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Metallica Tattoos Page Five


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202.jpg (31163 bytes) 212.jpg (39100 bytes)

Steve, Hello!
I am the real fans of Metallica! They are my god! I hope you will like it, thank you!
               from BeiJing China, Mike Xu

tnmorgan1.jpg (41230 bytes) tnmorgan2.jpg (48347 bytes)

Hi my name is Tommy and I am a huge Metallica fan.  I got the star on my arm about a month before seeing Metallica at summer sanitarium in Washington D.C. in July 2003.  I got the scary guy on my leg about 4 hours before seeing Metallica in Norfolk, Virginia on April 26, 2004.

!cid_000501c4704a$302b9570$0501000a@LennyLaptop.jpg (163565 bytes)

I got this tattoo about ten years ago and had it signed shortly after. Lenny (Massachusetts)

My name is Adam p from New Jersey, I am 16 years old, I got the Doris logo from the and justice for all era tattooed on my arm. I used my first paycheck to pay for the tattoo. I went to headlight tattoo in Deptford New Jersey, it took about 2 1/2 hours, but it was way worth it. I plan on getting more Metallica tattoos in the near future...METAL UP YER ASS!!!!

I just got the marble Metallica logo from the master of puppets album

I'm starting off my full back Metallica tribute with an awesome picture of Kirk from the Madly In Anger tour...I'll be posting my progress every couple months...Adam Peditto (the Kirk picture is still not done, ill need another session to finish some shading on the hands)


Image000.jpg (9372 bytes)

Got it when I was 18, I am 28 now. I am a huge fan of Metallica, I chose this tattoo after buying the live shit box set, I loved the scary guy logo !!!! mark

P3220206.jpg (34441 bytes)

My name is Raymond and I am from Norway. This is my tattoo, I got it when I was 18. Been to one concert with Metallica and I hope to attend more!

my tattoo.jpg (16646 bytes)

My tattoo of the Metallica ninja star which I got last November (2003) at some bogus tattoo place in Manchester UK. I've only seen Metallica live once during the St. Anger tour in London and it was awesome. I'll continue long into the future loving there music and if I score some 's I'll be getting plenty more tats of one of the most awesome bands to date. Rock on Metallica and fans.

Chris Knight, 18, Manchester UK

My picture 091.jpg (25880 bytes)

Hey Steve, I had my tattoo done over a year ago now, when I was 17. I have liked Metallica for years and was determined to get a tattoo. I am glad I did. It is a ninja star in the middle of two snakes off the black album. I am having another one done in a few weeks. I am having the ninja star done larger on the top of my back.

Update 7/3/2006 - I had the ...and justice for all tattooed a few months ago. this was taken just after he had finished tattooing me. I also have the Metallica ninja star tattooed on my left ankle. I hope to get many more Metallica tats eventually.


Dcp_0001.jpg (26030 bytes) Dcp_0003.jpg (19778 bytes)

Black Ninja Star.

Craig (Crockett, CA, USA)

tattoo.JPG (33522 bytes)

I got this one just after my 18th birthday and I am so proud of it. Hope you like it as much as I do.

Andrew, Northern Ireland.


I just thought I would update you with 2 more of my Metallica tattoos...the first one is the my 'ONE' tattoo, I got this one on the 10th of January 2007, the second one is my 'St Anger Fist' and I got this one on the 17th of January. Both were done by Pete Bonner at Artistic Tattoo in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Keep It Metal


Alex Tatoo 005.jpg (34379 bytes) Alex Tatoo 006.jpg (29025 bytes)

This tattoo was made by Martin Cloutier at Tattooatouage, GreenfieldPark Quebec Canada. Its my first one. I found it awesome and the artist was very proud of his work. I enjoyed it and I am planning on getting others.


Picture 049.jpg (35458 bytes)

My name is Melissa Harris and am 18 years old. Metallica has been my favourite band since I was about 5 years old, my older brother used to listen to them and I would sneak in his room at night because I was afraid of the dark and Metallica would be playing and that's how I first started listening to them. Unfortunately I have never seen them. They are coming here again on Nov 5, and if I can get the money I will go. My friend Rachel, at Atomic Tattoos did the tattoo. She is still in apprentice status but I think she did fine.

Melissa, St. Petersburg, Florida, USA.

IMG_2176.jpg (76927 bytes)

( 1 ) Made in Sofia METALLICA
( 2 ) Made in Mitrovitca forever trust in who we are


DSCN3683.jpg (69732 bytes)

Hi! I'm the biggest fan of MetallicA.. They are for me my principal reason to live.....And this pic is my first MetallicA tattoo...more to come!!!!!

Alexandre Bergeron

MVC-015S.jpg (22647 bytes) MVC-019S.jpg (19460 bytes)

I got it September 27, 2004 at Southern Boys in Houston, TX. It took a little over an hour and my friend customized the design. Money well spent. Thanks for your time

David Reid

MVC-020S.jpg (23205 bytes) MVC-025S.jpg (22928 bytes)

tattoo.jpg (58661 bytes)

Hi I'm lee Walsh 17 yrs old, this is my tattoo it needs to be filled in  though :( I'll send pix when its filled.

Lee Liverpool (England)

Roys new tattoo stage one.jpg (205296 bytes)

Here is my almost finished back piece, that I was showing at the fourth and final Durham tattoo party in Meadowfield , and I aint finished yet! Will keep you posted. Eternal gratitude goes to my ink man and mate Mel from Blu Tattoo in Wheatley Hill, for doing such a brilliant job of it, well proud of it! p.s. Who's the babe on page seven with the full back job? mmmm would love to meet ha ha!!!! Cheers for an excellent site mate, Roy.

Contact Roy

kirktat.jpg (70607 bytes)

Hey guys, I'm 22 from NB, Canada. I'm an absolute Kirk Hammett fan, I did the scary guy tattoo back in 99 when I was 16, I wont post it though cuz its not like its unique the picture is bad and doesn't make justice to this tattoo, my tattoo artist did a real good job with this one, I think u can see all the shadings and such in the hairs and pants (I'll get a better picture later.. ) The picture was taken like 1 minute after completion and had that shiny look cuz he rubbed the blood off with some soap and took a picture while it was still wet. Rock on \m/

mymetallicatatt.jpg (77549 bytes)

I recently got this tattoo done on my left thigh. Art work done by Bear at Ink Wizards in Adelaide South Australia I would like to get all the guys to sign it eventually. The design actually comes from a Metallica shirt that I found on the site. Hope you all like.

tattoosm.jpg (76656 bytes)  

Hi Guys 

my name is Chris and here is a pics of my METALLICA S&M tattoo I do this the 7 February 2005 in Belgium ! my friend Henry from sunset tattoo do it for me! S&M is my favourite album your website is great thanks for what you do! sorry for my bad English ... long life to METALLICA thanks to publish my pics !!

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If you have a Metallica Tattoo then email a picture (800x600 pixels, minimum 50k file size in Jpg format) please ensure the picture is sharp/clear and include some personal details.



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