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Metallica Tattoos Page Six

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tallica-tats.jpg (57539 bytes)   Band Signatures by James, Lars and Rob along side a Ninja Star.

Bild 016.jpg (12803 bytes)  

My name is Fredrik 17, and I'm from Sweden.
This is my tattoo, not much more to say I think.

tatleg.jpg (46692 bytes)  

Everybody has it!

metallicatattoo.jpg (37317 bytes)  

Got this 3 days ago at moms body shop in San
Francisco. Always wanted one and finally got it.

Eric, California

snaketat.jpg (38000 bytes)  


My name is Bobby Eli , I'm from Chanute Kansas, U.S.A.
I drew this picture and had it tattooed on my forearm recently.

tataus1.jpg (9769 bytes) tataus2.jpg (22393 bytes)

This is my ninja star the day after it was done by Bob at "Blast of Colour".

Ian Heyward
Tasmania Australia

ui.jpg (20259 bytes)  

My name is John I'm 16 years old, I just got this Ninja star recently. Metallica is my life. and any fan of Metallica should be worshiped.

coltat.jpg (138147 bytes)  

My name is Omar from Bogota, Colombia this is my tattoo ninja star of my favorite band.

Outline.jpg (25513 bytes) Colour.jpg (23142 bytes)

Little about myself.... I'm called Gemma, 21, living in the North East. Huge Metallica fan (adore Kirk Hammett!!) Saw them live once at Leeds 2003 which was fantastic!!

My tattoo was done by Phil York at Tattoo Mania, Low Fell Gateshead. The idea was basically a collection of who I am, Metallica being a big part of that.

Trail.jpg (43207 bytes) me,vic,nic,kate.jpg (54694 bytes)

india1.jpg (32057 bytes) india2.jpg (36705 bytes)

Hi I am Shashwat, from India . I got this Ninja star a month ago, I think it’s the best tattoo one can get and am proud of it…!

Thanks a lot


a90big.jpg (54174 bytes)  

I got this tattoo at Altered State in Lake Worth, FL

This is the "Fixxxer" design by pushead!

R.I.P.  "Dimebag"

me 027.jpg (61068 bytes) me 028.jpg (83327 bytes)

I had the Metallica tattoo on my arm done about 5 or 6 years ago. The Damage Inc. on my stomach, I had quite recently and the scary guy on the back of my neck about 3 weeks ago. They were worth every penny even the damage inc. one which hurt like hell!


me 029.jpg (47240 bytes)  

DSCN8000.jpg (41932 bytes)  

Hi my names bobby I am 26 from Essex in the United kingdom I love Metallica so I had a tattoo of James Hetfield on my back with many thanks to Steve Russell for his patience ! I think it looks sweet .. any way thought id share it with ya :)

mi-tatuaje.jpg (32280 bytes)  

hi, my names Is Nicolas and  have got a ONE tattoos of MetallicA, I
live in ARGENTINA, MARADONA'S Land. well, here is my tattoo.

my tattoo web pic.jpg (13744 bytes)  

My name is Steve Arsenault, I'm 19 and from Nova Scotia, Canada. I just got this M-star tat in the end of Febuary.  Metallica are without a doubt the greatest band in the world!

fire.jpg (40921 bytes) bleed.jpg (42284 bytes)

These are my Metallica tattoos, the star was my first, and then the yin yang.  Rock on James!

Mark Leshikar, San Antonio, TX


Hey I attached a photo of my Metallica tattoo. I had it done this
October on my 18th birthday. I am a hardcore Metallica fan. In 2 weeks ill be getting " I Was Born For Dying" from the song Disposable Heroes on the MOP album. Ill be getting it done in Chinese symbols going down my left forearm and at the bottom on my wrist it will say - Metallica. these are the symbols: 我出生為死. I hope you can post me on your page and ill let you know when I get my next one finished.

metallica_tat.jpg (30463 bytes)  

Hi !!! My name is Sebastian (25 years old), I'm French and a Metallica fan about 10 years. This is my first tattoo : "Doris" made in the south of France. I hope you like it. 'Tallica4life !!!!!!!!!

19-02-05_2006.jpg (26046 bytes) 19-02-05_2341.jpg (19948 bytes)

I am Lauro Diniz. I am Brazilian
I love METALLICA!!!!!!

My tattoo is this.


_2.jpg (102535 bytes)  

Here's my tattoo, just put it on, on 10 Feb. '05.

Corné from Holland

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If you have a Metallica Tattoo then email a picture (800x600 pixels, minimum 50k file size in Jpg format) please ensure the picture is sharp/clear and include some personal details.



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