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Metallica Tattoos Page Twelve

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Hi, My name is Pascal from Brest, France. These are my tattoos. Metallica after my family is the most important thing in my life. These tattoos are very important and they have each a signification. I've met Kirk, Jason and James at Chicago during The Sanitarium Tour 2000 to show my first tattoo.

Hi my name is Anthony, I'm from Brisbane, Australia.

Here are my 2 tattoos I've got so far. My shoulder one reads below ninja star: "The Unnamed Feeling" and I decided on that after meeting James, Lars, Kirk and Rob in 2004, because what I felt was something I had never felt before. My one on my leg is of the new scary guy. I'm looking at the moment into getting another one hehe. Tallica 4 Life.

  Metallica Ninja Star on my elbow. Metallica Rules! Markus (Sweden)

  This is my first tattoo, it's the skull ying-yang off the Rebel skull and crossbones shirt, done with a ribbon dedicated to my best friend I lost to cancer. thanks to Mitchell Miletic off page 3 of your tattoos, with the picture "me-and-beasty-dog.jpg", I used that picture, blew it up, and had my friend use that to outline my leg, then he shaded it while looking at my shirt. All done with a homemade gun in a professional hand.

  My METALLICA Tattoo! Rock On!!!!

Chad Springfield, Illinois (USA)

Hi Steve! Hello everyone!

These are my symmetrical Scary Guys! I finally got them! So cute and... rude!!! :D  and the guy that made this is a great (

Metal up your asses! Kisses!! Ana (Sao Paulo - Brasil)

  Hi, I'm Dave from Spain and this is my first tattoo of Metallica. It's the Metallica ninja star and it's on my leg. I like it very much. Metallica 4Ever!!

  This was my first tattoo; I got it in May of last year on my right leg.

  My tattoo just a minute after I got it for a birthday gift from my parents

  My first Metallica tattoo:) Metallica is the fucking best band ever!! Christer (Norway)

  "Metallica Will Always Have A Big Part Of My Heart! This Tattoo Covers My Heart And It's Burning Just Like Metallica Do Deep In My Soul!


  Colin Mcintyre

  Hey it Niraj!
Got this ninja star last year for my 17th. Loved Metallica since they came to Mk!

  Hey man,

I just got this tat.....a tribute to the greatest song by the greatest band ever.

  I have wanted a tallica tat for years and couldn't decide to thought I'd get one and decided one this as the lyrics of the song mean a lot to me. My name is Christopher Thom I am 31 and from Cornwall and have been a tallica fan since around 1988.

  Hi, here is my Metallica 25th Anniversary Tattoo that I have just had done, If they do another 25 I will get the other arm done.... So we will see.

Many thanks Andy Sparrow

My name is Curtis, and I live in Kansas City. I have been listening to Metallica since I was seven and think they are the shit. James is the man. The tattoo is a picture of him live on stage in Germany.

  Hey I'm Jordan from Halifax UK I got this when I was 15 in October 25th in Spain n its one of the best Metallica tattoos to get and I should be getting more Metallica ones soon

  Hey. My name is Josh and this is my first tattoo, not much to really say about it but.. Metallica is the shit, I'm going for another.

  Best Band ever... I had to! I'm Getting the Star next on my shoulder

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If you have a Metallica Tattoo then email a picture (800x600 pixels, minimum 50k file size in Jpg format) please ensure the picture is sharp/clear and include some personal details.



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