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Metallica Tattoos Page Seven

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tattoo1 00011.jpg (48522 bytes)  

Hi there,

My name is David, I am 20 and live in Northern Ireland.

Had the ninja star done on the back of my left shoulder late November last year and this picture was taken an hour after the tattoo was completed. I am extremely pleased with how it has turned out.

Cheers, Dave

Kopie 1 von Bild007.jpg (47890 bytes) Bild016.jpg (42973 bytes)

Hy Steve!
My name is Mario, I'm from Vienna, Austria 
I got my tattoo in December 2004, it's my first one, and I'm proud like hell.

Greetings from Austria to all the Metallica maniacs out there



Hi im 36 after yrs of not been sure wot kind of music I really like my ex
introduced me to Metallica. I adore their music , so much so I overcame my
fear of needles to get this tattoo done


I'm Fredrik, 19 years old from western Sweden.

Got this tattoo at City Tattoo - Gothenburg in December 2004.

No remorse, no repent!


Hi there!

Here's my 'tallica-tattoo, had it done a couple of years ago, and it looks pretty damn cool on my left shoulder I must say :) been a fan since '86,yeah

Morten Børøsund, Norway


Hello I have a tattoo that I want to show to all Metallica fans in the world can you place it on your site. Many thanks. From mike Hulleman from Holland.


Metallica ninja star with custom tribal. Tribal designs were freehanded; the whole thing took about 2 1/2 hours to complete at Fastlane Tattoos in Statham, GA. Pic is from 2 days after.

Matt - Athens, GA USA



This is my girlfriend´s back. We both share this tattoo, I had it on my shoulder. We are from Buenos Aires, Argentina. And Metallica means a lot for us.


Hi, I don't speak English very well, forgive me. I'm writing from Brazil, state of Pernambuco, my name is Edton Jr. and I make the tattoo a 2 months ago. Did you like it?!

"Load... Reload..."

Thanks a lot. Edton Jr.


hi my names Kyle I am sixteen I am from Hamilton Ontario and this is my tattoo
of skull for the song one....I plan on getting James carpe diem tattoo
soon....METALLICA is the greatest band in the world I am their biggest
fan!!!!! Metallica is the reason I wake up every morning I have seen them twice
one in Toronto for the Summer Sanitarium tour and I saw them in Hamilton for
the madly in anger with the world tour awesome shows.


Hey there, my name is Juan and this is my Metallica tattoo. Like many, I also have the ninja star, I have it on my left elbow.


This is my design of the ninja star logo. This photo was taken 1 hour after
it was done!!!
Micko Margate, Brisbane, Australia


Hey Steve,

Just thought I would join my fellow friends with a picture of my Tattoo, My name is Nicolai(33) and I am from Denmark…..Lars’ Home country! Underneath the tattoo is the following text: “Forever trust in who we are, and nothing else matters”


Its been a while, I finally got pictures of my best mate's tribute to
Metallica that he had done on his Arm. Tattoos were done by Matt @ Inkwerx
Tattoo studio in Hull. (a fucking wizard with that gun!!!)

I am so jealous of this shit!!!

to Break it down, he's got a band of MOP crosses buried in a pile of skulls.
the black album snake in the middle, the justice statue on the left side,
the "one" pushead on the right side, "Metallica" written at top being
struck by lightning, The ninja star on the elbow and on the underside of
arm, the Creeping Death Artwork! pretty sweet huh?

rock and roll    Chunk, Hull


Hi, I'm Marco.
I Live in Italy and I'm 21. I LOVE METALLICA!!!!!
And this is my fuckin' TATTOO
Italian do it better=)!


My Metallifukinca Tattoo of Scary Guy

Erin - East Bridgewater, MA


Hey. My Names Rich and im from London England. Ive been looking around for a decent Metallica tattoo for years when last night i hit upon a brain wave, the angry kid. Heres a little gem that most people have ignored but with a few changes made it was good an ready to be inked. now all thats left is the colour, ill keep you posted on that.


Hey, I'm Luke age 18 from England, I had this tattoo done about 2weeks ago at Sacred Skin


Hey this is my brand new and custom made Metallica tattoo, with pride!!!!

Greetz jacco

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If you have a Metallica Tattoo then email a picture (800x600 pixels, minimum 50k file size in Jpg format) please ensure the picture is sharp/clear and include some personal details.



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