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Metallica Tattoos Page Sixteen

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  Hi my name is Henrik, I'm from Germany and I got my tattoo done one year ago after I saw Metallica with Godsmack the third time... twice in Germany and once in Houston...

Hi There,

Here's my Ink work.
First up: One This amazing piece of work is done back in 1990
Second: in Vertigo you'll be/ Samhain skull The Samhain skull is from 1988 and the in Vertigo is from 1991


  Cross with Metallica star and 'Life is ours we live it our way' on my calf

Long Island NY

My Name is Marty, Iam a Big Metallica Freak since the 80’s. I live in Akron Ohio. I built a Big Metallica Stage in my House! Its Cool!! Here is My First, But more to come! Peace , Love & Alwayz ‘ Metallica’

  Hey this is my Metallica tattoo I love this "M" and the band. MetallicA
RULES THE WORLD -to be continued...

  I am Pat Les Os, I do this tattoo at Montreal, Quebec. I love make tattoo of Metallica, it's my old favourite band. Peace.

  Hey there, thought I would send in my Metallica tattoo!

I'm Liam from England and I'm 18 years old. Finally got my first Metallica tattoo on my arm, been after it for about a year and finally got the balls to get it done =D Without a doubt it had to be the Kill 'Em All design. Many more 'tallica tats are planned for the future. Metallica forever.

  Here's a picture of my ninja star tattoo I got yesterday. I'm really happy with it! The artist did a fantastic job. Just seeing a picture of it does not do justice to the real thing. I got it done at Jinx Proof Tattoos in Washington, D.C.


my name Is Ben Romberg. I live in Israel and this is my Tattoo- got it last week.
If the pic. isn't good, just tell me and I'll send a new one.
Take care.

  My name is Jes, and this tattoo carry with me since five years , I wish you

  HEY my name is Luciano Magana. I'm 16 years old. I was born in Cancun Mexico and yea I like in Newfoundland Canada. there's two things I love in this world and that's Metallica and Nintendo. so here are my tattoos. METALLICA COME TO NEWFOUNDLAND ! ....peace.

  Ninja Star, you may remember it from the Metallica Convention in Liverpool if you where there. What a day!!!

  Hello, I'm Chad S. from Prairieville, Louisiana. I got my star today, and very pleased with the way it came out.

  My name is Logan Balke, age 17, from Waupaca, Wisconsin. I took a trip up to Alpena Michigan to get this tattoo of the sad but true design from Pushed. The tattoo parlour was called Ink Setters, and the tattooist's name was Chad. he did a wonderful job and used a type of ink surrounding the Metallica logo that glows under a black light. the tat as you can see is on my left shoulder. this is my first tattoo and I'm proud to have it of the without a doubt best band ever, Metallica.

  Hi, my name is Hago and I'm from Germany.

Damage Inc.

  Love the Metallica ninja star!

Brendan Howard, Chittenango, NY, USA

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Hey all you crazy Metallica freaks out there. I'm lee from Tonbridge in Kent. I just had my dream back piece finished in august 2006 and just had to send in a few pics. It had to be scaled down coz it just wouldn't fit on my back but hey. Anyways, id like to give a big thanx to James and the rest of Metallica for creating such inspiring music that had most certainly saved my life. Id also like to give a big thanx to James at wild cherry tattoo and piercing in Tonbridge for immortalizing what means most to me. My next step is to try and get it signed by the mighty Hetfield himself and then inked in by wild cherry. Anyways, if anyone has a bigger star, please mail me at

Metallica has been a huge part of my life since 1986!!!!! I started getting my tats back in 2002. The hot rod flames with the "Gimme Fuel, Gimme Fire" bracelets are in honour of James for several reasons including his love of hot rods, his pyrotechnics injury and one of my favourite Met tunes..."Fuel". I plan on either touching up the ninja star or covering it up with another Met tat and redoing the star some other place. I plan on getting more Met tats in the future.


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If you have a Metallica Tattoo then email a picture (800x600 pixels, minimum 50k file size in Jpg format) please ensure the picture is sharp/clear and include some personal details.



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