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Name: Steve Gill

Location: Lincolnshire, England



Wow....well apart from running Metallicaworld I am an avid collector of Metallica records, t-shirts and merchandise. I have a very large collection which has been built up over many years. Some of my favorite bits are a signed drum skin Lars used on the black album tour, the bands first ever t-shirt (young metal attack), my signed arm!! (tattooed) and my chunk of Metallica marble (Justice promo item). I have seen the band live 21 times in six different countries and for me that is the best experience anyone can have.


Favorite Metallica songs
Well I don't have a favorite song but these are some that I really like (in no particular order)

Dyers Eve, Leper Messiah, The Unnammed Feeling, Shoot Me Again, Damage Inc., The Four Horsemen, Blackened, The Outlaw Torn, Fixxxer, Fuel, Holier Than Thou, Ride The Lightning, Disposable Heroes, Until It Sleeps, To Live Is To Die and No leaf Clover.

This list is off the top of my head and I figured the first songs that came to me were my favorite ones of the moment - this list will probably change tomorrow!


Favorite Metallica live show
For me there are a few shows that were special. The first show I went to at Donington was one of the most memorable due to it being my first gig - I cant remember a lot about the gig but the feelings of seeing the band live for the first time were immense. The S&M show was fantastic because it was so different and will never be repeated again a true once in a lifetime experience. Donington 2003 secret gig was a real close one for favorite show as we were still not sure if they would play when we got there. Then there was Donington 2004!! what an experience the only show that Lars has not managed to play. Although the set was cut short the fact it was a different show did it for me! I think the ultimate winner will have to be S&M at Berlin for the fact it was so different and cant be repeated again with Michael Kamen.


Metallica gigs attended
Escape from the Studio, Donington Park, England, 26/08/95
Birmingham N.E.C. England, 5/10/96
Manchester Nynex Arena, England, 15/10/96
Reading Festival, England, 24/08/97
The Point, Dublin, Ireland, 05/07/99
Omnisports de Bercy, Paris, France, 07/07/99
The Big Day Out, Milton Keynes Bowl, England, 10/07/99
Berlin, Germany, S&M promo show, 19/11/99
Download Festival, Donington Park, England, 01/06/03
Rock Am Ring Festival, Germany, 08/06/03
R.D.S. Showground, Dublin, Ireland, 20/08/03
Leeds Festival, England, 22/08/03
Reading Festival, England, 24/08/03
Omnisports de Bercy, Paris, France, 09/12/03
Earls Court, London, England, 19/12/03
Earls Court, London, England, 20/12/03
Download Festival, Glasgow Green, Glasgow, Scotland, 02/06/04
Download Festival, Donington park, England, 06/06/04
Ajax arena, Amsterdam, Holland, 21/06/04
Parc des Princes, Paris, France, 23/06/04
R.D.S. Showground, Dublin, 25/06/04

Rock Am Ring Festival, Germany, 03/06/06
Download Festival, Donington Park, England, 10/06/06
Download Ireland, RDS Showground, Dublin, 11/06/06


Metallica Experience
I was very lucky in managing to win a meet and greet pass through the Metclub for the Rock Am Ring show in Germany.  When I got to the gig, me and Pete (see Metworld crew pics) went to the Metclub stand to find out the procedure for the meet and greet. We were told the time to meet at the stand was 6.00 pm. The rest of the day went very slowly as I waited to meet the boys. At 4.00 pm I started waiting at the Metclub stand where we were given backstage passes and the stick-on meet and greet pass. By this point it was raining pretty hard so I was standing with my hand over this now wet stick on pass afraid I would lose it!! When the time came to  walk down to the backstage area both me and Pete were shaking, either because we were excited or because we were very cold and wet (probably the former!). After waiting at various points we were taken into the Metallica area and told to form a line. At this time we did not know how many of the band members, or if any, would come out. James was the first member of the band to come out. He worked his way down the line taking time to talk, sign and pose for photos. When my time came James came over, shook my hand and asked my name. He then spoke to me using my name, signed everything I asked him to and posed for photos. I then asked him to draw a scary guy on my arm which he did, asking "are you going to get it inked in?" which I was, so he then joked about tattooing me himself. He asked for a new pen, then drew the new graffiti style scary guy on my arm and signed it underneath. James had a lot of time for all of us and it was a pleasure meeting him - he seemed very at ease and down to earth. The next person out would be Lars. Lars took his time going through the people talking, joking and bouncing about. When he came to me, again he asked my name and called me by it. He spent some time joking about me buying the first copy of St Anger because it was sold in the UK. This joke carried onto Pete, who is also from the UK, as we stood together in the line. Lars signed everything for me including my arm and, for my friend Ed, a copy of St Anger writing "keep drumming Lars 2003", as he is a drummer (this made his day!). Kirk came out next but by this time I think the band were pushed for time as he seemed to move down the line quicker (we are not complaining though). He had time to pose for a photo and sign all the stuff. Kirk is not one for signing skin so when asked he politely turned down the offer which was fine with me and quite understandable. Rob came out last and that meant we had met the whole band. We all felt very privileged. Rob posed for loads of photos and signed all my stuff including my arm, on which he did a large and flamboyant signature which really finishes the design off and allows it to be visible just below a t-shirt - thanks Rob. After Rob had finished with the last person, we were taken back to the first barrier area so we had access to the front area for the show - this was really great as we could not have got to the first barrier otherwise. I met up a couple of minutes later with my mates who had been waiting all day down at the front and slipped between them onto the barrier. So, I managed to get to the meet and greet and to see the whole show from the front row. It really could not have been any better. MTV were filming the show and Olly, Ed and myself managed to get ourselves all over the footage! Some of this was used in the documentary Some Kind Of Monster. I managed to get a pic James had played with which really rounded off a fantastic day.


My Pics
backstage3.jpg (89241 bytes) backstage8.jpg (72428 bytes) backstage10.jpg (88412 bytes) backstage11.jpg (102794 bytes) rock23.jpg (52774 bytes) newtat5.jpg (61998 bytes)
paree1.jpg (48203 bytes) rock19.jpg (52399 bytes)        





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