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Metallica Tattoos Page Seventeen

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  Here's a pic of my Metallica tattoo the first day it was 100 percent healed... this is my only tat so far but I've been thinking of another Metallica one to even out my shoulders... any ideas email me at

Mike, Santa Cruz, CA USA

  Hi, here's my second Metallica tattoo... I have the ninja star in my other leg, but I don't like how its done. A little about my self, I'm from Uruguay and I am 19 years old. I freakin' love Metallica, from kill 'em all to St. Anger (no matter what people say, Metallica is the best band ever in the history of music!), but I didn't have an opportunity to see them alive... I still waiting. well a hope u like this tattoo and nothing else matters! Metallica till death!


I would like to see my Met-tat on your site! It's just one month old and located on the left shoulder. This is my 4th tattoo. I'm a big Metallica-fan. My name is Sjanine, I'm 35 years old, and a Dutch girl.


(Het bericht kan nu met het volgende bijlagen of koppelingen worden verzonden - Met-tat Sjanine)

  Hey, I'm Jack for the U.S of A and what better than a Ninja star coloured in with the stars and stripes for my first tattoo. I'm 18 years old and been a Metallica fan for around 10 years now.

Hi here are a couple of tattoos from Ro, from Holland, METALLICA forever. Roland

Here is the picture of the one on my ankle and the other is one i had done on my foot shortly after seeing them at the download donington festival 2006. Becky

  Hey! I'm Placi Flury from Switzerland. This is my own Metallica Tattoo. They are making this Thursday 19.10.2006. Greez from Switzerland.

Metallica for life

  Lexie is my name I live in Sweden and this is on my back.

  Amanda,19,CT, black to green fade ninja star. done 6/20/06, brand new.

  My Metallica Star Logo. I'm Christian from Banfield, Buenos Aires, Argentina, and this is my first tattoo that I made.

  My first tattoo. What better way to start than with the 'tallica ninja star! Love the band, love the tattoo. Was done by Kyle at Altered Image in Kirkcaldy, Scotland.



My name is Carla. I'm 21 years old. I had this tattoo done about 4 year ago. Metallica is the best band of the world.

First pic is a cartoon of James Hetfield playing a soltire guitar. The second picture is a tattoo of the 'escape from the studio' font along with the ninja star, and the music scroll at the bottom is from the call of Ktulu. The third picture is the new style Metallica Scary Guy, and the forth picture is the Metallica flaming skull. All tattoos done in ted's tattoos in Kirkintilloch, Glasgow Scotland.

Dave Mcerlane

  This is my Metallica ninja star and scary guy with lightning background tattoo, I love this tattoo and I'm getting more soon, I have also got a Metallica racing stripe (M) underneath this one, soon to be all connected as one huge Metallica sleeve.

David, Brisbane Australia


I got this tattoo of scary guy done on Wednesday 29th November. Its one of the desktop wallpapers from the website. I saw it and thought it would be cool to get my kids names put on the scroll instead. I got it done by Phil at Images in Ink in Andover Hampshire.

Alan Talbot

  Hey guys I got this done at age 17 its about 4 weeks old now...please put me in your gallery METALLICA RULE!!!

Patrick Younes

  Kyle, 21 years old from Delaware. my brother, 2 sisters, and 2 close friends have the same tattoo. I just thought about it one day when I was 14 and everyone agreed on the idea. this picture was taken in Iraq after a diving accident.


My name is Alexandra im 18 years from Munich Germany. This is my second tattoo- but my first Metallica tattoo. it was a birthday present. I hope you like it

I am Thyago , From Brazil - Vitoria E.S. This is my tattoo, nothing more to say!! Metallica Rulez And Metal up Your Ass!!! email =

  Metallica forever!!!!!!
Bernd Haueis

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If you have a Metallica Tattoo then email a picture (800x600 pixels, minimum 50k file size in Jpg format) please ensure the picture is sharp/clear and include some personal details.



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