning started. We realized those people would always be around whatever we did. So, basically, we stopped trying to please them a long time ago".

When do you hope to release the album, and being touring properly?

Lars: "It'll be mixed by November and out in the new year. Maybe some time around February. In terms of playing live, we won't be quite as nutty as before . There won't be 39 dates in North Dakota [laughs]. I can't tell you that there will be an indoor arena tour in England. But things are going to be done in smaller increments. Instead of doing 14 arena gigs over 18 days, we'll do them in two legs of two weeks and them go home".

What you might call 'doing less to do more?

Lars: "Or taking longer to do the same. And that also applies to recording. People ask why it takes two years for Metallica to make a record. We don't work 16-hour days in the studio, for six days a week anymore. We work six-hour days in between dropping off our kids at school and picking them up again. The record still gets made, it just takes a bit longer".

Source: Metal Hammer Magazine

Kirk Hammett and Lars Ulrich hosted 92.3 K-Rock on Monday, highlights from the show can be heard at along with the playlist.

Metallica is hard at work on its next album with producer Rick Rubin, and at least one person outside the band has heard the songs: Velvet Revolver drummer Matt Sorum. He tells, "Lars is a good friend of mine. He played me the demos from San Francisco, and I turned and looked at him and I said, 'Master that shit and put it out.' It's ridiculous. The demos were sick. Eight-minute songs, all these tempo changes, crazy fast. It's like, 'Dude, don't get slower when you get older, but don't get faster!? How are you gonna play this live?' And then me and Lars were out partying all night, and he had to go in the studio the next day and do this stupid like nine- or ten-minute song, and I was laughing at him — because he played me the demo of it, and it was [sings really fast drum part], so fast. I called him, and said, 'Dude, how are you feeling?' He was like, 'Dude, I'm hurting.' They're cutting everything to tape, no fuckin' ProTools — live, no clicks. Bitchin'. I dig it. I'm really excited for them."

Metallica are due back in the studio in August after recently completing the 2007 Sick Of The Studio tour.


Video footage of a recent interview with James Hetfield in Greece has been posted online at James discusses the Live Earth show and responds to a few Metallica-related news stories that have been reported in recent times. Watch the video below:
Part One
Part two

Metallica's 2007 "Sick Of The Studio" tour ended in Moscow, Russia on Wednesday.

This was the 2nd time ever Metallica peformed in Russia, the first back in 1991 at the infamous Monsters Of Rock show with Pantera and AC/DC. More than 3,000 police workers kept the peace yesterday’s evening and the concert that started at 8:00 p.m. and finished at 11:00 p.m. went fine except for 160 drunken persons were apprehended. According to the organizers of the concert, nearly 62,000 tickets were sold.
Several videos from Metallica's tour of Russia have been posted online including the press conference before the gig, a video report and a live performance of "Disposable Heroes".

Interview from Moscow newspaper for those who can read Russian!!

Культовая рок-группа из США Metallica концертом в Москве завершила в среду свое европейское турне. Это ее единственное за последние 16 лет выступление в России, состоявшееся на Большой спортивной арене Лужников, собрало 62 тысячи зрителей.

Уже за несколько часов до концерта на подступах к стадиону выстроилась огромная очередь, поскольку зрители подвергались тщательному досмотру, сообщает ИТАР-ТАСС. В районе станции метро "Спортивная" прекратилась продажа любых содержащих алкоголь напитков, включая пиво. А к обеспечению порядка были привлечены 3 тысячи милиционеров, сообщает РИА "Новости". В резерве находились 260 бойцов ОМОНа.

Подобными мерами городские власти решили обезопасить себя от повторения памятного "тушинского побоища" 1991 года, когда "разогретая" музыкой и алкоголем на рок-фестивале с участием этой американской группы молодежь обрушила град бутылок на сотрудников милиции и других зрителей.

На сцене музыканты - вокалист и ритм-гитарист Джеймс Хетфилд, соло-гитарист Кирк Хэмметт, ударник Ларс Ульрих и басист Роберт Трухильо - обратились к своим хитам, показав тем самым, что за минувшие годы они не растеряли ни капли своей бешеной энергетики.

В частности, была исполнена нестареющая песня Creeping Death и другие композиции с первых пяти альбомов. Музыканты практически не мучили поклонников материалом с трех последних дисков, выдержанных в новомодном "альтернативном" ключе.

К плюсам выступления следует отнести инструментальную композицию "Орион" 1986 года - действительно одно из лучших произведений в "тяжелом" стиле, записанных за всю историю существования рок-музыки. Были исполнены и "визитные карточки" группы: песни с социальным подтекстом Master Of Puppets (1986, об опасности попасть в тенета наркотического "рая") и One (1988, о призывнике, ставшем инвалидом во время войны).

Добавим, что на "разогреве" у группы Metallica выступила финская love metal-группа H.I.M.

Хотя организаторы концерта планировали ограничить его семьюдесятью минутами, музыканты несколько раз выходили на бис, исполнив самые востребованные в России хиты - Sad But True и Enter Sandman (обе - 1991 года).

Однако эмоции в зале достигли апогея и под рев трибун артисты вышли еще раз. Наградой зрителей за терпение и восторг стали композиции The Four Horsemen и Seek And Destroy с дебютного альбома 1983 года. Завершая выступление, продлившееся целых 2 часа 25 минут, музыканты пообещали поклонникам вернутся с гастролями в Россию через год.

Никаких инцидентов во время концерта зафиксировано не было, сообщает "Интерфакс" со ссылкой на ГУВД столицы. Однако за время его проведения сотрудниками милиции были задержаны 160 человек, в основном - в состоянии алкогольного опьянения.

Отметим, что свой тур Sick of the studio '07 группа Metallica начала 28 июня, и за прошедшее время дала концерты в Испании, Бельгии, Греции, Австрии, Великобритании, Норвегии, Швеции, Дании и Финляндии.

Основанная в далеком 1981-м рок-группа выпустила свой первый альбом Kill 'Em All лишь через два года после образования. Мировую известность группа снискала в 1986 году и до сих пор остается в США на седьмом месте по сумме продаж своих альбомов.

More excerpts from Kerrang magazine's interview with James Hetfield has been put out. The issue is out now:

Kerrang!: You're working with Rick Rubin who has a reputation as an "absentee" producer...

James: Oh, I met him once, I bumped into him in a corridor! [Laughs] No, we were well aware of his reputation when we signed up. On "St. Anger", Bob Rock did everything — he was producer, engineer, bass player, babysitter, father figure. And Rick is pretty much the opposite; he's not there to babysit. When we first came in, his opening statement was, "I want you guys to impress me; I want you to feel like you're starting out again'. He really wants us to get in the mind-set of "Master of Puppets". It's impossible to recreate what we were 20 years ago, that's silly, but we had to get that hunger back.

Kerrang!: And he's impressed so far?

James: Rubin is really good at feeling songs, and he'll tell you straight-up if he doesn't like something. We started with 20 songs and we've whittled it down to 14 since he came in. He won't say "This fucking sucks," but he'll make suggestions and I'm definitely open to that. With "St. Anger", it became so open-minded that it became unfocused. This time around, there's a lot of "Sorry, it's not good enough." We're aiming for excellence.

Kerrang!: With "St Anger", did the democracy you practiced in the studio end up comprimising the album?

James: Definitely. It was very unrealistic. We went from tearing each other's throats out with sarcasm, anger and not speaking to the polar opposite where we'd embrace every stupid idea so as to not hurt anyone's feelings. And that didn't work either!

Kerrang!: It seems weird that you're taking time out to tour when you're on a roll in the studio...

James: Well, hopefully it'll inspire us to take it to another level. You'll listen back to a new song and go, "We were just out there listening to 60,000 people screaming at what they love about Metallica and I don't think they're gonna scream at this! Also it gets claustrophobic in there — you can be trapped in there not knowing whether people are still out there.

Kerrang!: Have you started to work on the lyrics?

James: I have phrasings and something vocally to at least feel what the song is like. I forgot about "Let's please everyone in the band." Now it's, "This is where my head's at." I think people will identify with it.

Kerrang!: Is there a sense that time is running out for Metallica and you need to make a defining album again?

James: Well, we have no shortage of ideas and what am I gonna do? I write songs, I play songs and I like doing this. I know we're getting older, there's no point in trying to hide that fact, and we might tour less than we did, but as records go, we just want to make a good record, that's all we ever want to do. I mean, we thought "St. Anger" was going to be amazing, but it turned out to be more of a statement than Metallica music that we enjoy playing live. It was more of a purge, just getting that shit out of me, as a catalyst for the next chapter of Metallica.


The UK's BBC channel has put out an apology to Metallica fans

The BBC recieved over 400 complaints regarding Metallica's performance shown on air being cut short to show footage from other artists.

We recognise that some viewers of the Live Earth concert on 07/07/07 were annoyed that the Metallica set was not shown in full.

This was a global event and we were keen to reflect the other concerts as well as the one in UK. We took editorial decisions in advance and on the day, about the times and places we would do that. Not all the tracks by every performer could be featured but we did transmit a full trail promoting our interactive coverage where digital viewers wanting to see the performances in full, could press the red button at any time. The concerts were very fluid in London and around the world and there was certainly no prejudice about heavy metal music or any other music; just a determination to do the best for the entire audience watching on BBC Two and One during the day. This is inevitably a fine balance and we cannot please everyone all of the time. However, we of course apologise if any particular viewers were disappointed.


Former Metallica producer Bob Rock was recently interviewed by Brave Words & Bloody Knuckles

Bob was interviewed to discuss the return of his old band The Payolas and his work with Metallica on St. Anger: Below is an excerpt from the interview regarding Metallica:

ML: We don’t have much time left, so let me ask you how was it working with Metallica and can you comment on the St. Anger album?

BR: “It was the best and happiest fifteen years and some more stuff. It’s the extreme of emotions with those guys. Fifteen years of my life is a long time and it was fantastic. It was the best anybody could hope for. As for St. Anger, lots of controversy there.”

ML: A big controversy was the drum sound...

BR: “Well... yeah. Realistically though if you really think about it – it was the fact that there was NO real songs. That was because the guy who writes the songs – couldn’t write the songs because of where he was personally. So, what St. Anger became was what the band could do at that point and it is exactly that. It was riffs strung together... The way I look at it was like raw power or a garage band. It was just riffs... It was garage band and that was supposed to sound like that and what I learned out of it is that people in metal just don’t want it to change. So, it’s best that Rick Rubin continue the metal thing and not Bob.”

ML: It was also criticized for not having guitar solos...

BR: “Everybody has their theories, but the truth... You watch the movie and you think it’s some big conspiracy, but the truth is that Kirk had a chance to do a solo on every one of the songs. The only thing we said is ‘if the solo doesn’t add something – then we’re not going to add it.’ That’s the truth. It was like ‘Kirk you’ve got as much time as you want. Come up with something original and great... That doesn’t date it’. They were just trying to reach for something new and basically every time he did (come up with a solo); James and Lars (with me) said ‘No, it’s better without.’ And it came down to nothing is really sounding great so ‘ok, let’s not have solos.’ That’s the truth and Kirk agreed, but of course if you look at the movie... They took two and a half years and had to put a movie together so they grabbed all this stuff and kind of formed a way that it could be looked at, but it has nothing to do with what happened.”

ML: Movies only semi-reflect reality at the best of times.

BR: “Yeah, exactly. It was a good learning process for me. The more we get into those kinds of documentaries – it becomes something else. It’s not necessarily the truth. It’s an angle or a view of the truth and the truth of St. Anger was the band was broken-up. They were done.”

ML: Just by the fact that you were playing bass on it shows that they weren’t a band. They weren’t four guys.

BR: “They had three guys, but two of them couldn’t stand to be in the same room. They had all these problems personally and they never wanted to be with each other in the same room or speak to each other again. They broke-up. There was a couple of weeks to a month where it was over. All I did because I played bass when we put together the Mission Impossible song... They said ‘we can’t really add somebody new at this point. Just do what you did with Mission Impossible.’ I was there as a friend and not as a producer and if I made a mistake – that was it. I didn’t do what other guys would do which is ‘just phone me when you got the songs’. There are producers that do that. They don’t really do anything – they go ‘just write the songs and when they’re good, I’ll record them’. I didn’t do that – these guys are my friends. I love these guys. They’re falling apart and I’ve got to be with them so be it. I was there because I was a friend. I stuck with them for two and a half years of my life because they needed someone. That’s what I was there for. We stuck together and basically what Metallica fans have got to realize is - St. Anger is the reason why they’re still a band and if I was the sacrificial lamb then so be it. I’d rather have those guys now, as human beings, and me not work with them than anything. I just wish them the best of luck. They’re just a huge band and amazing musicians. I’ve nothing, but great things to say about them.”

Source: Brave Words & Bloody Knuckles

James Hetfield was interviewed by Finnish music channel MTV3 Helsinki, Finland yesterday to discuss the tour which will end on July 18th in Moscow. James also humorously discusses the recent rumour of a report that Hetfield was detained at London airport because of his "taliban-like beard" which was later reported false. View the videos at the below links:
  • video #1
  • video #2

    Source: MTV3

  • Enter Sandman will be included in the "Rock Band" video game coming out this year.

    There's been a lot of chatter over the years about Metallica and video games . . . we finally have a release date for you on one! We're psyched to be a part of a cool new game, “Rock Band,” which comes out in time to be on everyone's wish list for Santa. The game is kinda like four games in one - you can be the lead singer, play guitar, bass, or drums . . . or you can get your buddies, family members, whomever, to be in your band. The game can be played on your Xbox 360 or Playstation3 and we'll keep you posted as we get more details and a firm release date.

    To peruse the “official” press release, see below:


    Harmonix, MTV Games and the Superstar Band Bring Multiple Tracks to Rock Band Videogame Game Disc to Feature The Band's Iconic Hit “Enter Sandman”

    SANTA MONICA, CA - July 11, 2007- Harmonix, the leading developer of music-based games, MTV Games, a division of MTV Networks which is a division of Viacom (NYSE: VIA, VIA.B), and rock icons Metallica announced today a deal that will showcase the incredible depth of the band's music in the highly anticipated videogame Rock Band™. The Grammy-award winning thrashers are making key tracks from their celebrated catalog available as digitally-distributed game levels. The incomparable metal song “Enter Sandman,” will ship on the game's disc this holiday season.

    “Metallica is one of the best loved bands in the world and their albums redefined hard rock and metal. Its one of the bands we had to bring to the Rock Band experience,” said Alex Rigopulos, co-founder and CEO of Harmonix. “Rock Band will allow gamers to jam with the guys through their long, successful career, from young, raw talent to mega stars, playing the hard-rocking sounds that the band is known for.”

    Distributed by Electronic Arts (NASDAQ: ERTS), Rock Band is a new platform for music fans and gamers to interact with music like never before. Offering four music games in one - Rock Band challenges rockers to master the lead/bass guitar, drums, and vocals or play in a cooperative band experience. Built on unprecedented deals with the world's biggest record labels and music publishers, the music featured in Rock Band will span all genres of rock and include many of the master recordings from the greatest songs and artists of all time.

    Best known for its thrash-metal sounds, Metallica's 11 albums have sold more than 95 million copies over their 26-year career. Easily one of the most influential and intense metal bands of all time, the range of Metallica songs that will be available to Rock Band players will allow them to play along as the history of the genre unfolds.

    “Enter Sandman,” the first single from the band's self-titled album and one of the best known tracks, is a staple at Metallica's live concerts. VH1 ranked it as the 22nd in its “40 Greatest Metal Songs of All Time.”

    “Our goal was to bring a deep musical experience to Rock Band by providing not just one song by a player's favorite artist, but a carefully-chosen career-spanning array,” stated Paul DeGooyer, MTV's Senior Vice President, Audio, Home Video and Games. “Metallica has never been afraid to let their fans get closer, and now those fans will be able to inhabit this incredible music in a completely new way.”

    Rock Band is slated for release on Xbox 360™ video game and entertainment system from Microsoft® and PLAYSTATION®3 computer entertainment system this Holiday 2007. For more information on Rock Band and Harmonix Music Systems please visit and

    James Hetfield was interviewed by Swedish TV channel SVT on Thursday (July 12) prior to the band's headlining performance at Stadion in Stockholm.

    Watch the seven-minute unedited question-and-answer session at A transcript of the interview follows:

    Q: What will the new Metallica sound like?

    Hetfield: "As good as we can right now, I would say, and that's all it ever has been. [Producer] Rick Rubin is extremely good at getting the best out of any artist he's worked with, whether it's Beastie Boys, Neil Diamond, Slsayer, Slipknot… he does all, he does rap… anything! Somehow he taps in. He's got a good vibe, and a good ear, and we think we do too. So sometimes there's a little bit of this — we like our things the way we like them, he likes his things the way he likes them — but with two great powers putting something together, I think we'll come up with something pretty amazing. He's having us focus a lot on the feeling around 'Master of Puppets' — what was going through our minds? what was it like? — the hunger around 'Master of Puppets'."

    Q: You played at Live Earth. What are your thoughts on the climate crisis. What can Metallica contribute to [the whole process]?

    Hetfield: "I really avoided the press around the Live Earth day. I didn't quite agree with what was going on there. Politics drive me crazy, and I don't like talking politics. Politics get in the way of things; they get in the way of getting things done, and getting our music across is what we wanna do — we don't wanna cloud it with 'Democrat, Republican, whatever.' Our philosophy is 'think for yourself' at the end of the day — do what you think feels right. I really believe that humans will survive. I have a lot of faith in mankind that we will overcome and adapt — whatever it is; whether it's man-made or God-made, or Earth/Mother Nature — we have a lot of smart people on this planet that will make something good out of bad."

    Q: You guys have been a band for 25 years. What is the plan for the next 25 years?

    Hetfield: "Yeah, to make it to 26, 27, 28… you know, it's one day at a time. Something exciting that's up for us is being eligible for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in America, which is a pretty big deal. We played it last year for Black Sabbath, who chose not to perform, and we said we would. [Laughs] That was a lot of fun. You know, it's this historic landmark. A lot of bands get inducted, [but] not many bands are there to play all together to say 'Hi' and 'Thank you.' If you made it to 25 years, you either hate each other or you're broken up or you didn't make it that far, or something. So we're pretty proud. There's a not a whole lot of bands that can say that, so we're very grateful."

    Q: You had a little bit of a difficulty on the last record. How are you guys functioning now on the new record?

    Hetfield: "Well, one thing that someone said on the last record — going through all of the cleansing, the therapy, the talking, the breaking down the falls… you know, from one extreme to the other — from hating each other to not talking to hugging and crying over every note… It's crazy — one to the other. They're both unrealistic. Somewhere in the middle is where we need to live, and balance is difficult at times, especially for myself, who likes the extremes, or thinks I like them. All the work that we went through on 'St. Anger', it was said that it was not for 'St. Anger', it was for the next record, and that makes total sense. 'St. Anger' was pretty much a statement — it felt like a purging of a feeling. And this record is more us working together — in harmony, in friction, in happiness, in sadness… all of that put together. And we're able to get through it — we've walked though fire; we know how hot it can get, and we don't need to go through there again."

    In another interview, NME TV sat down for a chat with Kirk Hammett on Sunday, July 8 prior to the band's sold-out concert at Wembley Stadium in London, England. Watch the 10-minute interview below.

    When asked how work is progressing on Metallica's long-awaited new album, Hammett said, "It's coming along fairly well. We wrote 22 songs with the intention of recording 12 or 14, with the intention of putting maybe nine or ten on the new album, depending on how they all turn out once they're all finally recorded and mixed and done. The music is really heavy — surprise, surprise — very, very progressive; different from anything we've ever done before again. Yes, there are guitar solos. Yes, the production will be slightly better. We're using Rick Rubin. We're not recording in HQ; we're recording down in L.A. at a place called Sound City. And we're just about to finish the drums, the drumming aspect of it. And when we get back to the States, that's when Rob, James and I start playing our instruments and building tracks. We're all pretty psyched about it. The material, we feel, is very, very strong. I like that to think that it sits somewhere between '…And Justice For All' and the 'black' album — that little niche right there. And like I said, again, it's very, very different.

    "We're actually shooting for an early 2008 release. I would be extremely surprised if it comes out sooner than that. But I would be extremely disappointed if it came out later than that, let's just say."

    Source: SVT & NME TV

    Sweden's TV4 interviewed Lars Ulrich yesterday approximately two hours before the band's headlining performance at Stadion in Stockholm.

    Watch the 12-minute unedited question-and-answer session HERE.

    When asked about Metallica's upcoming studio album, which the group has been working on for the past few months, Ulrich replied, "It's the first time in almost 20 years that we're working with a producer other than Bob Rock. We're working with Rick Rubin, who's made records with everybody from the Chili Peppers to Johnny Cash to Slipknot to whatever… So we're excited to be working with a different producer. It's interesting, it's stimulating. The stuff that I've heard… [Laughs] … which is pretty much all of it, is very heavy, a little more dynamic than the last record, 'St. Anger', and I think that what he's really trying to do is capture an excitement and capture kind of a moment and trying to get us away from spending too much time thinking about what we're doing so he's trying to get us just to play in the studio. It sounds like it has a lot of energy and a lot of kid of good, energetic moments. But James [Hetfield] is gonna start singing in August and [we'll] do some overdubs. We're gonna spend another couple of months in the fall to finish the overdubs and we should hopefully mix the record by November and have it out in the early spring."

    High-quality photos of Metallica's Stockholm concert can be found at

    Norwegian TV recently conducted an interview with Kirk Hammett discussing the new album and the tour.

    VG-TV: Hi Kirk. Welcome to Norway again

    Kirk: Very very good to be here, it's been awhile

    VG-TV: Your sixth time playing here. How does it feel to be back?

    Kirk: Great, I mean.. I have some really great memories of playing at some really great shows in the indoor venue here in Oslo... and you know, Norway has always been really great to Metallica and very supportive. We always feel the need to always come back whenever we have the chance. For sure.

    VG-TV: This concert sold out in less than a day, and is your biggest to this day in Norway. How does that make you feel? Kirk: Great. Really fires us up to know we're still welcomed here.

    VG-TV: The tour is called sick of the studio. But are you really sick of the studio? How's the studio work going?

    Kirk: You know.. I wouldn't say we're sick of the studio. It's more so that we needed..ah.. a name to call the tour.. and then it sounded pretty..ah..pretty..ah sarcastic and funny at the same time, so we just called it sick of the studio. But things are going really well at the studio. We've finished, for the most part, the drums and.. ah it's moving quite well. We're working with Rick Rubin which is definitely different from working with Bob Rock. And.. ah , we're putting down tracks for about 14 songs at the idea of maybe putting on the album maybe 9-10 and whatever.. it all depends on whether we pick the shorter songs or the longer songs or what, but I mean.. we have some pretty long songs so... we'll see how it goes.

    VG-TV: What can the fans expect from the new album?

    Kirk: Well.. Its really hard and difficult to describe it this time... ah.. I would say, if I looked at it in terms of comparing it to our old material, it sits somewhere in between AJFA and TBA. It's like..ahh.. the missing link in between those two albums, because there's a lot of songs that are really progressive .. then a lot of the songs have like a very melodic touch to them, like the black album did. And..ah.. Yes, there's guitar solos all over the place..umm.. We didn't record it at HQ this time, we're recording it down in LA in a couple of different studios, and so the actual sound of the album is gonna be ..ahh.. different. Ah, but you know, its really early still to really give you that good description on how its gonna be.

    VG-TV: When you`re playing with the new bassist, Robert Trujillo, has been playing some funky stuff. How`s that influence the new songs on your new album?

    Kirk: You know Rob can break out the funk when he wants to, but he can break out the metal when he wants to too, and he has a sort of ..ah progressive aspect to his music. Umm, a lot of the stuff that Rob writes, or has been writing for the band has been very progressive, and we've been like Yeah! That's really really great, that brings the song a couple notches up in terms of .. ah, you know , just playing ability and technique, so I mean, he has a lot to offer to the band. Wide variety of styles. He hasn't got that funky though, yet - but he definitely has it in him.

    VG-TV: What's the inspiration of the new songs , and the new album?

    Kirk: I think we're just more at peace with each other nowadays, and again - having Rob in the band makes it more exciting because its new blood and we're kind of taking advantage of the fact that all of us are writing together, the four of us writing together as a group. As for St. Anger.. it was four of us writing, but Bob Rock was playing bass. It good to have like a full time bass player now, you know Rob being a full time guy, and having him onboard for the entire experience. Its really inspiring, just moving away from that whole St. Anger period, which was really really difficult for the three of us. And I'm glad to, its good to have all that behind us. We feel like the band we were in the 80ies, you know.

    Legendary photographer Ross Halfin who has recently been taking some new photos of Metallica on tour has posted an update on his website plus more pictures from recent Metallica shows:

    Nice day, sit in the garden enjoying the weather. Lars asked me to come to the Metallica Wembley show, so off I went late afternoon. The new Wembley Stadium was impressive. Huge, like an American stadium. Metallica had celebs out in force, Scott Ian, Brian Tatler of Diamond Head and Stefan Chriatzi (or Cheesie, the human eating machine). I haven't seen the Cheeseburger since he ate half of Rio De Janeiro in the early 90s. I have a memory of Cheesie sitting in the childrens paddling pool at the Rio Palace Hotel in his dirty Y-fronts and it overflowing. Oh the joy of thinking back through the mists of time. I don't think Cheesie was too overjoyed at seeing me, he had the Russ Irwin scowl down to perfection.

    I wasn't going to shoot much at all ,ended up shooting alot. As the band were in tune up, Jimmy Page came in, which left Metallica rather stunned. Lars walking onstage turned to me, 'Where's Ritchie Blackmore? We've had Tony Iommi and Jimmy Page - we need Ritchie!'. I know, he's Danish...

    Shoot the first half of the show from the stage next to my hero, Lars. The crowd looked good and the light was perfect. Watched One and Enter Sandman from the Royal Box with Jimmy, he thought Lars played well. The crowd was going mental, it was like a huge rally with various mosh pits in the middle. As I was sitting with JP in the Royal Box I didn't shoot anything. Now I'm home I regret it, wish I had...

    View the pictures at

    Author and journalist Joel McIver spoke with James Hetfield, Kirk Hammett and Robert Trujillo before their spectacular Wembley Stadium show.

    McIver has released the following excerpts from the conversation to BLABBERMOUTH.NET:

    Q: A lot of long-time Metallica fans are asking one simple question. Is your new album going to be old-school thrash metal?

    Trujillo: "There's a lot of everything, man. There's speed on this. There's a couple of tracks where you're gonna go 'Wow!' and I know you're gonna like it because it has the flavor of the old. But it has this kind of groove and power behind it that I think is us today. And then there's stuff that I think is pretty progressive. Sometimes, when you're in the thick of it, when we're all creating it together, it's hard to get the feel of an outside perspective. But then you get someone like Scott Ian from Anthrax, who is in the lounge waiting for us to go to dinner or something, and he's like 'Rob, man! That riff fuckin' ruled, bro! What song is that? Is that on the album?' and stuff like that — and you go, I think we're doing the right thing. I gotta say, the attitude and the conviction of the old school is there, the speed is there and the power, there's an element of groove there that's really strong."

    Q: Are you contributing to the songwriting, Rob?

    Trujillo: "Yes. This is a collaborative journey for us, and everybody's contributed riffs. There are some of my ideas in there, and there are a ton of James' ideas, and a lot of Kirk's ideas. Kirk was away a lot because his wife was having a baby, so often it was just me and James and Lars — so for me to witness the collaborative spirit between James and Lars was so motivating. It's kind of mindblowing. It was really neat and inspirational to see them both going back to the old-school method. The general spirit of a lot of these arrangements and ideas is taken from what it must have been like back in 1982."

    Q: Does producer Rick Rubin make suggestions about the songs?

    Trujillo: "Yes, he does. He actually makes suggestions, and you try them: some of them are great, and some of them aren't gonna work — but that's OK. Some of his words of wisdom were very inspirational in bringing this band back to the old school, and getting James and Lars to step back in time. It's pretty exciting, although it's not like there haven't been any headbutting contests: there's been a little bit of that, but sometimes that little bit of tension is good for the tracks."

    Q: James and Kirk, you both played bass alongside Rob with Spinal Tap at the Live Earth concert, also at Wembley Stadium, on Saturday. Did you enjoy it?

    Hetfield: "Dude, I'm telling you, I told 'em yesterday, "Don't plug me in!" No, it was fun. He [points to Trujillo] ripped into this solo that was fuckin' unbelievable. I was like, 'Dude, why don't you do that with our shit? Come on!'"

    Hammett: "I woke up this morning, and I'd been playing bass with my fingers — and my whole muscle all the way up my arm was sore. I just shook it out and it got better, but it's never happened to me before."

    Trujillo: "When you're playing with your fingers in cold climates, and you're playing with these guys, your fingers want to cramp. Playing with Metallica in cold temperatures is a taboo, man!"

    Hetfield: "Metallica give you the cramps!"

    Trujillo: "We have a chiropractor guy who's with us."

    Hetfield: "He's a voodoo doctor."

    Hammett: "He's my personal assistant!"

    Trujillo: "He's there and he makes things better. He gets in there and works it out in the forearm, and also in the bicep. It's like acupressure."

    Hetfield: "He makes everything else hurt, so your arm doesn't hurt as much!"

    Q: Robert, you've been a member of Metallica for four years now. Do you remember much about your audition for the band back in late 2002?

    Trujillo: "Oh yeah! [Therapist] Phil Towle was there and the cameras were all there, so it was kinda crazy. I didn't really know how to handle myself. At 11 o'clock on the first night, Lars said, 'Hey man, let's go get a beer,' and I was thinking, this guy could potentially be my boss, so I'd better go and have a cold one with him. I'm not a big drinker, but we ended up drinking until five in the morning. This guy's a crazy Viking, right? People talk about hazing — like the hazing that went along with Jason [Newsted] — and I felt in a way that this would be the beginning of their new version of hazing. I slept maybe three hours, and I literally had the worst hangover of my life — and then we went to the studio and I had to play. So on the DVD footage that you see of me doing my audition, I was pretty hammered!"


    James Hetfield, frontman of US metal rockers Metallica, was detained at a British Airport before his appearance at London's Live Earth gig on Saturday. According to British newspaper The Times, the rocker jetted into Luton airport ahead of Saturday's Live Earth concert at Wembley Stadium - where his legendary rock band was due to perform - but was halted by officials before he could leave the terminal. The legendary frontman was then subjected to a brief line of questioning, after which security-conscious officials were left red-faced when Hetfield explained he was a member of a world-famous rock band. The Times claims Hetfield's friends blame his "Taliban-like beard" for the interrogation.

    This article is backed up by a diary entry from Ross Halfin on his online Diary where he says "Flew back to London after the show. Lars couldn't find his passport and the local policeman was not having any of Lars charm. So we stood around for ages. Finally flew home in the middle of the night to Luton, got home at 6.30 am, then immigration decided they didn't like James' "Taliban Metallica" beard. So off we went through immigration. Got home Saturday at 7.30."

    Interestingly! On Monday (July 9), a rep for Hetfield told that none of it ever happened. "It's false. It's not true."

    Make your own minds up!

    Metallica performed at the Live Earth show in London last night.

    Setlist is as follows:

  • Sad But True
  • Nothing Else Matters
  • Enter Sandman

    The official Live Earth website has posted high quality streaming videos of the 3 songs Metallica peformed at the show. View them at (select "united kingdom" under venue, select metallica under setlists then select video).

    James, Rob and Kirk also joined Spinal Tap onstage along with several other musicians during one of the comedy act's performances. Video of this performance can also be seen HERE.
  • have posted the Live Earth show from July 7th for download with all proceeds from the sale of this show going to Live Earth recommended charities working to slow Global Warming. Support Metallica and the planet by buying this show from the official site!

    In the official press release Lars had this to say:
    "I love my sons. I want them to "inherit the earth" FOR REAL! We keep waiting for future generations to solve the problems; to invent cleaner technology; to pay the costs...that's the same as passing the buck. I want the buck to stop here, now. I want lawmakers and laws to impose change. Nothing else will keep this world safe for my sons."

    Belgium's Studio Brussel conducted an interview with Lars Ulrich on Sunday (July 1) prior to the band's appearance at the Rock Werchter festival. In regards to Metallica's new studio album, Lars said the backing tracks were done in May and that the band will start laying down vocals and overdubs in August in hopes of finishing the CD by October or November. Lars predicted the album will drop in February 2008. He said, "It doesn't sound like 'St. Anger' to me. It's a little early to kind of put in a soundbite exactly. But it doesn't sound anything like 'St. Anger'. It's probably a little more dynamic, and a little more varied, and it has lots of different nutty Metallica stuff on it. I don't know. . . One thing I can tell you is that [the songs] are quite long." Regarding talk of Eastern influences, as hinted by guitarist Kirk Hammett in an Austrian interview a couple of months ago, Ulrich said, "There's a couple of bits in there that could be called Eastern, but don't read too much into that — it's not an album full of 12 'Kashmir's or anything. But there is some stuff in that direction, sure." Lars also spoke about some of his favourite European festivals and what to expect from their Rock Werchter show. Listen to the four-and-a-half-minute interview HERE


    Metallica is featured in this month's issue of Q Magazine, the band discussing the history of Metallica and more. The article is a very interesting read, I would probably say its the most interesting Metallica article I have read in any magazine this century.

    Beatles & Metallica Salute Tribute Act

    The publishers behind the Beatles' back catalogue and rockers Metallica have given tribute 'mash-up' act Beatallica permission to revamp classic album Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band.

    The quirky group has cleverly given Beatles classics like Taxman and Helter Skelter a heavy metal makeover - creating a new album of Metallica-fuelled Fab Four tunes.

    Another one of those well kept Metallica "secrets" that you guys have been chatting about for weeks now is indeed confirmed. Metallica are honored to be playing at the Live Earth concert in London at Wembley Stadium on July 7th along with The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Beastie Boys, Foo Fighters, Snow Patrol, Madonna, Genesis and many others. This won't be the full-on Metalli-show, but the performance will be available shortly after to download for a minimal fee on iTunes and on our live download site,, home of live recordings from recent tours. All proceeds from the sale of downloads will benefit four climate charities that we have selected, and a number of web, TV, and radio outlets are broadcasting the shows so you can check it out wherever you are.

    What exactly is this "Live Earth" thing you ask? All the details are here: The short version is that on July 7th, artists from all over the world will be performing at nine different shows on seven continents to help bring awareness to current global warming concerns and raise money for the Alliance for Climate Protection and other international non-governmental agencies.

    Here's the official press release:



    Metallica, Kasabian, Pussycat Dolls and Terra Naomi join the London Leg of 7/7/07 Concerts to Combat Global Warming

    Metallica, Kasabian, Pussycat Dolls, and Terra Naomi are the final acts to be added to the Live Earth London line-up performing at Wembley Stadium as part of the 24-hour, 7-continent Live Earth concert series on 7/7/07.

    With an already astounding line up that includes some of the best music acts from around the world, this monumental event will bring together more than 2 billion people to combat the climate crisis.


    An exclusive download of Metallica's Live Earth performance is going to be available for a minimal fee immediately after the event finishes. All money raised will benefit four climate charities hand-selected by the band: Sierra Club, The Apollo Alliance, WWF and Rainforest Action Network.

    Lars Ulrich of Metallica... "I love my sons. I want them to "inherit the Earth" FOR REAL! We keep waiting for future generations to solve the problems; to invent cleaner technology; to pay the costs...that's the same as passing the buck. I want the buck to stop here, now. I want lawmakers and laws to impose change. Nothing else will keep this world safe for my sons."

    Kasabian, whose latest album 'Empire' went in at number one in the UK album chart, are joined by Grammy nominated pop sensations the Pussycat Dolls, and Terra Naomi, who wrote the song 'Say It's Possible' after watching Al Gore's 'An Inconvenient Truth'. As part of a virtual tour from her Los Angeles apartment, she recorded herself on a video camera and posted it on YouTube; it soon found itself on the site's front page. Within two days, it had amassed over 200,000 views - a figure that now stands at over 2 million.

    A small number of tickets have been released this week and successful applications will be contacted by SMS with instructions on how to purchase their tickets.

    Live Earth was founded by Kevin Wall, CEO of Control Room, the company producing the concerts globally. Live Earth will bring together more than 100 of the world's top music acts to inspire an audience of over two billion people to trigger a mass movement to combat global warming. Live Earth seeks to inspire its global audience to make meaningful and lasting changes in their lives and spur action by corporations and governments to turn the tide on global warming.

    "The amazing support for Live Earth just keeps on growing," says Live Earth Founder and Executive Producer Kevin Wall. "The talent involved in the Live Earth shows around the world is phenomenal, and it is great to have such influential people involved in what is such an important cause."

    The 24-hour Live Earth concert series will begin in Sydney, Australia on July 7, 2007 and continue across all 7 continents with events in Tokyo, Japan; Shanghai, China; Istanbul, Turkey; Johannesburg, South Africa; London, United Kingdom; Hamburg, Germany; and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, before concluding in New York, United States.

    Live Earth marks the beginning of a multi-year campaign carried out by The Climate Group, Stop Climate Chaos, the Alliance for Climate Protection, and other international NGOS to move individuals, corporations and governments to take action to solve global warming. Former Vice President of the United States Al Gore is the Chair of the Alliance for Climate Protection and a Partner of Live Earth.

    Exclusive online media partner MSN is helping Live Earth reach people in every corner of the globe. The concerts will be streamed live on 7/7/07 at MSN's 39 localised web portals worldwide attract 465 million monthly users. The concerts will be broadcast on the BBC in the UK and on more than 120 networks around the world.

    Live Earth is partnering with companies who share the commitment to helping people live a more energy efficient lifestyle. smart is the world's only automaker serving as an Official Partner. Unlike any other vehicle, the new smart fortwo combines a modern, individual lifestyle with environmental protection by setting the standard in urban mobility and offering the lowest CO2 emission of any vehicle on the market. Philips, as the world's leading lighting supplier, joins Live Earth as an Official Partner. Philips was the first to introduce the energy saving light bulb in 1980 and has put environmental product improvement at the heart of its business with its EcoDesign program since 1994, increasing its green product range year by year.

    The Official Metallica Site have posted an update on the latest on the band's recording and rehearsals for the 2007 tour:

    Metallica returned to HQ this week after a short break to begin rehearsing for their "Sick Of The Studio" Tour. Yesterday, the winners from the METALLICA: THE VIDEOS 1989-2004 DVD radio and online contests were treated to the HQ VIP treatment with a delicious BBQ, a few autographs, and an intimate performance from the band in the jam room. I think it is safe to say everyone had a great time.

    Check out pictures from the event plus the band recording the new album at


    Metallica are among the artists who have contributed legendary cars and signature guitars to be displayed at the Rock Stars' Cars & Guitars exhibit beginning on Saturday, June 9th at The Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, Michigan.

    The exhibit will feature items pulled from the Petersen Automotive Museum, Hard Rock Café, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum, Inc., Experience Music Project and several other private lenders. Detroit Muscle will also be on hand with some of its custom-built hot rods, not to mention the wealth of exhibits already at the Henry Ford Museum.

    Metallica's contributions include the 1967 Camaro seen in the video for "I Disappear" and the black 1987 ESP custom guitar, nicknamed "Skully," played by Kirk Hammett.

    Rock Stars' Cars & Guitars at Henry Ford Museum will run until September 30, 2007.
    The Henry Ford Museum is open every days, 9:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Admission is $14 for adults, $13 for seniors and $10 for youth; members and children four and under are free.
    For more information, visit

    Lars Ulrich threw out the ceremonial first pitch before the Oakland Athletics game vs. the Boston Red Sox on Thursday, June 7th, 2007. Lars was on hand with his son Miles. Members of Miles' class were special guests of the Oakland Athletics and were on the field during pre-game ceremonies. Lars threw out the first pitch to Oakland Athletics first baseman/outfielder Nick Swisher and met and took pictures with Oakland Athletics players Swisher, Mark Kotsay, and Mark Ellis.

    Recently, Lucem Fero's Anthony Morgan did an interview with After Forever's Sander Gommans (excerpted on June 3rd), and he mentioned that the Black Album was an influence on the new album. Some excerpts;

    Lucem Fero: What inspirations were there during the period you recorded "After Forever"?

    Sander Gommans: "For this album? This album was inspired by, for example, not the new DREAM THEATER album but the album before that. Also, 'The Black Album' by METALLICA was an influence... I think these were the main inspirations for this album."

    Lucem Fero: Ok, I'm just interested in the fact you mentioned METALLICA earlier. I actually picked up on that myself because their fifth album was also self titled wasn't it?

    Sander Gommans: "Yeah it was, and it certainly showed some inspiration. If you listen to the first song then the first guitar you'll actually be hearing is a little bit inspired by 'Wherever I May Roam' from the 'Metallica' album in terms of how the verses are. We really focus on riffs with this album, and that's why it's also much more guitar oriented. You need to have a strong riff, and it doesn't have to be difficult sometimes. You need to have a strong riff though which you can use in the entire song, and maybe sometimes played a little bit differently. The song is actually based on a certain riff, and that's what we did with these songs for a part of it at least. The first song especially shows this, this riff oriented material."

    (Thanks Anthony-Lucemfero)

    Rob Trujillo was recently interviewed by Greece publication Rockhard dicussing the new album. A translation of an excerpt from the interview is below:

    This period of time you're working on the new album. In which part of the recording process are you now and when can we expect it to be released?

    Rob - We are now taking a break. We have just finished the recording of the drum parts for 14 songs, in the near future we'll start rehearsing in order to be ready for the upcoming tour and in August we'll be back in order to resume recording. As far as the release date is concerned, it's hard to tell...At first we hoped that everything would be ready by October, but that's not going to happen. We planed to release it in March, but that didn't work out as well. The only thing for sure is that by this time next year you'll have the new album of Metallica in your hands. Can you at least tell us if the 2 new songs that you played in the last tour will be included in the album?

    Rob - I don't think so. There are parts from one of the songs that may be in the album, but that depends on which songs will be finally on the album. We can't be sure, not until we sit down and listen to all the songs completed, making sure that each and every one of them sounds perfect. But I can tell you that these two specific songs that you've heard, won't make it, at least in this form. This whole thing was probably just Lars messing with us.

    Could you describe the new album's sound? Lars Ulrich, just before the release of St. Anger he had - very successfully - described it as raw, ugly and not polished. Can you find some relative adjectives for the new album?

    Rob - I would say that this is album is dynamic, heavy, groovin' and you'll probably be excited to know that there will be guitar solos in it! In addition, Lars remembered to set his snare drum properly this time! For me, this album incorporates part of the dynamic and character of "master of puppets", as well as the melodic style that people liked in the "black album", as far as the melodies are concerned. As for the general music style, much of the current material is groovy, heavy, dynamic and surely interesting. I would say that it's different than St. Anger, in a good way of course.

    (Thanks Rockhard Magazine)

    Austrian newspaper Krone has posted a new interview with Kirk Hammett. A rough translation into english is below: We are looking forward to Metallicas “Sick Of The Studio ‘07” tour. Has the itching in your fingers started, yet?

    Kirk Hammett: Oh yeah, summertime is always a good time to get out and do some shows. It’s the time of the festivals and the weather is nice and warm, everyone’s in a good mood. It’s really fun for us and really convenient to go out and do some shows in the summer. It isn’t so much that we’re sick of the studio as it is, we just wanna go out and play and have some fun. And not lose touch of what we are, being a live band. It seems we were in the studio for the last two years. Although we did play some shows last year, but it still seems like we’ve been in the studio forever. So it’s kind of a withdrawal symptom…

    Kirk Hammett: Yes, exactly. We need treatment! I got the pleasure to see the show of yours on last years Novarock Festival. The one were you had Lemmy Kilmister and that guy from Alice in Chains on stage…

    Kirk Hammett: Yeah, I remember. That was fun… You know, people still talk about that concert here. Was is that terrific from your point of view as well?

    Kirk Hammett: Well, whenever we can get Lemmy on stage and play a couple of songs with him, that’s always a terrific thing. ‘Cause Lemmy, he’s the guy, one of the grandfathers of heavy metal. Do you remember some other things about Austria or from that day?

    Kirk Hammett: Let’s see. Well, we played a series of songs from the Masters Of Puppets album, we played with Lemmy and then we left. (laugh) But Austria is just a beautiful place, Vienna’s a beautiful city with a lot of history and beautiful museums I must say. I always love coming here for sure… I can hardly imagine you strolling through a viennese museum…

    Kirk Hammett: Yeah, I’ve been to a couple of them. I am the museum kind of guy, believe it or not! Okay, got me convinced. Why “Sick Of The Studio” anyway? Would you say that you’re addicted to cheering crowds?

    Kirk Hammett: Totally! If I played my guitar and I looked up, do I wanna see the other three guys of the band or do I wanna see 30.000 cheering people? (laugh) It depends on what mood I am in. If I am in the mood to do some creative things, write some songs, record an album, then I’d rather look into the rest of the band. But if I’m in the mood to just rock out and really have fun and play our best material, I’d rather look up and see a 30.000 fans out there. You’re taking a lot of bands on you tour, most of them are American but all the concerts take place in Europe. So, is our continent a better place to rock your ass off?

    Kirk Hammett: Absolutely! You know, Europe in general is a lot more thankful to heavy metal than other regions. Heavy Metal never really went away in Europe, it took kind’a step aside though. Whereas Heavy Metal in America was popular fifteen years ago, then it ran out of popularity and now it’s just popular again. I mean, you go where people appreciate your music. I don’t wanna say there isn’t anyone who doesn’t appreciate the music in the states – I’d just say that there are more people in Europa appreciating our music and Heavy Metal itself. Is there a difference in the temper of the people as well?

    Kirk Hammett: When we come over to Europe the audiences usually go nuts! (laughs) They are very passionate about our music. We can tell - it’s very obvious to us, when we play songs how the audience reacts to our music – the Europeans just go nuts! They are a lot more informed about the band, they know more about the band and its history. Also about the music and the lyrics. It’s more than just popularity, in Europe they really go out and try to get to know the band. Can you tell me some things about the new album you’re working on?

    Kirk Hammett: I think it’s the best album we’re about to put out in, let’s say, fifteen years!? Oh, but that rules out quite a lot of work you’ve done in the past!

    Kirk Hammett: Yeah, it’s our eleventh studio album, but it feels like our sixth. It’s just a really spectacular range of songs. This time we’re not afraid to refer to our past music in order to create future music. People will see that we’ve kind of embraced our old vocabulary again and are using that vocabulary to express new things. I’m super excited to make this album, finish it and release it – ‘cause then we can go out and play it to the people. We might have stretched our cores a little too much in the last fifteen years, but we’ve always came back to what we originally are and have been. I think with this album we’re definitely going a little more back into our roots. Does this mean, you’re heading from Saint Anger as a start further into, let’s say, the raw meat!?

    Kirk Hammett: Yeah, it’s super raw! There are some songs on that album that are so fast, that James and I kind’a look at each other and go: “Ouch! Our wrist are gonna fall off.” There are a lot of really, really fast songs, a whole lot of really heavy stuff. We changed our approach to writing the songs, all of us were working on the material this time. We also changed our tuning. With Saint Anger we had the guitars really low. This time, we tuned the guitars back up to what they originally were for the first five albums. Because we’ve done that, James’ voice sounds more like it did in the 80ies than it did in the 90ies. There’s a lot of changes that we’ve made, but I believe that they are all for the better. Was there a necessity to go back to the roots and avoid melodies and slow stuff because of uprising bands like 30 Seconds To Mars for example or some other emo, nu metal, whatever you may call it band?

    Kirk Hammett: Yeah, you know. I don’t really understand what emo, the description means… Well, me neither…

    Kirk Hammett: Yeah, everytime when I ask my friends about those things, they give me answer that simply doesn’t explain anything. (laugh) I’ll tell you, there are some melodic songs that we’ve written, that do have a lot of melody. I myself would like to see this songs go on the album. But whetere they do or not remains to be seen. We do have a lot of songs, but only nine or ten will make it on the actual album. But there definitely is an amount of songs, that are in some ways slower and melodic – but, they do get heavy at some point during the song. Your music often deals with anger, rage and feelings – regarding the emotional side, it probably does more often than a classic opera. Do you think, especially yours, is a good way to express rage, deal with anger and just lose it?

    Kirk Hammett: Yeah, right. I totally agree. I know that when I am just really mad, really pissed of and I wanna take it out on something, I know that playing this music just makes me feel so much better, because I can just listen to music and scream and jell an trash around – and afterwards I feel much better. I feel much better than going to Wal Mart, picking up a gun and going to a high school shooting thirdy people. You know what I mean? The thereapeutic side of music is so tremendous and valuable, because it keeps people from doing drastic things and drawing measures. You know, if all people would go to a heavy metal concert from time to time, there would be a lot off less crime in the world. People will always have to get rid of their anger, and there will always be Heavy Metal living with them. We’re looking forward to you eleventh studio album, like you said. Metallica turns 26 this year; what is it that still drives you to take on the challenge of pushing the limits, your career and the heavy metal genre itself? What’s the competition?

    Kirk Hammett: I think the comepetition is trying to compete with what you’ve done in the past. Competing with yourself. We’ve been doing this for so long, like you said, twenty-five, twenty-six years – I lost count. But I can’t fix a toilet, Lars can’t fix a vehicle – James probably can. (laugh) We make music and we wanna make the best music out there. We wanna make music that holds on his own and is creativly stimulating. To me that’s the challenge, coming up with something new and creative. Creating great music and then go out there and have fun with. To me, that’s the real competition to see if we can do it better than we did last time. In the past, I’ll be the first one to admit, we haven’t done a few times not as good as we used to. At least, we hadn’t done it as good as the previous time. But the fact that we still wanna do it is really important. We still wanna be able to go on tour and make albums and just do the best that we possibly can. But from this point of view, it’s a neverending story, isn’t it? Can you imagine, just imagine, putting an end to it at some time in the future?

    Kirk Hammett: Well, that’s a good question and I don’t know if I can answer that!? The Rolling Stones – Keith Richards sixty years old and is still doing it, and I can tell that he loves doing it. Mick Jagger, Ron Wood – those guys are still having a lot of fund. As long as they can do it – they are pushing the age-limit to do this sort of things. If Keith Richards is sixty years old and still doing it – why can’t I just do when I am sixty years old? It might be kind of funny playing Seek and Destroy when you’re sixty. But if people still wanna see us playing Seek And Destroy when we’re sixty years old – I’ll do it in a heartbeat! When was the last day you can think of, when you didn’t touch any guitar?

    Kirk Hammett: Mmh… probably last week. And the reason for that was, my baby-son. I was doing baby stuff all day… At least it’s a good excuse…

    Kirk Hammett: Yeah! (laugh) I still try to play as much guitar as I possibly as much as I can. Now that we’re in the studio, I try even harder. I was standing right in the middle of the crowd during that concert of yours last year on Novarock Festival. What I noticed was, that people began to ball up their fist, as soon as you conquered the stage. Before, with all the other acts, people just did this yeah-thing with the two fingers stretched away. Do you have an explanation for this?

    Kirk Hammett: They believe in us. That’s the only explanation I can give. They believe in the power of the music, in the fact that we can deliver it. They believe in what he have to say musically and lyrically. I think that’s it. Either that, or they were really mad at us. (laugh) No, I’m joking. They really believe in us and what we have to say. And that’s good, because we’re working really hard and it’s good, seeing other people recognizing what we believe in and at the same time taking on this believe. It’s like the most beautiful and – not only is it beautiful, it has such integritiy. It’s a great and powerful thing. I feel very fortunate to be in a space were complete strangers show you their belief in what you’re doing. Heavy Metal associated or combined with a distinctive style of clothing, of behaviour and appearance. You know, the leather trousers, the band-t-shirts, and so on; what do you think is most fascinating about the genre, the music and the people in Heavy Metal?

    Kirk Hammett: Again, people believe in it. It’s because people are outcasts. There are lot of outcasts, a lot of disaffected people, a lot of people who don’t really fit in for whatever reason or another. You know, becoming a part of a movement or a musical movement like Heavy Metal gives people who never really fitted in a tense to fit in. Heavy Metal provides a look, an attitude, a way of thinking and a way of drinking (laughs) for people who don’t fit into the normal patterns of life. That’s why Heavy Metal attracts so many different kinds of people. That’s why I think Heavy Metal is truly understood all over the world. Unlike latin music for example, who can hardly be understood, if you don’t belong to that culture or at least know it very well. Heavy Metal is not attached to any sort of ethnic idea or some sort of tradition; although it is a tradition in itself, but it’s not traditional. You can come from anywhere, Africa, Australia or Argentina and hear Heavy Metal and unterstand it. Again, that’s the most powerful thing about Heavy Metal. It’s just an incredible thing for me to watch, to go travel the world and see all these different kinds of people, rushing into one kind of music and one kind of attitude. It’s amazing. Heavy Metal is a very human type of music. Human! I just love it! Since we talked about looks and feel. Last question: How long are you having that haircut of yours? Fifteen years, twenty years?

    Kirk Hammett: Are you saying, when am I gonna cut it? No, you mean, if I wanna maintain this look, is that what you’re saying? Yeah, basically…

    Kirk Hammett: Well, I’m wearing long hair since the first day I can think of. No, I’m not gonna cut it! But it starts to fall out… So, with sixty, you’re gonna play bald – but loud…

    Kirk Hammett: Yes, (laugh) bald and loud, loud and bald…. Thank you for the interview, Kirk.

    Kirk Hammett: Yeah, see you in Austria!

    (Thanks Krone/

    Metallica recently upgraded their Northern California rehearsal studio, replacing their old monitors with Meyer Sound’s new MJF-212A self-powered stage monitors. The band also brought in six M’elodie™ultracompact high-power curvilinear array loudspeakers and a 600-HP compact high-power subwoofer.

    “As we started pre-production for the new album we needed PA and monitor upgrades. The speed and ease of set up of the Meyer gear is unbelievable. We truly took the monitors out of the box and plugged them in and we were done. That never happens, ” says Metallica’s equipment manager, Zach Harmon. “Over the years sound companies have struggled to keep Metallica happy. Meyer has managed to meet and exceed the band members’ expectations.”

    Vocalist and guitarist James Hetfield uses a pair of MJF-212A monitors, while lead guitarist Kirk Hammett and bassist Rob Trujillo each use a single MJF-212A.

    “The MJF-212A stage monitors are able to cut through and still sound full. I can hear and feel my voice above the wall of ‘Tallica,” says Hetfield. “For some reason we like it loud!”

    The band’s two stacks of three M’elodie cabinets per side serves the whole band well. “The M’elodies are great” says Mike Gilles, the band’s studio engineer. “They’re loud, clean and transparent, with lots of headroom and excellent dynamics. And they sound very natural, even without any EQ.

    “Meyer’s self-powered setup really answers the needs of a smaller rehearsal space,” adds Gilles. “Setup is easy and flexible, and it’s nice to ditch the fan noise and the amp racks, too. Meyer Sound is the obvious choice for any professional. It’s great to have equipment that adapts to the room, instead of the room having to accommodate the equipment.”

    The band used Meyer Sound’s MILO® high-power curvilinear array loudspeakers and MICA™compact high-power curvilinear array loudspeakers during their 2006 “Escape from the Studio Tour” dates in Estonia and Holland, and were reportedly impressed enough to check out the smaller M’elodie arrays for their rehearsal space. “Metallica demands the best,” Gilles concludes. “Meyer Sound comes through with maximum output, clarity, and headroom, whether it’s a mega-venue or a personal rehearsal space.”

    On July 1st, Metallica will be out on their “Sick of the Studio 07” tour in Europe with Meyer Sound equipment.

    LARS ULRICH Says ROLLING STONES' Rock-Star Attitude Left Strange Taste In His Mouth - May 26, 2007

    METALLICA drummer Lars Ulrich called into "The Opie & Anthony Show" Friday morning (May 25) and stayed on the air for about 15 minutes, talking about the recent HEAVEN AND HELL show he saw in Los Angeles, MERCYFUL FATE's influence on METALLICA's music and the opportunity to open for THE ROLLING STONES in 2005. A few excerpts from the chat follow (transcribed by BLABBERMOUTH.NET):

    On seeing HEAVEN AND HELL in Los Angeles:

    "Me and James [Hetfield] went and saw the HEAVEN AND HELL thing — you know, [BLACK] SABBATH with Dio — two-three weeks ago in L.A. and it was really cool. I was really psyched. They're actually playing a show with us in Europe this summer. That's pretty amazing [that they're supporting us]. It's like, 'We should be opening for you.'

    "Bill [Ward, SABBATH drummer] is Bill. But he hasn't been in the best shape the last couple of years. But if anybody's gonna sit in for him, Vinny [Appice] is…

    "I thought it was awesome. I was really psyched about how much… It was just really spunky and it had a lot of energy. It was a good couple of hours. It was good fun.

    "I'm telling you, if watching HEAVEN AND HELL up on stage doing their thing wasn't great, up by the mixing board where we were, Hetfield had his own mosh pit going, out by, like, where the lighting was standing looking terrified. I hadn't seen Hetfield that excited for years, so we'll take that too."

    On the status of the new album recordings:

    "We were down in L.A. for the last four-five weeks just doing all the backing tracks to the new album with [producer] Rick Rubin. We just finished about a week ago doing all the backing tracks and then I came back up here to San Francisco and I had a baby on Monday [May 21] — I didn't have a baby, but my better half had a baby — so this is my first night back in the house here, so I've got a three-day-old baby in the bedroom in there with the lady. So we took a little bit of a break for that and then we're gonna start rehearsing in a couple of weeks and we're gonna go over to Europe and do three weeks' worth of shows and do some of the festivals and all that outdoor fun and games and then back to L.A. in August and finish up the record."

    On covering MERCYFUL FATE (in 1998, METALLICA paid tribute to MERCYFUL FATE by recording a medley of classic MERCYFUL FATE songs on the album "Garage Inc." Entitled "Mercyful Fate", the medley included parts from "Satan's Fall", "Curse of the Pharaohs", "A Corpse Without Soul", "Into the Coven" and "Evil"):

    "MERCYFUL FATE is one of the two or three main bands that kind of shaped METALLICA's sound, along with, like, DIAMOND HEAD, and one one or two other bands. So back in '81-'82 when we were kind of getting our chops together, MERCYFUL FATE was one of the main inspirations, so when it came time to do some covers and pay some tribute to some of the people that paved our way, MERCYFUL FATE… I don't know how many of the people listening to us know who MERCYFUL FATE are, but some of the stuff's pretty nutty, as you know... So much of our, kind of, more progressive side comes from them, but I'm telling you when we covered that thing in — when was it? '97-'98 or whatever — I mean, watching Hetfield try to sing King Diamond stuff; it's like nine octaves above… where only birds can hear or whatever it is. That was quite a sight. But that was great. FATE have always been a huge thing in METALLICA's career. We actually had them out playing with us a couple of times in Europe, and had them up on stage with us — upside-down crosses and the whole thing. That's all good. [Laughs]"

    On opening for THE ROLLING STONES:

    "Yeah, it was last year — it was about a year and a half ago out here in San Francisco. We were in the middle of some chill time after the 'St. Anger' tour and one day it was like, 'The STONES wanna know if you wanna open for them in San Francisco,' and it was like, 'Duh, of course, we will. Just name the day and place and we'll be there.' We obviously hadn't opened for anybody for a few years but if you're gonna open for anybody, open for the STONES. I mean, c'mon!

    "It's the second show — [we played] two shows [with THE ROLLING STONES] in a row — and some assistant with, like, five walkie-talkies and a water-bottle holder, whatever, comes in before the show and says, 'Do you want your picture taken with THE ROLLING STONES?' We were like, 'You know what? Sure. Why not?' So after our show and then they're getting ready to go on, this assistant comes in and says, 'OK, be ready in five minutes' or whatever. So she comes in, she escorts us into this place in the tunnel leading into the stadium and she says, 'Wait here.' As we're standing in this tunnel, literally, and this band EVERCLEAR — who were playing also — they were kind of like over there on their 'X'. So we're standing there and we go over and say 'Hello' to the guys in EVERCLEAR, 'Hey, how was your show?' And this assistant comes back and says, 'No. The guys in METALLICA stay here, and the guys in EVERCLEAR stay over here.' We were like, 'Whoaaah.' So then about five minutes later the STONES come in, and I swear they didn't stop — they slowed down their pace, or their walk, just slow enough to get, like, two or three pictures taken, two or three frames shot with EVERCLEAR, and then they came over to where we were standing waiting, and they all looked at us… No, actually, Charlie Watts said 'Hello' and I think Keith [Richards] nodded or something, and Mick [Jagger] looked like we were all gonna give him pneumonia or something — he had this disgusting look on his face. And then they slowed down long enough while the photographer took two or three frames, and then they walked off. And then the assistant came over and said, 'If the band approves the photo, we'll send you a copy.' That kind of sums up THE ROLLING STONES experience. [Laughs] But being up on stage, that was awesome and the legacy and the whole thing, but that kind of left me with a little bit of a strange taste in my mouth . . . If we ever pulled that, would you come and find me and shoot me? I mean, seriously? But it was a great night and getting a chance to just be part of… If you can sit there and tell your kids, 'I opened for IRON MAIDEN, I opened for DEEP PURPLE, and I opened for THE ROLLING STONES,' then you're pretty much good to go, you know what I mean?"

    (Thanks: Blabbermouth - Johan Mörling)

    Chris Skoyles of Classic Rock magazine recently conducted an interview with Diamond Head guitarist Brian Tatler. As you probably know, Metallica has covered and released several Diamond Head songs A few excerpts from the chat follow:

    What about when it comes to the connection between Diamond Head and Metallica? Is that something you ever get sick of talking about?
    Tatler: "Nah [laughs]. I mean, god bless 'em. If it hadn't been for Metallica, and Lars Ulrich, and the songwriter's royalties that me and Sean [Harris, former vocalist] get, I don't know what we would've done. We'd have probably slipped into obscurity along with, I don't know, Angel Witch or something. But they've managed to keep the money coming in for us and raise our profile by covering four Diamond Head songs on an album that's sold over five million copies, that's just…you can't buy that sort of thing you know? I must've seen hundreds of articles where Lars is raving about Diamond Head, and it's just brilliant, more power to 'em."

    How did you guys react when fans who were perhaps too young to remember Diamond Head in the early '80s started coming to your gigs or buying your albums after hearing about you through Metallica?
    Tatler: "It was definitely a good feeling. You're always trying to get out there and reach new people. You know your die-hard fans will buy your albums but you always want more. If somebody hears Metallica's version of 'Am I Evil?' and then underneath they see it was written by Diamond Head and go out and buy a Diamond Head album then yeah, you know, that's fantastic. The newer fans go mad down the front too, they're young enough to have the energy to go berserk at gigs rather than standing at the back clapping!"

    Congratulations to Lars Ulrich and Connie Nielsen on the arrival of their first Baby together.

    Lars Ulrich and Connie Nielsen became the proud parents of a boy, Bryce Thadeus Ulrich-Nielsen on Monday May 21st in San Francisco. Mother's doing well, Dad's in awe, and brothers Layne, Myles, and Sebastian are psyched!

    For everyone that does not speak Danish here is the English version of Lars Post card that's been put on
    Lars Ulrich and girlfriend is on a short holiday in Mexico these days. He has posted a postcard on, but unfortunately for most of you, it is all written in Danish.

    Lars say that he feel extra Danish these days. With a Danish girlfriend, Danish music on the Ipod an an up and comming show in Danmark with two Danish bands as support. Volbeat and Mnemic will play together with Lars & Co in Århus, Denmark on the 13th of July.

    Heavy metal/hard rock music continues to thrive in Finland, where bands like Children of Bodom regularly top the chart with their single and full-length releases.

    Following the recent announcement that Metallica will play at the Olympic Stadium in Helsinki, Finland on July 15, no less than five of the band's albums have placed in the official Finnish Top 40:

    11. Master of Puppets
    12. Metallica
    20. Ride the Lightning
    22. ...And Justice for All
    35. Kill 'Em All

    Tickets for Metallica's Helsinki concert reportedly sold out less than 30 minutes after they went on sale on February 28, 2007.

    Metallica's last show at the Olympic Stadium in Helsinki, Finland — on May 28, 2004 — was attended by 46,000 people, which is nearly 1 percent of the country's 5.5-million population.

    Spring break over is over for the Met boys. Metallica are back in the studio after a great spring break. The band are now back in HQ rehearsing the next set of songs for recording.

    Lars Ulrich has spent his days in his home in Denmark with his girlfriend and kids while some of the other members has been to Hawaii surfing.

    Let us hope that some more news will leak out of HQ soon.

    According to The Wall Street Journal, Metallica guitarist guitarist Kirk Hammett has cut the asking price of his Pacific Heights, California mansion to a mere $10.5 million from the $12.5 million he'd been seeking since 2005.

    The Georgian Mansion with 9,519 square feet, nine bedrooms, seven full baths, three half baths, a library, and a "billiard/family room" includes "a deep grassy garden and detached 2-car side-by-side garage," according to a posting on Hammett's realtors' web site. "The gated motor court affords ample off-street parking. Faithfully maintained and upgraded for more than a century, this property is among a select handful of timeless one of the City's very best locations." The home has large rooms with details of carved wood ceilings, wainscoting and French doors. Newer touches can be seen in the gleaming appliances and granite countertops in the kitchen. The master suite has views out to the Bay.

    Click on any of the pictures or floor plans for a more detailed view.

    Damage Incorporated Book -
    Yet another book about Metallica has been released, this time to provide a detailed exploration of the group’s music and its place within the wider popular music landscape.
    Here is what the publishers told me. "Damage Incorporated" is written with a broad range of readers in mind, Damage Incorporated examines the musical details of individual songs (“Whiplash,” “Fade to Black,” “Master of Puppets,” and "Wherever I May Roam" among others) in order to understand Metallica’s role in the development of thrash metal and the relationship of those songs to broader questions of American culture and rock history.

    Damage Incorporated presents musical identity as the conscious product of musical style, visual image, and political expression. As such, it expands the scope of popular music studies with insights into areas such as rhythmic experience, formal complexity, and guitar performance practice, all as part of a continuum of musical identity. Drawing on a diversity of cultural studies influences, Damage Incorporated also demonstrates how fields such as masculinity and whiteness studies can provide an important interpretive framework for understanding the meaning of Metallica’s music throughout its career. Finally, Damage Incorporated lays open the study of the “selling out” phenomenon in popular music as a function of historical and cultural anxieties grounded in explicit musical detail.

    Lars Ulrich told a New York radio program that the band will lay down 14 songs for its ninth studio album, which the group will begin recording next Monday (March 12th) in San Francisco. Ulrich said on the Friday Night Rocks show, "We started out about six months ago with about 25 songs and now we've narrowed those down to 14, and we're gonna start recording 14 songs next Monday. So we're all pretty stoked."

    Unlike the troubled, turbulent sessions for the band's last album, 2003's St. Anger, Ulrich told us that pre-production for the new effort has had a whole different vibe: "It's frighteningly tame (laughs). The four of us show up and we hang out and we have a great time, and there are no psychiatrists in sweaters, there are no film crews, it's very much like it used to be. It's pretty mellow around here. All that St. Anger stuff seems like a movie (laughs)."

    Of course, the drummer is jokingly referring to Metallica: Some Kind of Monster, the documentary that chronicled the making of St. Anger.

    Ulrich acknowledged on Friday night that American fans were disappointed that the band will tour in Europe and not the U.S. for the second summer in a row. But he added, "All our American fans out there must rest assured that there will be no end to the love coming everybody's way in the next couple of years with the new record and so on."

    The drummer also said he was "sure in his heart" that Metallica would play the entire Master of Puppets album live in the U.S., as it did last year in Europe.

    The group plans to work in the studio until early June, take a break for its European tour, then finish recording in August. As for whether Metallica will release the new album in 2007, Ulrich said, "I'd like to try and get it out this year, I hope we can get it out this year. If it doesn't come out this year, then it will be out at the very beginning of next year."

    Metallica and Philosophy - A view from Sem Hadland
    Two weeks ago I told you about a new book called "Metallica and Philosophy". I have read the first chapters and must say that it is really different from all books I have seen on the big M. It is 50% Metallica and 50% philosophy, so I felt a bit nervous at first, but after some reading I felt that it answered some questions about myself, heavy metal and Metallica that I could not even think of.

    I short it told me why I like Metallica and similar music and I am now proud of playing Idiot Rock! It also takes the lyrics under new light so everything makes sense. This should not be the first book you read about the band, and if you have only been fan for a year or two, look elsewhere.

    Instead of giving you a "buy" or "don't buy" I've been able to publish a full chapter for you. Download chapter 8, "Metallica's existential freedom" for free and make up your own mind. You can also buy the book from

    Metallica left the comfort of HQ this week to descend upon the greater Los Angeles area to begin recording their 9th original album. This is the first time they've recorded outside of the Bay Area since they spent an eternity at One-On-One Studios recording The Black Album in '90 and '91. The last couple days have been devoted to each band member working out the right sounds, including Lars who remembered to turn on the snare and Kirk who played a solo! The big, shiny red button was finally pushed today - and the wait begins.

      A seven-month-old baby girl in Sweden now has Metallica as one of her 4 names. Yes it is true, but at first they was denied because of the law. The parents tried again and got permission. But... Is "Metallica" a girl's name? The family lives in Kungälv close to Gøteborg in Sweden.


    *Straight from Metallica themselves - Read below for all the up-to-date info on the Support acts*

    As you know, some of the shows are festival dates, so things could change a little here and there, and we may have one or two more surprises for you along the way, but as of April 8, here's what we've got for you so far. And for those of you in Denmark lucky enough to score tickets after we got done with Lars' guest list, we're spreading the Danish love with... just read Lars' extra special Easter Danish!

    We're super psyched to be sharing the stage with great musicians from all over the world . . . see you out there!

    Thursday June 28 Lisbon, METALLICA, Joe Satriani, Stone Sour, Mastodon, (local act), (local act)

    Friday June 29 Bilbao, TBA

    Sunday July 1 Werchter Rock Festival Main Stage, Faithless (chill out slot), METALLICA, Incubus, Interpol, The Kooks, Mastodon

    Tuesday July 3 Athens, METALLICA, Stone Sour, Mastodon, Dirt Spawn Disease

    Thursday July 5 Vienna, METALLICA, Heaven and Hell, Bullet For My Valentine

    Sunday July 8 Wembley, METALLICA, Mastodon, Bullet For My Valentine, HIM

    Tuesday July 10 Oslo, METALLICA, Him, Turbonegro

    Thursday July 12 Stockholm, METALLICA, Him

    Friday July 13 Aarhus, METALLICA, Volbeat, Mnemic

    Sunday July 15 Helsinki, METALLICA, Him, Apocalyptica

    Wednesday July 18 Moscow, METALLICA, Him

    On Tuesday, February 27th all of the promotional videos will be available on the iTunes Music Store including the "extras" that were on the DVD. That makes 21 videos in all (every one we have ever made - for better or worse!) as well as the 1989 release "2 of One," (previously only available on VHS), "The Unforgiven" theatrical version, and the "Some Kind Of Monster" film trailer.
    You can download the whole package or pick and choose your tracks . . . your call.

    You will be able to listen AND watch Metallica on your iPods . . .
    click the link

    Metallica to tour this summer

    Here we go again!! Metallica will be playing again this summer. We will keep you posted as soon as we here more about it but these are the rumored dates that they may be playing. Get your holiday booked now!!


    Thursday June 28 Serbia Zredjanin, Saturday June 30 Spain Madrid, Sunday July 1 Belgium Werchter, Tuesday July 3 Greece Athens

    METALLICA + support(s):

    Thursday July 5 Austria Vienna, Sunday July 8 England Wembley, Tuesday July 10 Norway Oslo, Thursday July 12 Sweden Stockholm, Sunday July 15 Finland Helsinki, Wednesday July 18 Russia Moscow

    A valentines gift from Metallicaworld! Print out and give to your loved ones to put a metallic slant and the day! The card design was done by Star and there will be more to follow in this "rustic" style. Anyone else with artwork they want to share just email it over to Enjoy.

    04-01-2007 In the latest issue of So What! (Metallica's fan club mag) The band/fan club decided to have a bit more fan intervention. The latest tour - Escape from the studio was to be reviewed by fans. The only snag was that to be able to write a review you had to part of a local chapter. Our chapter was given the prestigious Donington festival in England to document. This was probably the best gig to review in our minds. Click here to see the article in its full glory!

    08-12-06 Launch Radio Networks reports: Metallica has written about 25 songs for its ninth studio effort and is now concentrating on trimming that list to one album's worth of material, which it will begin recording in January. Drummer Lars Ulrich (Metallica) told Launch on Tuesday (December 5) that the band's summer European tour, on which Metallica played its classic 1986 album "Master of Puppets" in its entirety, paved the way for the sound of the new album. "What I hear sounds very lively, very spunky, got a lot of energy," he said. "I think that the shows we played over the summer, we were definitely leaner and kind of in better shape than we've been in a long time. I mean, having to deliver 'Master of Puppets' for three months this summer definitely revitalized some of that stuff in us, and it's been kind of fun having that in the back of our mind as we've been going through this process. The new album will be produced by Rick Rubin and is expected out by late 2007.

    08-12-06 Drummer Lars Ulrich and actress Connie Nielsen of the U.S. TV series "Law and Order: Special Victims Unit" are expecting their first child. The baby is due in the summer. Nielsen and Ulrich have been dating for two years. Nielsen, 42, has a 16-year-old son, Sebastian, from a previous marriage. Ulrich also has two sons from a previous marriage, Myles, 8, and Layne, 5. This year, Nielsen appeared as Detective Dani Beck on the NBC police drama. On the big screen, she co-starred with Russell Crowe in 2000's "Gladiator" and will play a journalist in Iraq in the drama "The Situation," scheduled for a February release.

    11-11-06 "Metallica: The Videos 1989-2004", is comprised of every video Metallica has ever made, 21 in all, as well as the 1989 release "2 of One," (previously only available on VHS). Also included is "Mama Said," which never aired in North America, maybe not even anywhere in the world, and a few little extras such as "The Unforgiven" theatrical version and the "Some Kind Of Monster" film trailer. All the audio has been re-mixed in 5.1 surround sound.

    Look for the DVD at your favourite music store on December 4 in most of the world, December 5 in North America.

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