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Name: Olly Smith

Location: Kent, England



Iíve been a full on Metallica since I was 12, Iím now 21 and my love for the band and their music increases every day. Iíve seen the band 8 times: 5 times in England and once each in Scotland, France and Germany. I was first introduced to the band watching the Freddie Mercury tribute concert, where they performed, Sandman, Sad and N.E.M. I was only 9 at the time and it took me a couple of years to discover the aural delights of the band (when I finally found someone with a Metallica tape!!!).


Favorite Metallica songs

Very, very, very difficult question. I donít have a specific favourite, although for a long time I would have replied Blackened. Hereís a short list of what I would consider my more (?!?) favourite songs:

(In album order) Four Horsemen, No Remorse, Ride the Lightening, Battery, MOP, Damage Inc, Blackened, Shortest Straw, To Live Is To Die, Through The Never, Bleeding Me, Outlaw Torn, Unforgiven II, Fixxxer, I Disappear, No Leaf Clover, Frantic, St Anger.

Although as Steve said these could easily change tomorrow and it of course doesnít include any of the great cover versions they do.


Metallica gigs attended
Milton Keynes, UK 10/07/99
Rock Am ring, Nurburgring, Germany 08/06/03
Reading Festival, England, 24/08/03
Earls Court, UK 19/12/03
Earls Court, UK 20/12/03
Download Scotland, Glasgow, 02/06/06
Download, Donington, UK 06/06/04
Parc des Princes, France 23/06/04
Rock Am Ring Festival, Germany, 03/06/06
Download Festival, Donington Park, England, 10/06/06


Favorite Metallica live show/shows
Well, I donít have the selection that all the other Metworld members have, but here goes. The first time I saw them was Big Day Out, Milton Keynes Bowl 10th July 1999. This was an amazing gig that I nearly couldnít go to, because it clashed with my holiday with my Mum. Just when it looked like I would have to wait even longer to see my heroes, my Mum changed the date of our holiday and bought me the ticket to the gig!! Awesome, cheers Mum!!! Being my first gig (to see Metallica), it was always going to be special, a great gig, and a great vibe. Then there was Rock am Ring which was amazing to be at after the boys had been away for so long. And then there was the second night at Earls Court (20/12/2003), which technically was the best time Iíd ever seen them, they were really on fire that night, and then of course Donington without Lars, and then of course the Paris gig with the meet and greet and them playing a couple of songs I had selected. WOW, ok I havenít got an answer, overall experience, it would have to be Paris, musically? The second night at Earls Court, with every other gig a very, very close second!!!


Metallica Experience

I was extremely lucky to win a meet and greet pass in Paris 23/06/2004, heres what I had to say about the experience at the time.

With a sexual and meaty amount of Metallicaworld in tow with me, Steve, Ed, Cads and Hector arrived at the venue having spent a day in the heart of Paris. After a few stressful moments thinking I wouldnít make the Meet and Greet in time, my fears were squashed when we arrived at the Met Club stand to be greeted by none other than our friend Matthias. After a substantial wait it was time for our names to be checked off on the list, after slight confusion as to why my name wasnít on there all became clear when I explained that I was a Donington meet and greet winner (or as Lars later joked, A Download reject!!!). Once we all had our meet and greet passes (not as sticky as Iíd like really, although to be fair I still would have been worried about it flying off if it had been sewed on!!) we made our to the backstage area where we stood in a corridor in a row. At this point I was so excited yet very nervous, I was shaking quite a bit which is weird for someone like me as usual Iíll stay calm in such situations.

After a short wait, Rob was the first to come out, he was a great guy, I welcomed him to the Metallica family, which he seemed grateful for, although to be fair I think a few thousand people make him feel pretty damn welcome every gig they play!! We had a chat about the Donington show and other stuff and posed for a few photos. He signed the stuff I wanted signed and he moved on down the line. I was still shaking, it is very difficult to maintain calmness when youíre looking into your idolsí eyes and shaking their hands, it is quite surreal. The next person down the line was James, for this I was now very scared, Iíve admired James greatly over the years and now was my time to actually meet him. He was, again, a really, really nice guy, good fun and really friendly, to be 100% honest, I canít remember the specifics of the conversation, in a way it all felt like a bit of a dream, but we chatted about the tour and Donington and the inclusion of Rob in the band, it was absolutely amazing to meet him, something I shall never forget. The next person I met was Kirk who was a really, really top man, a really calm person, again we chatted about some stuff, the tour, about how much he enjoyed playing with Joey and Dave at Donington. It felt like Iíd met Kirk before in a way, he was really open and friendly.

After this there was a gap of about 45 mins while we waited for Lars! We were informed he was on his way but he kept bumping into friends!! Good olí Lars. When he finally came out he was cracking jokes with people and generally having a lot of fun. When he came to me we had a good chat and I asked him if it was possible to play a couple of songs, my requests were No Leaf Clover and I Disappear. To this he replied that this wouldnít be a problem. After signing my stuff and posing for a photo (which didnít come out perfect due to the fact that I was half way through explaining to the guy taking the photo how to use my camera when the snap was taken) he continued down the line. I found Lars the easiest to meet, not to say that the others were at all difficult because they werenít but something about Larsí enthusiasm was admirable. Another thing I should add that I found extraordinary was that when you spoke to the band, you were the only person in the world to them at that moment, no-one else, just you, it made the whole experience more special and more meaningful.


My Pics
olly1.jpg (24653 bytes) olly2.jpg (36857 bytes) olly3.jpg (31067 bytes) olly4.jpg (26650 bytes) olly5.jpg (39951 bytes)

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