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Metallica Tattoos Page Fifteen

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  Hi all, my name is Greg, I m French It's' my first tattoo, I have 34 years old and I like Metallica since 1984 it's' my favourite group. Tattoo realized by "dermagraphie" at Bézier (south of  France) Tim and steve of  English.

  Metallica Star, got in February 2006. -David in WA

  Hey its Daz am 16 just got that tattoo know its not the exact as James 1 but
its no completely finished yet rock on

  Hey!! this is my Metallica tat!! pic was taking the same day, it rocks and so does Metallica!!

G'day, I'm Mick from Australia, thought I'd share my new Tattoo with the Metallica
Tattoo community. \m/ \m/

  Hey man,

I want in the Metallica gallery man. I got the new Scary Guy tattoo on my arm, and it just fucking rocks. Awesome design, it's raw but just yells out Heavy fucking Metal.

Rock on' -Dan

  My ninja star, one day old, will post a pic when it's healed and the shades
gets right :)

  Hi!!! I'm Thomas from Sweden. I did this tattoo because Metallica is a big part of my life, They will always be a that. Metal Up Your Ass!!!!

  Hi! My name is Natasha Bailey and this is my very fucking awesome METALLICA tattoo! I've loved METALLICA ever since I was in kindergarten. They fucking rock! and so does my tat! I plan to get a whole back piece of them and I will send in pics as I progress with my ink! James Hetfield is a GOD!!!!

  This was my first tattoo ever. It was done by Paul at Sacred Body in South Windsor, Connecticut. Took only two hours to compete and I've had one touch up since. The guy who did it has been tattooing for 20+ years and he said this was the first Metallica tattoo he's ever done. Did a great job. I get so many complements on it!

- Josh Springfield, Massachusetts

  Hello, this is my new tattoo, greetings from Poland - Katowice .Tomek

My name's Gábor!! In Hungary ! No speak English :S:S
Tattoo No comment :)

  My name's Sabin, a large portion of my tats are centred around Metallica and my own creativity. Metallica IS and always WILL BE the greatest band in history, and that's my word. Thanks, HOOAH!!! GET UP N' KILL!!!

  Hi! My name is Ben and I live in the Holyland (yep, survived the war!)
anyhoo, this is my And Justice tattoo...

HI my name is Luke king I live in Sydney Australia 21yrs old I've just got this ninja star and flames on my right shoulder. seeing all the other
Metallica tats on this site helped inspire me to get mine I also intend on getting the new scary man on my left shoulder ill send the pics when I do MetallicA ForeveR!!

  Hello, my name is Marc, 34 years old and I 'm from Holland. This pictures has been taken a few weeks after the tattoo was placed.

Greetz to all Metallica fans

  My second Metallica tattoo... MetallicA the best thing ever!! snake rules .... so fuckingggggg whattttttttt...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The one and only, METALLICA STAR!!!

picture Ahim Rawolle

Tattoo by Michas Tattoostudio (

Sent by Simon Rothfuß

  Big Metallica fan for a while. this is my Metallica tattoo I picked to get right next to my cowboys from hell version. Rock on. From Houston , Texas.

  Here's a pic of my Jaymz tattoo. You can keep your ninja stars.

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If you have a Metallica Tattoo then email a picture (800x600 pixels, minimum 50k file size in Jpg format) please ensure the picture is sharp/clear and include some personal details.



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