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Name:  Jimmy Janssens-Middendorp

Location: Belgium



Messenger: N/A


Well, I was born dec 11th 1975 somewhere in Belgium . First time I heard Metallica mustíve been somewhere in 1985. We loved it, headbanging like the older Ďcoolí kids were doing. Ever since then Iíve been a fan. My other passion is Choppers & Custom bikes. I own/run a Custom Bike shop in Belgium ( Been a Metclubmember since 2000. Iíve seen Metallica life over 20 times. And will continue to do so till the end of my days (I hope). Nothing beats a live Metallica concert.


Favorite Metallica songs

Definitely Nothing else matters, this song has a special meaning to me. It was played on a good buddyís funeral after he died doing what he loved (riding his bike). The emotion that was send throughout the church with this song was beyond words. I burst out in tears at every live show with this song and am glad that they played it at every concert Iíve been to.  RIP Jeanke, you will be missed forever. Other favorites are Fade to Black, Seek & Destroy, One, Blackened, Fuel, Turn the PageÖ. Do I have to write down every songtitle ??? I love em all.


Favorite Metallica live show/shows
Trabendo, the last one of June 11th 2003 in Paris, the day they did 3 shows in 1 day. The venue was soo small, the crowd was real mellow, everybody was in front of the stage. No unnecessary pushing & stompin. Paris Bercy in 2003 was very good too.


Metallica gigs attended
Before 1993 itís all a bit blurry, Iíd have to look the dates up.

Werchter, Belgium, 1993
Orlando, Citrus Bowl, 1994
Monsters of Rock tour, Kievit Hasselt, Belgium.
Gent, Belgium, 1996
Paris, Bercy, 1999
Werchter, Belgium, 1999
Rock Am Ring, Festival, Germany, 08/06/03
Paris, Trabendo, France, 11/06/03
Werchter, Belgium, 28/06/2003
Arnhem, Holland, 06/12/03
Omnisports de Bercy, Paris, France, 09/12/03
Cologne, Germany, 16/12/03
Antwerp, Belgium, 16/12/03
Gelsenkirchen, Germany, 10/06/04
Ajax arena, Amsterdam, Holland, 21/06/04
Parc des Princes, Paris, France, 23/06/04
Werchter, Belgium, 02/07/04


Metallica Experience

First live contact was made, doing security at Werchter 2003.

Meet&Greet Antwerp Belgium, December 2003 - At the Antwerp concert on Dec 17th 2003, I had won a Meet & Greet with the Boys. Finally I had the chance to let James sign my arm and again Skin & Bones (since June 2003 specialist in Metallica Tattoos) immortalized James' signature. Kirk again refused to sign (it's
against his religion). I'm hoping to change his view on the subject and make him understand that he is part of my Metallica religion. Yes, my body is a temple, dedicated to my Gods "METALLICA", that's the only reason I'd like him to sign my arm. So people can tell that I'm a true believer of METALLICA, a dedicated "Deciple" as he has stated in the past. During the Meet & Greet I brought 'offers' for my 'Gods'. James got a wooden scale model of a Harley Shovelhead engine,
Lars a box of chocolates saying he's # 1 in Dutch on it, Kirk got a Horse's head statue, which took him by surprise as he claimed it looked just like his own horse. And Robert got a 'Funny' looking hat in the Belgian Colors. I stated that the hat is from the Belgian National Soccer team and that he should wear it on stage. The resulting reaction of the audience would last forever in his memory I assured him. He answered: " We'll see !! " And yezzz, after Fade to Black, James introduced the band members, Robert emerged from the backstage with my hat on. The feelings it gave me were indescribable !! The whole 'Sportpaleis' exploded with energy and emotion. The audience chanted the Belgian Soccer 'Warhymne'. He played 'Bells' with the hat on, but near the end of the song it fell off, then Lars was so courteous as to pick it up and slip it on Kirk's head while he was playing his solo. The best day in my life after the birth of my daughter and my marriage. I hope they kept the hat as a souvenir of this magnificent Concert.

My bike being signed by the band in Amsterdam June 2004 was another amazing experience see for the pics and story on this incredible event.


My Pics
guitar.jpg (42594 bytes) hbs2002-11.jpg (28199 bytes) signtattoo.jpg (21462 bytes) Lars.jpg (22232 bytes) James01.jpg (37085 bytes) kirk02.jpg (37606 bytes)

Roberto.jpg (30341 bytes) kirkme.jpg (28566 bytes) Lars03.jpg (48663 bytes) MetsterSign03.jpg (15973 bytes) june2104_4.jpg (26596 bytes) KirkBike.jpg (66862 bytes)



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