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Metallica Tattoos Page Nine

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  Here's My Metallica tattoo, made one year ago, I have design it my self, and proud of the result, (the tattoo has also been printed in Metallicas fan club magazine "SO WHAT") Been a Metallica Fan Since 83,, met the boys at meet and greet Oslo, Norway, 3.december 2003,

Stay Metal, Greetings, Jøran Smedsrud, Vikersund, Norway.

  This is my fucking Star!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! enjoy it!!! Metallica: the best band in this fucking world!! Gods of Music!!!

  Hey, I'm Dan from Klamath Falls Oregon. I got the Metallica star on my 18th birthday to show my respect
to the greatest band IN THE WORLD! It was done by Sam at Custom Body Art in Medford Oregon. If you look at it closely, you'll see that it looks like stone with the little hunks of rock, and the colour. Sam came up
with that idea, it turned out very fuckin cool.

Enclosed is the tattoo I got in March of 2004, two weeks before Metallica came to play Vancouver March 26th. Canadian all the way motherfuck. It's around six inches diagonally from point to point, and is just waiting to be expanded.

Michael Nicholas

My name is Amy I'm from the UK and this is my boyfriend Paul's tattoo that I did for him. Hope you like!

love Metalligirl

I'm 20 years old and live in Glendale Arizona I got these stars on my 20th birthday, I'm a huge Metallica fan and they get me thru the days, peace out Metallica fans......

  My name is Andy 19 from Chile, and this is the beginning of many more Metallica's tattoos... and that's it!!! Long live to Metallica and Cliff!!!

  This is my friend Marko from Finland. this tattoo is located on his left shoulder and he also has "life is our we live it our way" tattooed around his navel. I'll send you a pic of the other tattoo later

  I love your site and all of the tattoos and I wanted to share mine. My name is Erik, I'm 19 and from western NY. This is my Metallica star I got over the summer, I wanted to try and make it different then everyone else. It was done by Bill at "alley ink" in Bradford PA, as well as the cross on my arm. I love Metallica, they help me get through everyday, and have helped me through several tough times in my life. I saw them live for the first time in Buffalo, NY Oct 12th 2004, and if there is one thing I want to do before I die it is see them again, no matter what it takes!!!

  Hi I'm Graham and I'm in North Lincolnshire. I had this tattoo done in Barnsley. It was done freehand from a photo. I've seen Metallica twice once at the Leeds festival and at Earl's court in London. They were amazing both times. They kick living arse!!

Hello, this is Tommy from America, Kentucky to be exact. I just got the flaming skull tattoo done, it kicks ass.....


  Hi Guys,
My names is Marco from Italy. This is my fuckin' METALLICA tattoo. I had this done in October 4, 2004. Thank you METALLICA

Hello, My name is Roel I'm from Venlo, Holland. I have been a Metallica fan since 93. Metallica helped my through some fucked up time's and this was my way to thank them and made me survive those time's. Carpe Diem Baby!!!!!!!!!!!

Chris from Ireland! Here's some of my Tats!

  My name is David and I'm from Germany. I got this tattoo yesterday. The line "My lifestyle determines my deathstyle" framing the ninja star around my belly button.

  First tattoo I got on Kauai where Lad is the man. Got scary guy on the
other arm. 20 years faithful and climbing. Metallica owns the word HEAVY!

Grover, Kilauea, HI

  Hi I am Gabriel 18 from Cyprus got this done not too long ago
Metallica is the best band in the world so I did the star and fist
on my shoulder for every one to know.

  This is my new tallica tat that I got a couple days ago. I got the ninja star about a year ago and just had the flames added. Rock on everyone!!!

  What's up fellow Tallica nutzzzzzzzz!!!...I'm BamBam, from Baltimore, Maryland. These are my pride and joy!.. I just got 'em done yesterday...12-27-05...Tallica 4 Life!!!

I knew when I decided to get a tattoo it had to be something METALLICA so here's what I got Cruz

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If you have a Metallica Tattoo then email a picture (800x600 pixels, minimum 50k file size in Jpg format) please ensure the picture is sharp/clear and include some personal details.



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