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Metallicaworld Local Chapter

Welcome to Metworld an official Local chapter of the Metallica Fan Club.  This is slightly different to a normal chapter in that we have started this chapter as a group of friends who met through a love for Metallica's music and need to get together more often.  The chapter is open to anyone who wants to have a laugh and is a Metclub member.  Contact us for more details if you are interested.
What is a Local Chapter? A Local Chapter is a localized branch of the Metallica Club for Club Members who want to meet other club members living in their area, promote the band, and in general, have more Metallica in their lives. The Metallica Club and its chapters are most definitely member involved programs, they should be a group effort. If a chapter becomes boring, it's as much the responsibility of the members as its chapter heads, and after all Boredom slips into the boring mind! So let's all work together to spread the Metallica disease. We need member input!

To join Metworld all you need to do is Email the following information to me; Full name, Full postal address, and Metclub membership number. If you wish to be a member then you have the option to go onto the member list page. We will need you to fill in the questions asked on the page and send in some recent photos of yourself. Join the Metworld Local Chapter and meet people with the same Metallica addiction! Many Club Members have developed long-term friendships just by meeting someone through Metallica. If you're looking for more Metallica friends, join Metworld!

Andrea Mike Allam Anthony Brown Mark Cadier Steve Gill
Edward Glenn Jimmy Pete Harris Stuart Higbee Hector Kirkwood
Ian morgan Matt Proctor Olly Smith Mikey T Liam Fish
metshirt3.jpg (6292 bytes)metshirt2.jpg (31340 bytes)metshirt1.jpg (44380 bytes) Cads has designed the first Metallica World T-shirt which will be available very soon to buy. See pics below (this is a great design and Cads deserves credit)   metworldt2_front.jpg (47781 bytes)metworldt2_rear.jpg (58574 bytes) Cads has been hard at work again and has put together an on tour T-shirt for the chapter. The design also allows for dates to be added.
04101300.jpg (20313 bytes)04101301.jpg (25025 bytes)

04101302.jpg (29530 bytes)04101600.jpg (28271 bytes)

Cads is a full on trooper he has come up with another mental design for the Metworld fold. He is off to New Orleans in November to see the boys so what better than a shirt to celebrate the occasion.      



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