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Metallica Tattoos Page Eighteen

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This is my 8 weeks old tattoo. Metallica is the one and only band! so when I decided to get a tattoo this was the only one I wanted. so finally after wanting it for four years I got it:) made by "Karma tattoo" in Haugesund Norway


  This is a picture of my first ever tattoo, taken on the day that I got it done. I got it shortly after seeing them at Download Festival 2006 where they played the 'Master of Puppets' album in it's entirety. It fucking rocked.

Carrie Hall, 18, England

  Ricardo Vieira

Hi this is my Metallica tattoo.
I have it for over 4 years now.
I took it from the Metallica San Francisco long sleeve.

Greetz to all Met fans over the world.

Alex. The Netherlands

  Hi, my name is Raphael. Iˇm from Germany. MetallicA is the greatest band ever, I love it. I became my Tat on December, 27th 2006. Metal up your ASS!!

  Hi !
My name is Įkos. I'm from Hungary. This is my Metallica tattoo. Enjoy it. The Tattoo is based on the Hammer of Justice design by PusHed from the Justice album.

  Heres my Metallica tattoo, located at the top of my right flame sleave. Done by Darryll Richards at Mantra tattoo, Cheltenham, England.

Metallica fuckin' rule!

Garry Owen.

I wanted him with the flame Mohawk, haven’t seen another quite like it, looooovvvvve it, have a few others, will add more Metallica ones later I am sure, the only Metal band!

  Hi my name is Richard Williams I am 33 and from Wales UK. I first saw Metallica in Newport Wales in 1988 on the Justice tour, I got the idea off the back of the tour t shirt from that tour. Metallica is part of my life and has been since I was 11 years old \w/ \w/ The tattoo was done by Mark Workman from skin sensation cwmbran, Wales

  My name is Drew Ballard and I just got my very first tattoo and i knew it had to be Metallica they have always been and always will be my favourite.

Come to Israel there is an entire nation here breathlessly waiting for you to arrive to the Holy City which is desperate for some Metallica

  Hey, My name is Magnus Andersson from Norrköping, Sweden. I'm 23 years. I wanted to make a tribute to Metallica so I got a tattoo of the Ninja star. But i wanted my own touch on it so I made horns on it. I hope you guys like it.


My daughter's name is ELISE, so I created a tat with here name and the met logo! here it is!

I come from Berlin-Germany and I'm 37 years old ! I'm a member of the metclub and a member of the German Chapter: St.Germany !!

I´ve got two Metallica Tattoo´s , a ninja-star in my neck and the newest from today on my left arm. It´s the M from the Racing-Stripe. Before I have selfmade-tattoo and it was terrible.

Congratulation to this great side !!! And the very nice tattoos !!

I hope we will see us on tour this year ! I'm going to Vienna and London !


My name is Marty, I’m a big Metallica freak since the 80’s. The first tattoo I got was "The Scary Guy". The 2nd Is The Metallica ninja star and now I have just got my 3rd the "Jump In The Fire" Dude & their name too, all on the same arm. Thanks to Jeremy @ Tattoo Alley in Akron Ohio. Great work dude! I love them all. Now I’m a Metallica freak for life! Peace, Love & always Metallica.

Metallica World.

This is an oldie but a regrets here. Outline was done by a friend one drunken night while rockin' out to Metallica all night and I was laying on the floor on my back and I said "Dude...put Metallica right here" and pointed to my inside right bicep. "So when I'm throwin' the metal horns at the show the 'Tallica boys will see it!" It was then coloured and shaded by another artist after that. My wish came true when I was front and centre at the Lollapalooza Show in Barrie, Ontario years ago and Newsted came over and pointed at it and gave his nodding approval while bangin' at the right hand side of the stage. I still get asked if I still "have that Metallica tattoo" when I run into the old crowd. Of course I do...Metallica to the grave baby!

KAZZ, Tillsonburg, Ontario, Canada.

  Hi everyone, my name is Fernando from Floripa / SC / Brazil. This is my second tattoo. The first is a Led Zeppelin's tattoo. Metallica rulez forever!!!

  Hey metalli-friends my name is Ray and i'm from NSW Australia. This is my first tattoo (metallica related of course). Got it on the 3rd of April 2007. It's on my upper right arm. Many more 'Tallica tats to come y'all. Metallica f****ing rocks! Metallica for life! I got it done at Independent Ink, Tattoo & Body Piercing, Ph +61 02 6771 3656, Shop 5/112 Marsh Street, Armidale NSW Australia 2350.

- Ray -

  I'm Dany and 30 yrs old, from Quebec Canada ,Finally got my first Metallica tattoo on my back, Metallica is the best band of the world. Yeah!!! Paps

  I just got this today, the picture is rather dark. Its of the scary dude found on a lot of Metallica products :D I'm in love with it!

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If you have a Metallica Tattoo then email a picture (800x600 pixels, minimum 50k file size in Jpg format) please ensure the picture is sharp/clear and include some personal details.



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