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Name: Matt Proctor

Location: Northampton, England


Messenger: N/A

I have been a fan of Metallica for about 15 years (yes I was about 10), ever since a school friend of mine introduced me to his brothers copy of the Puppetz album (follow that?!). The same friend and his brother took me to my first ‘tallica gig when I was 14 at Milton Keynes Bowl in 1993. I can say that with all honesty I wasn’t totally hooked until the second time I saw them at Donington in 1995. Since that day I have been obsessed with everything ‘tallica orientated.


Favorite Metallica songs

A few that stick out immediately are (in no particular order): Fade to Black, Dyers Eve, Hit the Lights, For Whom the Bell Tolls, Master of Puppets, My World, The Struggle Within, Leper Messiah


Favorite Metallica live show/shows
Donington ’95, Ministry of Sound ’97, Leeds ’03 (see below)


Metallica gigs attended
1) 05/06/1993 Milton Keyes Bowl, Milton Keynes, England
2) 26/08/1995 Escape From The Studio, Donington Park, Donington, England
3) 06/10/1996 NEC Arena, Birmingham, England
4) 24/08/1997 Reading Festival, Reading, England
5) 13/11/1997 Ministry Of Sound, London, England
6) 10/07/1999 Milton Keyes Bowl, Milton Keynes, England
7) 19/11/1999 Velodrom, Berlin, Germany
8) 22/08/2003 Leeds Festival, Leeds, England *Meet n Greet*
9) 24/08/2003 Reading Festival, Reading, England
10) 09/12/2003 Palais Omnisports de Bercy, Paris, France
11) 20/12/2003 Earls Court Arena, London, England
12) 06/06/2004 Download Festival, Donington Park, Donington, England


Metallica Experience
I will keep this short as you can read the full review in the Metallica World Tour section. Up until last year the closest to the band I had got was at the Ministry of Sound gig in 1997 where I got to the front and got handed (chucked) a pick by James. This was my proudest and most fond memory of being at a ‘tallica gig until one day last July I checked my email, disposed of all the usual crap and found an email from the Metclub. When I read the subject my mouth full open and I sat there staring at the screen for fuck knows how long “Meet And Greet Winner for Aug 22 Leeds, U…”! I was going to meet my heroes…FUCK!! The day eventually came and as I said read about it in the tour section!!


My Pics
matt1.jpg (25954 bytes) matt2.jpg (30884 bytes) matt3.jpg (27109 bytes) matt4.jpg (24492 bytes) berlin1.jpg (36187 bytes) berlin14.jpg (30687 bytes)





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