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Metallica Tattoos Page Nineteen

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  Hi! This I made last year because I love Metallica and want them to be closed to my heart... Im a 40 year old woman who loves Metallica. They are my house gods... I live in Sweden with my boyfriend and three teenagers. Send you all lots of love from me... Keep on metalizing........

  Attached is my Saint Anger Tattoo done in early January of 2005 right after I left the seminary. This image was the best description of the repression I underwent in my years in the seminary.

  My name is Bronson I am 17 and I have had this tat for 2 and a half yrs. I am a huge Metallica fan. I plan on getting a couple of more to add to my Metallica tat collection. When I do I will post them up, thanks a lot. Metal up your loving memory of Cliff Lee Burton 1962-86. Gone but not forgotten, we miss you.

  Hey my name is Brian from South Carolina and this is my Metallica tattoo. Got this tattoo like 2-4 weeks ago and I have to say I love it Metallica is my favourite band.

  I got this tattoo last summer at Sacred Body in East Windsor, CT. From the time I started listening to METALLICA, I wanted to get this tattoo. I love the way it came out!


- Josh from Springfield, MA

  Hi. Im Francis from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 27 y old. I just got this tattoo today 3-8-07.. I' ve always been a huge Metallica Fan. So now they are forever with me. Thanks.

  This was my first Metallica tattoo. Metallica are still the best band around after so many years rock on \m/

  This is my favourite lyrics from my favourite song-nothing else matters! Cool? I think so!

  Hello, we are Manon, Fred (with tattoo) and Kevin Gerth. We are a big fan of Metallica. We'll hope you'll like our picture. We had a lot of fun to make it.
See you later at a concert. Anywhere, anyplace, anytime.
Greeting from Hoogland (The Netherlands)

  Hi! My name is Janusz I am 25 and from Poland, and this is my F*** great tattoo :)

Ninja Star Tatt inspired by Metallica artwork on shirt from Metclub. Scary Guy - just because...Live and Love Metallica. Dee Murphy, Queensland, Australia

Ninja Star from Metallica which I got on my 18th birthday - Gemert, The Netherlands

  Here's my Metallica tattoo, located at the top of my right flame sleeve. Done
by Darryl Richards at Mantra tattoo, Cheltenham, England.

Metallica fuckin' rule!

Garry Owen.

  My name Craig and this is my first of many Metallica tattoos.

  tallica (Dean)

Hey I'm Erik, 16, and I come from L.A., but I live in Austria as a student. I got my Damage Inc. tat at Spirit of Condor in Klagenfurt. And since it's my first I thought I'd get the sickest thing I could think of, fuckin METALLICA! Alright peace out.

  Taken from a recent Metallica album. I designed the background. This is the centrepiece of a sleeve in progress. Dave is one of the greatest guys in the world, and is a member of the honorary "furniture" club at Lightwave. In other words, he is almost always there.

Hi, my name is Gert-Jan Van den Brande from Belgium. This is my kick-ass Metallica skull tattoo ! Had it done at The Tattoo zone in Aalst, by Carlo, about a month ago. I really think its one of a kind.
Rock on!

  Hi there,

My name is Ronald, 34 years old and I live in Holland. This is my tallica tattoo, I got it only 2 weeks ago. Its not done yet, the rest of my back is still very white lol. Scary guy is going to be between the lightning. Again a pretty big tattoo, ouchhhhhhh


  Hola, mi nombre es francisco soy de rancagua chile fans de metallica por aos
este es el primer tatoo de metallica
pero vendran more....... forevermente MetallicA

  Hey there I'm Doug and this is my "SCARY GUY". I took what other people have done and made it more original and more kick ass. anyways check it out.

My Tattoo of Doris. Its My first tattoo. It took two sessions and a total of six hours. I'm getting another soon.

Metallica forever !!!!!

Otto aus Salzburg Austria...

  Hey Hey I am Kevin from Holland and this my Metallica-tattoo with a little fantasy-art around it at first I was hesitating to do it but I thought SO FUCKING WHAT !!! AND so I did it!!!! 'Tallica 4 life!!!!!!!!!

  hey, what's up??? I think that your site web about Metallica are the best!!

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If you have a Metallica Tattoo then email a picture (800x600 pixels, minimum 50k file size in Jpg format) please ensure the picture is sharp/clear and include some personal details.



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