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Metallica Tattoos Page Four

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struggle.jpg (36736 bytes) THE STRUGGLE WITHIN, a Pushed design. I had it done at The Tattoo Palace Wolverhampton by Pierre, (well recommended) - Phil (West Midlands, England)

Picture 48.jpg (47500 bytes) skull.JPG (25007 bytes) The first Tattoo I got was a small Ninja star to see if it hurt, once I found it didn't I was hooked. I got the Tatt of Cliff as I first saw Metallica just a few weeks before the accident, and its different. Then came scary guy. I got " Sad But True" done as a present to myself after my divorce well it just about sums up life perfectly. Ying Yang are my kids, both different but both perfect. Damage inc is just the best piece Pushed has done. And the flaming skull is just a great drawing.

Gavin England.

damage.JPG (22491 bytes) mettat2.jpg (32048 bytes)
Mettat.jpg (23074 bytes) yinyang.JPG (30761 bytes)

Ninja-star.jpg (25754 bytes) This is my Ninja Star, A day old ;D

mytattoo.jpg (30087 bytes) I'm Melissa and 18 yr old from Ny. This is my ninja star, my first Metallica tattoo but not the last!!!

PIC0001.JPG (35043 bytes) PIC0002.JPG (30786 bytes) Alright dude.

I got me a new tattoo after seeing the boys at Earls court on 20th Dec. I'm
telling you man, I ain't never had an experience like that!!!!

Rock on

Paul Watling, Hull
PIC0017.jpg (69583 bytes) Update 14/03/04

Metallica logo added above the Sad But True skulls

We are waiting for the next instalment of this super Metallica tattoo! steve

Tattoo1.jpg (21420 bytes) Alex Viljoen

jaymztatoo.jpg (32313 bytes) ninjatatoo.jpg (30492 bytes) At the Antwerp concert on Dec 17th 2003, I had won a Meet & Greet with the Boys. Finally I had the chance to let James sign my arm and again Skin & Bones (since June 2003 specialist in Metallica Tattoos) immortalized James' signature.

Jimmy From Belgium.

newtat.jpg (37350 bytes)

ntat1.jpg (25709 bytes) ntat2.jpg (26427 bytes) Metallica Ninja Star

Patrick Adickes

 Spanaway Washington

met tat03.jpg (221726 bytes) Hi my name is Richard and I'm from the UK, I had this tattoo done about 3 years ago and I love it.

Thanks, Richard.

Picture 002.jpg (18652 bytes) Hey Dude Hi! I'm from Las Vegas, Nevada. I send you a picture of my Metallica ninja star.

Luis Lefort.

arm.JPG (38550 bytes) arm 18.jpg (26656 bytes) Hi, My name is Rob! I'm from Long Island, NY. I have loved Metallica since around age 10. I am now 23. I can honestly say that they are the greatest band of my lifetime. I have seen them over 10 X's. I will never forget how much they mean to me and I have the ink to prove it. The black ninja star I got on my 18th birthday as shown in the first picture. About two years later, I added the flames around the star. The significance behind it to me means that it is the old Metallica ( Jump in the fire, Fight Fire w/ Fire) and the New Metallica ( Load, Reload, and so on) are one in the same. They still kick ass after all these years. They have been a band for almost me entire life and I will treasure the memories they gave and continue to give me. Keeping Rocking!

Tattoo - Drawn & Autographed by James at Melbourne M&G.JPG (30454 bytes) Here's a photo of my Scary Guy that James kindly drew and initialed for me at the Melbourne Big Day Out in Jan 04. Been a fan since Sept 86 when I saw the band on the Damaged Inc tour (with Cliff). Cool tatts too you all. Si

DSC00076.jpg (38278 bytes) Daniel (Sweden) Black Ninja Star

Picture 014.jpg (24813 bytes) Picture 006.jpg (21502 bytes) Hey.

This is my new Carpe Diem tattoo, I got it 2
weeks ago and just had to share it with you all. Hope you
like it as much as I do.

My-tattoo-on-my-ankle.jpg (24542 bytes) My-tattoo-close-up.jpg (21281 bytes) Here's my 'Tallica tattoo, I'm damned proud of it too! :) Got it in
February of 2004, done by TattooWorld in Trondheim, Norway!


P0000033.jpg (34689 bytes) Black Ninja Star tattoo done by Mark Bailey of "Golden Dragon Tattoo Studio"
in Chester.  Cost £70...well worth it!

Mikey T (Chester, UK)

metallica tatoo.jpg (14438 bytes)   Here is my Metallica tattoo, the photo is a shit but it doesn't matter!!! Metallica is my life!

tatoo001.jpg (40224 bytes)   Mi nombre es GUSTAVO, de Argentina, entre rios/Gualeguaychu...Tu pagina esta re buena...segui asi...AGUANTE METALLICA...Gracias...

birthday-002.jpg (20964 bytes)   Hey, I'm Chas and I've been listenin to Metallica since the age of 10. Since then, I've not been able to stop! I got this on 10/3/05 at Tattooz by Steve in Birmingham (great place actually), so yeah, I'm now branded for life as a Metallica fan. \m/

  Hallo I am Fred Gerth from Holland (Hoogland). I have this tattoo one year, and I love it so are my children Metallica means everything to me, see you at a concert, I hope. One big family.

Hi, this is Gvizdek from Poland, pozdrawiam wszystkich fanów Metallica, Metallica rules.

  Hi my name's Lee from Northampton England, I've been a fan all my life of Metallica. Thought you might appreciate my tattoo!

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If you have a Metallica Tattoo then email a picture (800x600 pixels, minimum 50k file size in Jpg format) please ensure the picture is sharp/clear and include some personal details.



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