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Metallica Tattoos Page Eight

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My name is Tommi and I live in Finland, "One" tattoo 2 weeks old, took it in Sacred tattoo studio. See you all fuckers in Estonia this summer! "Struggle Within" tattoo show is 3 days old!

Tommi, Finland

  Hello, My name is J÷rgen from Umeň, Sweden. I have been a Metallica fan since -91 I made the Ninja star on my forearm in August 2005 on Red Dragon Tattoo in Umeň.

Scary Guy and Ninja Star. Mccomb GySgt Gordon J

  My name is Karl K. and I am a Metallica fan of Montreal city, QC.

This is my Metallica tattoo's...

  I fuckin love this this tat, its the first of many more 2 come! next month I am getting the statue of justice, rock on!

  Just got this tattoo today, Metallica star with three snake tails coming down. Was my first of many tat's :)

  Hey!! this is my met. tattoo did it may 05 in Sweden and are really proud of it. Just going to get some flames behind my scary guy and its complete. :)

would be glad if u put my photo of it on your web site ;)

MVH Malin

  MY SKAREE GUY TATT .........................! Thanx For the Add

Cleveland, Ohio

Hey Steve,
Fantastic Site Man!!!! It was great to see the beautiful ink and the love for the Boys. These guys have been a part of my life for over 15 years. The best part is that my teenage daughter is in to them now too!!! Next time they come around I am taking her. So if Metallica ever reads this , Please come back on tour soon!!! Anyway here's my tat from last year, I plan on getting a couple more. Their music has kept me strong and fighting to live through the bull***t that life throws at you.
Metal up your Ass!!!
Seattle WA

  This is my first tattoo ever. It made sense for it to be a Metallica tattoo. I got it shortly after seeing them in Las Vegas during the Madly in Anger tour.
I got other tattoo's planned....


  Just stopped by your site and was checking out all the Tatt's. I got mine done back in 95 and never missed a Metallica show since the very first tour with Ozzy. I am a big time fan and always will be, no matter wtf other people think. I run Bayou Underground.Com it's an underground metal site supporting all the underground metal scene. I live in New Orleans and I am also in to and friends with bands such as Crowbar, EHG,Goatwhore ...etc..etc...
Thanks bro, Conbud

  Hi Steve,

I'm Csaba from Hungary. I'm a very big Metallica fun since 1985 and of
Cliff's. I had my tattoo done in December 1993 when I was 19 years old. Thanks for publishing my tattoo.


  Steve- this is my Metallica tat- not much to say other than that! (Preston is my son's name)

Thanks! Chris from Utah

Hi Steve

That's me, Simone, 29 years old from Switzerland, during the Tattoo-Convention in Zurich, Switzerland. May 2005. I always wished to have the ninja star and finally made it. I'm proud and happy with it! The new style Scary Guy is my second Metallica Tattoo which I've made in December 2006 at

Metal-Greez from Switzerland Simone Palinkas


I'm Brady from Denver, CO... Been a Metallica fan as far back as I can remember, so I got this done early April 05

  Bet none of you motherfuckers have this one!

Hi I'm Leandro (20), from Ramos Mejia, Buenos AIres, Argentina, I had this tattoo about 1 month, I love Metallica, and I hope they come to my country very soon....I'm a Metallica fan about 9 years ago.


My tattoo and my face. I did my tattoo at 18 years old, the 26th march 2005,  for my birthday. I drew it, the ivy symbolises my minor life, with my kinds' dreams; the ninja star, Metallica who symbolises my state of mind during this "first life", and the flower is a reproduction of a part of "the hallucinogen's torero", a Dali's paint, because he's my master. (yeah I'm the puppet...!) this tattoo represents my past and the passage in adult life, but the roots (of the ivy, of me) are on my homoplate, the back of me and ON me,  for all my life.

PS: I don't have it on my left, I took the photo in a mirror. Johanna, 18, Paris in France.


  My name is Stephen from Tyler Texas. This is my Metallica tattoo. hope you like it. Lazie from firing line tattoo's did the work.

  Hello there, I'm Alexander from Sweden. (17 years young)

This is my very first Metallica tattoo (not the last one thou). Its on my right arm, pretty cool uh? This is my own version of scary guy that I draw in the middle of the night at my girlfriends place, well as you see... I got satisfied with that picture! So I got it tattooed.

Hope you like it.

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If you have a Metallica Tattoo then email a picture (800x600 pixels, minimum 50k file size in Jpg format) please ensure the picture is sharp/clear and include some personal details.



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