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Metallica Tattoos Page Three         

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Met-tattoo.jpg (32188 bytes) Hi, It's Cultmetfan from the message board. Here's my new Metallica tattoo. It took 3 and 1/2 hours to complete and cost £150. I had it done at Studio 81 in Preston.
It's started to scab a little now, but it looks damn good otherwise.  Darren (England)

okkmclwe.jpg (48218 bytes) Crazy Tattoo

frank2-small.jpg (30861 bytes) Hey Steve! Here's my Scary guy tattoo.  I got it back in May '99

Frank Tochez

back-tat-1-small.jpg (19328 bytes) Here's my friend Mike's tattoo.  Its one of the coolest I've seen.

Frank Tochez

DCP_0011.jpg (22262 bytes) Just a big hi !!!! from horsemenx4

Dale Ellis (England)

000-tat.jpg (32546 bytes) I am Rob Whitis and live in live in Lathrop, Ca.

My-Metallica-Tattoo.jpg (11174 bytes) "I got my Metallica Star Tattoo about 9 days ago. I got it on my right shoulder."

Luke Kleinhen

carpe_tattoo.jpg (20973 bytes) ninga_flame.jpg (11379 bytes) My name is Charles Sagona. I am a 25 year old Recording Engineer from New Orleans, La. I have been a MetClub member since 96 and have seen Metallica 16 times including the Fillmore show this year.

PICT0011.jpg (20723 bytes) I got this tattoo a month ago. Damn proud to be a MetallicA fan!!!

This is my second MetallicA tattoo and I think it's great!!! I got it done in The Tattoozone in Aalst (Belgium).

Hit the lights!!!  Kristof Verhavert

tattoo1.jpg (27078 bytes) tattoo2.jpg (25000 bytes)

scary-guy-1.jpg (8312 bytes) My name is Michael. I am 20 years old and have been a Metallica fan for about 8 years. I love playing guitar and learnt every single Metallica song ever written or covered back when I first started playing guitar. I got this tattoo 2 years ago, it was my first. Needless to say, it won't be the last.

Bild 0399.JPG (35437 bytes) I got this tattoo 2 weeks ago and I m really proud of it !!!!

metallica bruno.jpg (20261 bytes) A ninja star burning with the scary guy flaming. Very nice for James and Lars .

star tat.jpg (87514 bytes) The tattoo is on Michael Walters (Ironton, OH, USA) it was done by Matt Hays at Tat Nice Tattooing in Huntington WV. Thanks, Matthew Walters.

Scary Guy 2 tat.jpg (2901 bytes) Steve D. Chicago, IL USA "Scary Guy 2"

number3.JPG (24938 bytes) My name is Mark, I live in Scotland and I am 16 years old. I have seen Metallica twice in concert.

Tallica Outline.jpg (84904 bytes) Tallica.jpg (31501 bytes)

Here are pictures of my recent Metallica tattoo. The picture with colour is blurry, I will be getting flame work added so I'll send a better one when I get it finished!


arm.jpg (39795 bytes)

Hi there! my name is Mirco and I'm from Germany, I got the tattoo 2 weeks ago,
and am planning to get the ninja star!

Mirco Jansen, Germany

Tattoo-2.jpg (27043 bytes)

Hi I am Shashwat, from India. I got this Ninja star a month ago, I think itís the best tattoo and am proud of itÖ! 

Thanks a lot for making this website.

the-tat.jpg (21315 bytes) me-and-beasty-dog.jpg (43521 bytes)

Hello my name is Mitchell Miletic and I have been wanting a tattoo ever since I was 13 then I finally got enough courage when I was 15 to just go do it.

  Hi, my name is Justin, from Huddersfield, UK. This is my first of many tattoos, showing just how much I love Metallica - this is my tribute to them - ROCK ON! \m/

  Hey My Name Is Gemma. I Just Got This Done Today (June 30th, 2007)...I Was Gonna Get It In All Black, But I Am Glad Now I Didn't, Because It Looks Awesome Hahaha


Hey my name is Yahav from Herzaliya, Israel, I made this tattoo 2 days ago(28/6/07) in Salta, Argentina. It is similar to James tattoo with minor changes.


  Harvester of Sorrow design.

Glenn Burdick

  First of all I will say that I love MetallicA. And this is also a very nice site. Thanks for that.

My name is Finn. I'm 16 from Norway. I got this tattoo 2months ago. I'm wondering what my next tat would be?

Loved the concert in Oslo

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If you have a Metallica Tattoo then email a picture (800x600 pixels, minimum 50k file size in Jpg format) please ensure the picture is sharp/clear and include some personal details.



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