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Metallica Tattoos Page One

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sigstat1.jpg (42833 bytes)

sigstat2.jpg (50995 bytes)

Steve/Me! (England) Scary guy drawn by James and signed underneath, Lars signature and Rob signature done at Rock Am Ring Germany 8/June/2003.

A series of pics of me getting my latest tattoo on the underside of my right arm. This tattoo fits in well with the signatures on the outside of the arm. The tattoo took 2.5 hours to complete and at the time the photos were taken I had just about had enough! The idea came from the design on the front of the amplifiers on the latest tour just with the emphasis on the 'M' and a bit less 'racing strip'

Tattooed at English Rose, Peterbourgh by Richard (01733 894568)

newtat3.jpg (61622 bytes) newtat4.jpg (61919 bytes)


newtat5.jpg (61998 bytes)

newtat6.jpg (42068 bytes)

rock17.jpg (38601 bytes)  

Pete (England) Skull world, four horsemen, flames from James guitar and ninja star.

DSC01160.jpg (31000 bytes) cadstat1.jpg (19614 bytes) Hey this is a good friend of mine Cads tattoo of St. Anger on his forearm. Fair play to him its a meaty design!

Cads, Folkstone, England.

This is another good friend of mine Stuarts Metallica Tattoo. Look very closley at the Ninja Star design. The design is actually four K's weaved together instead of four M's. The reason that Stu chose the four K's is because his two daughters are named Kirstie and Katie. When Stu met the band James really liked his unique take on the Ninja Star. The original tattoo was done a few years ago but recently the outer design work was done.

Stuart Higbee, London, England (Soon to be OZ!)

Both of the tattoo's were done at Life Tattoo in Sevenoaks, Kent

Hampus Nilsson, 20 years old, from Gothenburg, Sweden, currently live in Oslo, Norway.

- I made the tattoo a little more than two years ago. During my early teenagers I always said that I would make a Metallica tattoo, but I couldn't decide what to do. One day I wanted to do a Scary Guy the other day I wanted to do a ninja star. the years went and I eventually joined boards and forums and then realised that the tattoos I'd been planning for years wasn't as unique as I thought so when I was 16 or 17 I started over and thought of what I could do instead. The more modern scary guy was one alternative, the one with a scary guy inside of a spider's web was also an alternative but then I got the Idea of putting the scary guy and the ninja star together and basically just replace the spider's web with a ninja star. So I started printing and then me and my brother started drawing (mostly my brother because I totally suck on drawing). A tattoo with flames had always been in my mind and I thought it fitted just perfect as a background. The tattoo isn't finished, I got some ideas of what I will do to complete it but until it's done I leave the details in my mind.

During last night's show (July 10th -07) in Oslo I actually got thumbs up from (in chronological order) Rob, Kirk and Lars. Lars took his fist to his heart and started to swing his drumstick towards me, he aimed for a good while and finally he threw it, sadly for me the guy next to me had slightly longer arms and caught it less than an inch in front of my fingers. Hopefully I will get more chances and till then I hope Lars has practiced his aiming (or that my arms has grown a little longer)...

I've done this right after they played in Athens (03-07-07) one of the best days of my life.. It's the live shit logo, I've chosen this one because it reminds me of the old days (1981-1989) and of Metallica 's concerts.. (I think the biggest live band ever, even today..)

Leandros, Limassol

Hi, my name's Emma and I'm 31 and from England. Have been a massive Metallica fan for years, absolutely adore them! Going to see them for the 9th time at Wembley Stadium in 8 days and I cannot wait.

This is my first tattoo and the pic was taken about 2 hrs after it'd been done.

Emma x

  Hey there my name is Grant Skinner from Sydney, Australia. I love Metallica. This here is my engagement present from the wife.

espaldametallica.jpg (41401 bytes)   I have started to do a back piece with Metallica, part one is finished but we are going to make it better and larger. I was competing with it in the tattoo convention in Milano and there will be many more conventions. I really hope the guys in Metallica will see it cause the thing that's missing is a autograph on the back. Take care and keep on rocking. Douglas Olsson

Wow that is one of the most hardcore Tattoos I have seen - keep us posted with updates on how it is going. (Steve Metallicaworld)


 metallica back.jpg (61119 bytes)   Here is a update of the tattoo the colours are better and we made a skull in the bottom. The next step is for my friend and artist Miguel Ramos from Jaganath Tattoo in Malaga, Spain is to finish the spaces between the faces and to take away my old tattoo on the shoulders and make a new tattoo over it with the same style and a couple of skulls. After that then we will start with my sides. On the left side we will have a ...and justice for all tattoo from the video ONE. On the right side a theme from the black album with the small boy from Unforgiven. I'm really looking forward to start with step 2 but it will take time before the whole back is
complete with my 15 year Metallica tribute.
The most important thing is now that the boys will see it and I dream of meeting them so they can sign my back so if Ill get back stage to the concert in Copenhagen, or Gothenburg in may then be a dream will come true if ill get it ill send you a picture.

Keep up the good work Douglas and I will look forward to giving you more space as your tattoo grows. (Steve Metallicaworld)

rock15.jpg (37693 bytes)   Mick (England) Birth, School, Metallica and scary guy.

millar.jpg (37022 bytes)   Andy (England) Metallica shatter logo across back.

matt-tat1.jpg (22649 bytes) matt-tat2.jpg (26425 bytes) Matt (England) Ninja star on shoulder.

me-and-newsted-take-2.jpg (47758 bytes) Damage Inc.jpg (25048 bytes) Anthony Longobardi - Scary guy design shown here with Jason Newsted (Lucky Guy)

Dude I Got The Damage Inc Tattoo  Its A Really Bad Ass Version,  It Has Blood Dripping Off Its Bats And  Teeth!!!!!! Its Fucking Really Sick Every Metallica Fan Shits Themselves I am The Only One With This Version!!!!!

"Keep It Metal EET FUK!!!!! Metallica 4-life"

flame ninga tat.jpg (23046 bytes)   Flame and Ninja star design.


jameslegtat.jpg (45504 bytes)   James Leg Tattoo.

flameskull.jpg (55309 bytes)   Sun Skull design.

manch2.jpg (27530 bytes) manch1.jpg (41247 bytes) Pushead Zorlac design
manch5.jpg (31181 bytes) manch6.jpg (27647 bytes) Skull and skull snake

manch4.jpg (30759 bytes) manch3.jpg (19539 bytes) Ninja star and snake

tattoo_met.jpg (150075 bytes)   Metallica has helped get me through some terrible times in my life, including the death of a family member. I was pretty messed up for a while, but things got better, in part because of them... so I decided to put it to ink. A tribute for all of the inspiration they've given me. I wanted the fist up instead of the traditional way, I like how defiant it looks. Thanks to the artist Patrick Warner (PJ) for his great work. For a variety of reasons, I have never seen them. The last tour of this show is nearing and I'm crushed that I missed it. I just have to have faith I'll see them next year. Thank you Steve for this great gallery! Forever Metallica, Lisa Harris - LA, CA USA

chris-laying-in-front-of-se.jpg (60124 bytes) chris-foot-tatts.jpg (52521 bytes) To Live is to listen to Metallica ! Metallica is the best, They do as they say. They Kill em' All ! My feet tattoos took 5 hours for both and I designed the perfect tribal to go with the Metallica Ninja Star, and it was worth every moment and every penny. I also have the Ninja Star on my right leg But don't have a pic yet, But ill send it soon.I have been listening to Metallica and traveling with Metallica for about 5 years now, and I couldn't picture myself traveling with anyone else. This site is awesome, It is a great tribute to the Birth of the best Group ever. METALLICA ! Metallica Forever !

Chris N. Bergenfield, NJ

  I got this tattoo for my 25th Birthday last week and this is my first tattoo. By the way, I went to see Metallica at Wembley "Sick of the Studio tour" on 8th July 2007, it was freakin' awesome and my first Metallica gig too. Metallica rules!!!


Dule-01.jpg (20752 bytes)   The one and only, METALLICA!!!

Dule, Kranj - Slovenia

Hi here's an update on my Metallica tattoos. I now have 4 of them got the last 1 done [the fist] on tuesday13th Sept 05. The Metallica/snake 1 I got in Feb 2005 , the ninja star I got done on 7th June 05 and my version of the James Hetfield that someone else sent in was done
yesterday 21st June. I changed the design of the guitar that jams is playing. I think I am totally over my fear of needles now lol. Infact I am already planning my next Metallica tattoo. All
tattoos were done by Dave T at house of tattoos in Bolton, phone number 01204387227 or email

Some Metallica the band and love the website....the tats are on both of my calves....and I plan on getting many more Metallica tats........Metallica fuckin rules

Steve mudersbach

  FADE TO BLACK Metallica tattoo! mine. Chilliwack BC Canada lol.


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If you have a Metallica Tattoo then email a picture (800x600 pixels, minimum 50k file size in Jpg format) please ensure the picture is sharp/clear and include some personal details.



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