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Metallica Tattoos Page Two

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jump in the fire.jpg (32450 bytes) Jump in the fire tattoo.

bandleg.jpg (54791 bytes) Band design on leg.

Robert's Pic's 031.jpg (54865 bytes) My name is Robert Reynolds Marion, IN USA. I got this tat about 5-6 years ago. I made a deal with my wife that I wanted to get another tat but for Metallica and she was under the impression that I was going the Ninja Star route. I took my kids who were 18 & 10 with me to check it out. Anyway I was hooked on this Pushead pic and thought "Fuck It" gonna make a statement then DO IT!! My old lady woke up the next morning and freaked!! I did get the star but not JUST. Unlike the Pushead design having it cover the whole pic I had the dude minimize it and had it placed on the red skull. You might see it if you get a good enough pic. I DID get the star just a little extra!! PS: The little black spot in the red skull eye is a freckle/birthmark thingy?! Oh well!

Tatoo.jpg (36803 bytes) "I got this Ninja Star tattoo a few months ago. I plan to expand on it in future". Paddy (Northern Ireland)

chris tat.jpg (46081 bytes) Cristina - Rocky Point NY. Got my Metallica star on my birthday !!

My-Tattoo-1.jpg (13948 bytes) Jenna MacPhee - Crieff, Scotland

Here are my Metallica tattoos.  I got the ninja star in April 2003 and the Black Album snake in April 2006.  The ninja star is on my right ankle, the snake is on my left.

kyle-tattoo.jpg (66352 bytes) I got my tattoo about two months ago.  I plan on getting the ninja star intertwining (?) behind and above my scary guy with my next few pay checks!

tallicasteve2.jpg (36205 bytes) Tallicasteve with various Metallica tattoos. I got my first Metallica tattoo, the original Bloody Scary Guy, in 1996 from a guy named Joe at Tattoo Tech in Dayton, Ohio. After doing 3 tats for me, unfortunately, Joe passed away. I found Chris at Fairborn Tattoo a few years back, and he has done two superb Pushed designs for me. My goal was to get a Metallica tat for every concert I've attended. I'm still 3 behind, but I do have two ideas in the works for this continuing piece.

ON I BURN, Steve

MVC-002S.JPG (19790 bytes) Hello!

I'm sending my ninja star tattoo. My name is Karla and I'm from Brazil, I got my tattoo 2 year ago.

LeftLegStar.JPG (40664 bytes) leftlegstar2.jpg (37166 bytes) My name is Mike.  I am 21.  I live in Warren, MI USA.  I work in graphics/video editing.  The tattoo is about 3 years old, it is getting a little faded so I need to get it colored soon.  It's on my left calf on my leg.  I have been a Metallica fan since around age 12.

!cid_000501c451a0$f76ab800$2670503f@computer.jpg (23171 bytes) !cid_000601c451a0$f7b57ca0$2670503f@computer.jpg (32903 bytes) James Hetfield arm tattoos.

PICT0022.jpg (322457 bytes) Well I took this better picture so here it is, I don't remember which one I sent you. My name is Sergio Gonzales of Selma CA. I'm 24, and yes I'm a big MetallicA fan. I seen them 3 times.

tat.jpg (17173 bytes) Hi I'm Carlos 22 from San Antonio. This is my Metallica tattoo.

my tatoo001.jpg (35122 bytes) Hi, my names Dave from Canvey Island Essex. I got this tattoo 2 years ago, I paid through the nose, but it was well worth it. by the way, its on my left tit, above my nip.

back tat.jpg (8696 bytes)

tatu.jpg (14233 bytes)

My name is Erik Alfredsson and I live in Alingsas, just right outside Gothenburg, Sweden. Tattoed the star one week after the concert in Gothenburg on 30 of May, 2004.


Tattoo.jpg (35728 bytes)

My name is John DeAngelo.

I'm 16 years old. Metallica is my life.

met_tat.jpg (25719 bytes)

Hey, I was just checking out your site and wanted to contribute my tat pic to your site.

I have the design under both of my forearms. I was already planning on getting some Metallica tats, but when I saw this on a keychain, I had to have them.

Megan (from Canada)

my back 4.jpg (50995 bytes) my back.jpg (171785 bytes)

Rich, from England not finished yet

fotos 003.jpg (36192 bytes)

I'm martin and 17 yrs old, from Argentina , I had this tattoo done about 1 year ago , Metallica is the best band of the world. masters!!!

  Hi!, I'm Matías, from Argentina. I Have 16 years. Here is my tattoo I recently made in my back/neck. It has a seven on the centre....but it's the classic shuriken, the four M's....which one means something.. The Tattoo was made By excellent artist I think...n_n

  Had this done as a memorial to my brother, Justin. Nothing else matters was his favourite Metallica track, the line from the song says it all for me.

Hi! I'm Melisande, I'm 16 and I come from Swiss, This is my first Metallica tattoo!! Stay metal!!

Hi I'm Patrik from Czech Republic...and this is my Metallica ninja star at my hand...."Metallica Forever"...wop

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If you have a Metallica Tattoo then email a picture (800x600 pixels, minimum 50k file size in Jpg format) please ensure the picture is sharp/clear and include some personal details.



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