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Name: Stuart Higbee

Location: London, England




I have been into Metallica since I was about 13 when a school friend gave me a tape entitled 'Live & Demos' which was essentially the Kill Em All demo with some 83 live tracks on it. since then I have seen them quite a few times over the last 20 years and met them on 2 occasions, 1985 with Cliff, then again earlier this year in Amsterdam. I would like to have seen them more but being a respectable businessman and family man has restricted the amount of shows I could get to. I regret not going to more of the 86 and 87 shows, but at that time there were loads of bands around and Metallica were just one of the many bands playing the circuit. I have my own CDR trading website as I am an avid trader of both CDRs and DVDs.


Favorite Metallica songs
I think if you name a fave song, you are not a real fan, as everyone else has demonstrated. It all depends what mood you are in as to which tracks appeal. Master of Puppets album is undoubtedly the best to date and I do not think they will top that. The title track is superb to blare on on a nice summers day. Ride the Lightening side 1 is the ultimate when you are tired and want to relax. I also love tracks such as Low Man's Lyric, Sandman, I Dissappear, Monster and Seek. Whenever I play live CD's I generally skip One, Harvester and Sad But True. But live they are superb and glad they play them.


Favorite Metallica live show/shows
Only one choice here - 100 Club in 1987! How lucky was I to have been there. What a night that was. I also went to a Pantera secret show some years later, not the same but that was also a great show. Hector nearly saw that one too!!!! Head still hurt from the fire alarm Hec? At least he pulled a decent bird that night though.


Metallica Experience
Had loads of these, but I assume this should be Metallica related. Eddie please note not to go on about your double life and fetishes!!! Probably like everyone else, meeting the boys is an experience in itself. In 1985 at Shades record store (RIP) they were young raw and pissed, in 2004 (Amsterdam 6.42 show) they were older, and James was sober!!!! Top guys they are. Long may they continue. Other experiences include 2001 when I was working in Amsterdam and was forced against my will into a live sex show and they were playing Low Mans Lyric as the background music!!!!! Donington 1985 when all the real metallers bundled through the Ratt fans to get to the front for Metallica, then stomped over the spandex clad B#n J*%i fans (are you sure that's not who your hair cut is modeled on Hec?) to get out the way as the main event was finished.


Metallica Gigs Attended
17/8/85 Donington
21/9/86 Hammersmith
20/7/87 100 Club
22/7/87 Donington
10/88 Hammersmith
23/5/90 Wembley Arena
25/10/92 Wembley Arena
5/6/93 Milton Keynes
12/10/96 Earls Court

Break to get married, produce 2 offspring

20/8/03 Dublin
24/8/03 Reading
20/12/03 Earls Court
21/6/04 Amsterdam


My Pics
stu1.jpg (38799 bytes) stu2.jpg (57097 bytes) stu3.jpg (87723 bytes) stu4.jpg (62330 bytes)

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