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Metworlds answer to Brad Pitt!!

Name: Edward Glenn

Nick Names: A-Star, Ace, Star, Starsky, Choc

Location: Oxford, England



Messenger: N/A


Well well well boys and girls, let me tell you about my own experiences with Metallica the ultimate and best heavy metal band ever and therefore by simple mathematics the best band ever.

My first listen…..was back in ’93 ’94 when my sister bought ride the lightening, puppets and black. I initially hadn’t heard of them and my first experience was when I was on holiday with my parents (I was 14) and my sister put ride on her discman. I heard the intro to Fight fire with fire I knew I was onto something, fuck!!! I just kept rewinding the intro cos the way it went from nice to nasty I though was the coolest thing ever. Later I got into those three albums and got them on extended loan from my sister (I still have those copies). My first purchase of my own was Justice and that I thought was the most bleak dark and heavy album ever…gorgeous. The drumming was amazing.

Drumming….was a passion of mine since I was quite young. I drummed on everything and everyone. When I started getting into the boys I realised Lars truly was incredible. He was just doing all the kinda drumming I wanted to master and the licks and grooves he used were so influential to my playing. Many drummers are faster or more technical but Lars managed to play fast with technical fills and licks whilst being really creative and sounding meaty. Often the drums and guitars would do ensemble figures matching each other to produce a wall of chunk (e.g. Colour our world Blackened bit in Blackened). I lapped this up like a puppy at the bitches teat, and soon got drum lessons, weeks after this I got a kit and played at my parents home driving them wild with excitement at the amount of noise the kit could make in a farm house. I joined a band soon after that and we did Metallica covers, we did bellz first, then Sanitarium and thing after a while we could play a few before we started writing ourselves. My current band is  called Suffer The Fall and I am still inspired by Lars on a regular basis. Every album is so different and St. Anger sees another Lars, so it never gets stale. 

Gigs… are what Metallica is really about and I first saw them in 96 on the poor touring me tour. They were so loud and I remember getting bad stomach pains in the pit, I was 17 and it blew me away. I touched Jason as he ran by and for me it was like SHIT I touched him, from magazine and CD sleeve to real life. Great. I have seen them 19 times now around Europe and I love every one. My favourite was probably Download in the tent cos it was sooo intense and I hadn’t seen 'em for a bit so it was a treat or Dublin 99 cos that blew me away and made me throw up on the barrier from excessive pummelling. The gigs are just so fucking balls out and make me want to snap my neck head banging.


Favorite Metallica songs

Well I have no 1 baby that I say you’re my fav but to be honest I can’t promise that if you played the following I wouldn’t whip myself into a crazed fury, they are (no order of pref): 

Fight fire with fire, Ride the lightening, Creep (esp live), harvester of sorrow, Blackened, Don’t tread on me, 4 horses, No remorse, Struggle within, The house that jack built, The Unnamed feeling, No Leaf clover, Master of Puppets, Battery, Damage inc, Lepper Messiah… shit all of em. 

From a drum influence perspective - Harvester, Blackened, Frayed ends of sanity, Sandman, and Puppets.


Favorite Metallica live show/shows

The Point, Dublin, Ireland, 05/07/99
Download Festival, Donington Park, England,
01/06/03 Rock Am Ring Festival, Germany,
08/06/03 Earls Court, London, England,
20/12/03 Parc des Princes, Paris, France, 23/06/04

Metallica gigs attended

Birmingham N.E.C. England, 5/10/96
Manchester Nynex Arena, England, 15/10/96
Reading Festival, England, 24/08/97
The Point, Dublin, Ireland, 05/07/99
Omnisports de Bercy, Paris, France, 07/07/99
The Big Day Out, Milton Keynes Bowl, England, 10/07/99
Download Festival, Donington Park, England, 01/06/03
Rock Am Ring Festival, Germany, 08/06/03
R.D.S. Showground, Dublin, Ireland, 20/08/03
Leeds Festival, England, 22/08/03
Reading Festival, England, 24/08/03
Omnisports de Bercy, Paris, France, 09/12/03
Earls Court, London, England, 19/12/03
Earls Court, London, England, 20/12/03
Download Festival, Glasgow Green, Glasgow, Scotland, 02/06/04
Download Festival, Donington park, England, 06/06/04
Ajax arena, Amsterdam, Holland, 21/06/04
Parc des Princes, Paris, France, 23/06/04
R.D.S. Showground, Dublin, 25/06/04
Rock Am Ring Festival, Germany, 03/06/06
Download Festival, Donington Park, England, 10/06/06
Download Ireland, RDS Showground, Dublin, 11/06/06


Metallica Experience

I have a vast collection of great metallica moments but a couple stand out as been real top of the heap babies. Seeing them play whisky in Ireland has been great both times but the first was special because matey from the Lizzy came out and played with them that was soo cool. 

I got my first drum stick in Ireland at the RDS showground in  2003, since that day I caught another 3 from the boy Lars. What a generous man. As a big Lars fan and a drummer this was always a bit of a Holy Grail to get a stick. I remember it well…(only a bloody year and a bit ago) he was encouraging a lot of face pulling and Carziness to see who was most desperate. Someone near me just got one, so Lars trotted down the crowd a bit to give out another… I thought that’s my chance blown til another gig, then I thought fuck it all and fuck it no regrets, never happy endings without a drum stick! So I pushed down to where he was and then climbed on the crowd in fromt of him and acted like a mad half fuck for a bit. Lars spotted my tom foolery and awarded it with a throw of a stick toward me. I caught it like a rugby ball so it didn’t bounce out my hands. Upon this a herd of Irish antelope (crazy bird and other fans) tried to snatch it, I went down and yelled IT’S FUCKING MINE about 10 times making people think I was deranged. They left me and the stick in tact… down into my pants it went and I trotted off to the hotel with the lads. 

For me the best gig might have been Donnington. The secret gig. As we waited tent bound the atmos was great, I had a superb gig got a pick and a lot of eye contact with all the band. I was head banging like a crazy fuk. Read my review on the Met on tour page cos I’ll be fucked if I’m writing it all again but needless to say that is top of the heap ‘tallica moment.


‘Tallica is 100% the biggest influence on my upbringing aside from my parents. James did me proud.


My Pics

The first two pics were taken at the Rock Am Ring festival - A-Star asked jokingly whether I would rub my bare foot in dog shit for 10 euros which I declined. I asked A-Star if he fancied it and he sort of did so I took the opportunity to get value for money and beat him down to 4 euros. With the price set and my camera wound on we invested in so bare back dog shit manipulation! To get value for money he rubbed for approx a minute and got it rubbed into his heel and in between his toes. Fair play A-Star that was the best 4 euros I have ever spent! A few people were taken aback when they saw what was going on. Just for the record he was not drunk.

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