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Click the date below to see T-shirts from that era.

1982 to 1987    |   1988 to 1989     |   1990 to 1994    |    1995 to 1998    |    1999 to 2002    |    2003    |    Fan Club

Click on the pictures of the T-shirts to view an enlarged version.


Metallica T-Shirts from the Load/Re-Load period

struggle within front.JPG (68906 bytes) struggle within rear.JPG (77034 bytes) The Struggle Within (spiders web design on rear) 1995
donnington 1995 front.JPG (62136 bytes) donnington 1995 rear.JPG (69192 bytes) Donnington 1995 (Line up on rear) 1995
live shit front.JPG (53678 bytes) Live Shit: Binge and Purge (Donnington 3 date tour info on rear)
scary1_front.jpg (44231 bytes) scary1_closeup.jpg (36846 bytes) Donnington 1995 escape from the studio tour Scary Guy tie dye design with Birth, School, Metallica, Death on the left breast.

Scan donated by Philip Archer UK.

tuk front.JPG (41330 bytes) tuk rear.JPG (47871 bytes) Tuktoyaktuk Arctic circle gig shirt (lineup on rear) 1995
load promo.JPG (38442 bytes) Load promo shirt (given away in the MTV Motherload contests) 1996
bowl shirt promo.JPG (32812 bytes) Load Bowling Shirt Promo detail on the sleeve and breast pocket 1996
load crew.JPG (34572 bytes) Metallica Local Crew Load tour shirt 1996
crowd front.JPG (62210 bytes) crowd rear.JPG (34750 bytes) Crowd scene (ninja star on rear) 1996
load tour front.JPG (49759 bytes) load tour rear.JPG (72467 bytes) Angry faces (on the load again tour dates Europe on rear) 1996
load tour grey front.JPG (73712 bytes) load tour grey rear.JPG (80176 bytes) Angry faces (Europe tour dates on rear) 1996
slim slam front.JPG (46203 bytes) slim slam rear.JPG (44980 bytes) Metalliclub Slim Slam (fan club convention) 1996
angry faces front.JPG (80023 bytes) angry faces rear.JPG (83183 bytes) Angry faces (North America tour dates on rear) 1996
memory remains front.JPG (47069 bytes) memory remains rear.JPG (27947 bytes) The Memory Remains Long Sleeve (Re-Load written on rear) 1997
loadapoloozas.JPG (66112 bytes) Loadapoloozas Metallica crew shirt for the lollapaloozas tour 1997
carac front.JPG (59739 bytes) carac rear.JPG (70634 bytes) Caricatures (North America tour dates on rear) 1997 
eyes front.JPG (28636 bytes) eyes rear.JPG (37940 bytes) Eyes of Metallica (Metallica written in different languages on the rear) 1997
blindmans ball front.JPG (65320 bytes) blindmans ball back.JPG (91984 bytes) The Blindman's Ball 1997 (concert shirt) 1997
burn front.JPG (61387 bytes) burn rear.JPG (53716 bytes) Where The Wild Things Are (burn your fingers design on rear) 1998
rubber_usa_front.jpg (23376 bytes) rubber_usa_rear.jpg (42549 bytes) Rubber Room (USA tour dates summer 1998)



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