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Metallica Tattoos Page Fourteen

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  Hola mi nombre es jimmy y soy de santiago de chile y este es mi tattoo de Metallica espero ke les guste esperando ke metallica venga a chile

Kirk Jimmy Hammett

  Hello, I saw your website with the many Metallica tattoos and thought I would submit the one I just got done. Hope you like it.

  Here is a tattoo of cliff the tattoo is made 11 years ago my name is Barry place Sneek Holland

Jane Jacobsen - Sandnes, Norway

Here is my first tattoo, hope you like it :D I got this 27 may 2006, and I'm really proud of it.
I haven't seen Metallica live yet :(  but I really want to! Metallica is the best. I've loved them since I was a little baby, and I will love them till I die.

  Here's my Tallica tat!!!!! Sergio

  Here is my tat a Metallica star this is my first tat got it yesterday n I am only 16

Josh Randall Vermont

My name is Adam Hutchison. this is my "new scary guy" tattoo I got on June 19, 2006. Chris Fullam from tattoo tech II in Huber Heights Ohio.


Here is my "One" tattoo that i got from Chris Fullam at Tattoo Tech II in Huber Heights Ohio.

  Jeroen from Belgium here, had this tattoo done on 6/6/06 at Tattoo Laserpoint

  Hey Steve my name is Sebastian Sanchez from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I got 2 tattoos, one ninja star on my right leg, and the last one (made last week on Jun, 20th - 2006) my version of James´s Carpe Diem tattoo. Here goes my pic. I love Metallica since forever!!!!
Happy overdose!!!!

  Metallica tattoo Jean RS-Brazil

  My name is Brad (MetallicA EngagE), and I am currently living in Appleton, Wisconsin. I had been waiting for over 20 years to get "just the right" MetallicA tattoo emblazoned on my body, when they blessed me with this picture. Thanks to Jay at Indian Ink Tattoo in Salinas, California for doing me this honour on my right forearm, to begin what will eventually be a total sleeve.


"Can you imagine it?" He [James Hetfield] laughs. "METALLICA GOES PLATINUM AND QUITS. Then the next day's paper -- METALLICA FANS ALL QUIT THEIR JOBS, SIT AT HOME, DRINK BEER, WATCH TV."

  Here is my Metallica tattoo, the star surrounded by six skulls. Awesome or what?? :) I took it three years ago in Tromsø, Norway. No rules but Metallica rules!! Stian from Vadsø, Norway.

  My name is Dennis from Hartford, Ct and this was put on my arm as a result of being subject to a long court case that after $100,000 later I was found to be NOT GUILTY. Freedom is not free, nor is justice

  Hi, I'm Bart from Lelystad, the Netherlands. This is my tattoo, based on James Hetfield's one. The numbers on the cards symbolize my date of birth.

  Hey ! Got this tattoo 11th of July 06 ! Metallica is the cure when I'm unhappy.. Guess this is my way to thank them ! / Tobbe, Sweden

  My 1st tattoo. Scary Guy on my left calf. Got it done in Saskatoon, SK, Canada July 10, 2006.

Jeff - Canada

  Probably the sweetest Met ninja star tat ever...not to be narcissistic. It's unanimous among friends. Shoutout to Chris at Frontline in Cali!

I'm Jurek from Poland. I done carpe diem three months ago. The second tattoo is newest:) METALLICA RULEZ!!!!

Hi, my names is Desirée Cristina Terres, from Brazil, 15 years. And this is my tattoo for Metallica, “Ninja Star”... I done because I love Metallica and Nothing Else Matters...

Metal Up Your Ass!

  My Star that I love excessively as well as I love the band. Simple and unfinished, however much fuck! Metallica to 4Ever Michelle Martins São Paulo - Brazil

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If you have a Metallica Tattoo then email a picture (800x600 pixels, minimum 50k file size in Jpg format) please ensure the picture is sharp/clear and include some personal details.



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