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Name: Mike Allam

Location: Lincolnshire, England



I have liked Metallica for a while but really loving them for about a year now. I first brought St. Anger, then Uncle Steve sorted me out with some bootleg albums and I was hooked. Now I have all the other albums plus a nice collection of  'tallica memorabilia including t-shirts, singles, dvds and vinyls. I am still along way off  compared to other collectors (Uncle Steve) My favorite items I have so far are the Japanese version of  One and the Enter Sandman 7" picture disc. I have seen the band once so far at Glasgow green and am waiting for the next.


Favorite Metallica songs

I cant say which is my favourite song but I do really like Bleeding Me, The Outlaw Torn, Ride The Lightning, Damage Inc., -human, The Four Horsemen and The Unnamed Feeling.


Favorite Metallica live show/shows
I have only seen the boys once and hope to see them many more times. But my first ever show will always be my favourite. Glasgow green Scotland 02/06/2004.


Metallica gigs attended
Download Festival, Glasgow Green, Glasgow, Scotland, 02/06/04
Rock Am Ring Festival, Germany, 03/06/06
Download Festival, Donington Park, England, 10/06/06
Download Ireland, RDS Showground, Dublin, 11/06/06


Metallica Experience
Knowing that I couldn’t get to Donington due to exams. I asked Uncle Steve when the next available show was, I found out that it was at Glasgow only a couple of days before Donington. I ordered my ticket and was on my way to my very first ‘Tallica gig!! Me and four other guys all squeezed in to a tiny Peugeot 106! (This was a long trip – over 300 miles each way!) In my presence were Gillyboy (Uncle Steve the creator of Metallica World), Olly who travelled all the way from Folkston to see the boys – this was an added 200 miles before he got to us! Hec who’s a cool guy that sorted me out with some nice Metallica memorabilia and finally A* who I think has got seriously cool hair. When we finally arrived after a nice 7-hour journey we walked to Glasgow Green where the band were playing. When we got in Slipknot were playing and by this time I couldn’t wait for the Four Horsemen to come on stage and kick our asses (this would be my very first time). Unfortunately we were unable to get to the front due to not having wrist bands which were given out to the first 1000 or so people to get there. They had access to a pit area at the front of the stage. We did get to the front of the second barrier though and probably had just as good a view. We were able to see the boys perfectly. Hearing Ecstasy of Gold for the first time live sent cold chills shivering down my spine. Blackened was first song in the set and totally blew my mind away. Other songs such as Ride The Lightning, Creeping Death and Fuel were highlights in the set for me. The set ended with Seek and Destroy and Jump in the Fire (what a killer combo) This was a real treat. Two words to summarise the whole trip, F**CKING AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!


My Pics





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