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Metallica Tattoos Page Thirteen

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  My Metallica tattoo nr 2:) Christer (Norway)

  My ONE year old 'tallica tattoo. It's just a beginning. 'Quench my thirst with gasoline' Mateo, Rijeka - Croatia

  Hey my name is John, I'm from West Virginia, this was my first tattoo. I got it on my 18th birthday, the tattoo artist was Chris from thinkin ink studios. I am a big fan of Metallica thatís why I got this symbol on my right leg. You guys rock.

Hey this is Lori...and this is the Iron Brush in Lincoln Nebreaska.....

  Metallica are still awesome.  My name is Melanie, I live in Canada, my tattoo left upper arm.

  hey, my names Christy and I'm from reading, Pa. and I got my Metallica tattoo on may 6th 2005. I got it on prom night...didn't want to spend money on prom and so I got my tattoo that I have wanted for 3 years.. Metallica is the greatest band and have helped me through a lot of shit. so...yeah.

  I'm Robert 25, from Los Angeles, Ca. My friend Matt inked me in his garage. St. Anger is a reflection of what I am feeling at moments. Metallica rules!!!!!


First tat is of the logo from the amps in which tallica used in the madly in anger tour. I thought it was a cool design, and different from the other stuff out there. it's right on my forearm, where everybody can see it. Next set of tats, are of the ninja star, one on each of the back of my arms. these were my first tats ever, and you can bet your ass I love 'em, regardless of how many people have the star.

  This is the best tattoo I've ever done .....4 yrs ago. Nice site. I recently saw Metallica open for Stones in their
home town San Fran! Visit my website

Metal up Yer ARSE

  Hey, my name is Josh, I'm 15 years old. I'm really into Metallica; it only felt right for me to have my first tattoo symbolize the best band ever, so... First of many to come.

  My first of many more to come - plan to build on this one until my arm is covered!!

Trevor W.  Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada

The first one is the Metallica logo from home page of this site, and the download festival site, with the black and red ninja star underneath on my left arm. The second one is the Metallica tribal mask on my left leg, and this third one is the Metallica flaming skull on my right leg. All tattoos were done just that Tuesday there (18 - April - 2006) all in the one day by Eddie Hamilton of 'Ted's Tattoos' in Kirkintilloch.

David Mcerlane, Kirkintilloch

  Hi Guys. My Name is Romina, I'm 18 years old and live in Germany. Just wanted to share my Metallica Tattoos. Got them 2 weeks ago at Illumination Tattoo in Duisburg. The cost 140 Euro. I just love them.

  Hi this is my tattoo from Metallica James Hetfield Rulezz !! by the way I am Marc from the Netherlands

Hey Guyz,
I got this tattoo on April 22 2006. once I first saw this yin yan symbol, I had to have it! Ask for Vinnie at Hot Rod Tattoos in Atlantic City NJ! Him and his whole crew do the best tattoo I have seen! Rage On!



I am Alexandre Grunheidt and I play in a Metallica Tribute Band called Damage Inc. in Brazil and a band called Ancesttral, very influenced by Metallica.
I Have 2 Metallica tattoos ...



  Hello and greetz from Germany

Your site inspired me a lot! I Found this 3d Metallica Ninja Logo
on your webpage and I decided to get a tattoo like this. Unfortunately I wasn't able to find a draft for it and I had to design it by myself. It took 2 hours to complete and cost 150Ä. I am just 18 ;)

Stephan "schilkschi" Schielke (Germany 2006)

  Hey I'm Markus from Stuttgart (Germany) and I've made the Tattoo last Thursday. I've decided for the Metallica Star Tattoo, because Metallica is the best band in the world. Sorry for my bad English.

"take a look to the sky, just before you die..."

Just got this yesterday from some Mexican guy on a pool table.....I have no idea who he was. Now that's rock n roll! I had the Pic of the skull and flames and added the Metallica star logo myself to pay homage to Metallica. Their songs pretty much taught me how to play guitar, and that event has totally changed my life forever, so I thought it fitting to pay tribute somehow.

Kris Davis
Columbia, SC USA

  Here is my Metallica Tattoo, For the gallery, Its a "and justice for all" design

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If you have a Metallica Tattoo then email a picture (800x600 pixels, minimum 50k file size in Jpg format) please ensure the picture is sharp/clear and include some personal details.



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