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New Orleans, LA, USA 14/11/2004
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Cads and Fox Bourbon Street Bourbon Street 2 Fox alert Mmmmmm..
ANOTHERFOX!.jpg (56725 bytes) swallowthis.jpg (43805 bytes) FrenchQuarter.jpg (83683 bytes) MardiGrasMadness.jpg (45158 bytes) ClubbersUnite!.jpg (43479 bytes)
Another fox Swallow this! French Quarter Mardi Gras Madness Clubbers unite
nov1404_2.jpg (24067 bytes) nov1404_5.jpg (17813 bytes) nov1404_6.jpg (12205 bytes) nov1404_7.jpg (10910 bytes) nov1404_8.jpg (21530 bytes)
Kirk and ? Clubbers New Stage 1 New Stage 2 Rob in Action
nov1404_9.jpg (20672 bytes) nov1404_10.jpg (23344 bytes) nov1404_11.jpg (13375 bytes)
Band in action Banner Action Rob in full flow


Metallica New Orleans Arena 14th  November 04

The weekend had finally arrived. My first trip to the States for 8 years - 3 days of sightseeing, sampling whatever New Orleans had to offer and catching Metallica 'In The Round'.

I slept rough at Gatwick to make sure I definitely wasn't going to miss the flight by a, oversleeping or b, car breaking down/tailbacks on the motorway etc. Waking with a cricked neck was a small price to pay considering the scale of the weekend to come.

Due to my flight leaving an hour late - the connection in New Jersey was a bit tense. I had less than an hour to get off my plane, find where the fuck I was and get to the gate to catch the 3 hour flight to Louisiana. Made it but only just. Hotel & kip was the order of the day as soon as I arrived shortly after 6pm. That cricked neck was still pinching.

My free day was spent taking a few snaps and hanging out at a few of the bars in the French Quarter. The imaginatively named Mardi Gras bar proved to be very hospitable with a cute girl from Michigan pulling the pints and a guy called Robert helping to prop the bar up. Robert, by the way is well known up the outrageous Bourbon Street for his vocal skills in karaoke. The voice of an angels arse springs to mind! What he lacked in singing skills he made up for with drinking though so can't say fairer than that (starts drinking at 4am!?!?!).

Later on I went on search for any signs of a rock club. A block up the street was a live music venue sparsely filled (it was only midday!) with some party goers. Again, these guys were on fire. They weren't shy in getting the beers in either. On from here the night seemed to turn into a blur of young ladies exposing themselves over the balconies to huge cheers from the punters below along with trying to locate my lift back to my hotel.

I have no clue as to what time I eventually rolled in... I blame the jet lag.

Gig Day

With my email confirmation from Ticketmaster wedged tightly in the fold of my pocket I headed down town yet again to prepare for the show. I spotted a few shirts in a club called Razoo's so I followed them in and discovered what must be one of the sexiest spots on Bourbon Street. As you can see from some of the foxy photo's the recruitment manager certainly has got his priorities right. Extremely un-ugly bartenders at your beck and call and some struggling to contain themselves within the crease of their tee's. No complaints from me or anyone else I can tell you. It was here where I met a couple of Clubbers (Gina & Gary) who had advertised on the BB about a MetClub meet up at this very bar. The turn out wasn't very strong but there was a healthy percentage of the patrons within who were already going to the show. They were also kind enough to give me a lift to the venue - CHEERS!

Just before picking up my ticket I ran into a couple of MetWorld fans which was a nice coincidence. Speaking to fans 5,000 miles away who have seen our site and visit every week (Dude - get your tattoo pic sent in!).

As I was running a trifle behind schedule I didn't managed to see if I could blag a M&G pass or get a wristband for the floor from the MetClub booth. Not being put off though I managed to slip a few $$$'s into the moist palm of another guest to get me a standing ticket. Job Done.

So then.. I was there at last. On the rail at the New Orleans Arena waiting for our boys to come out to play again. It was a surreal time. I was trying to take it all in. The Stage, the crowd (completely different to Europe! No surfing, no pushing.. Just fists pumping and screaming your lungs out! Cool) and then The Ecstasy Of Gold.

The middle section of the stage rotated every few songs so that Lars got to see the whole crowd. This whole stage concept made a real nice change from the standard layout that was the order in the open air gigs this summer.

They tore through the normal openers then into Harvester and then Clover (Sexier than the girls from Razzoo's??? you make up your own mind). Seeing a roadie site a guitar and stand on the top platform of the stage meant something new was going to happen...The Unforgiven. This was one that I was really hoping for and I wasn't left disappointed. James introduced St.Anger with the snake style "Ssssss...sssssss.....sssssssaaaaint Ayngeeeeer...! Fucking amazing. The 'ol faves mid section were text book perfection. It had only been 4 months since seeing them at Werchter but for some reason SBT took me by surprise?!?!? Again, James starting it off with the lone vox and chug of muted strings. Being a lover of the pyro element - Sandman stood out big style. I will never get bored of listening to James bellow "Oh Yeah!" then ripping into the main riff for the explosion. Cue flames and rockets engulfing the stage. Orgasm imminent.

The last wildcard slot went to Disposable Heroes before getting the 99% permanent closer that is Seek & Destroy. Awesome. Fuck, I didn't want this show to end.

I headed back to the French Quarter for a post gig beer. I'd lost Gina & Gary so decided to head back to Razzoo's (I wonder why...). It was heaving and somebody had a few numbers from the Black album booming out. Why can't they build one of these places in London! 3or 4 Abita's later I waved down a Jonny Cab and splashed the obligatory $28 bucks for the ride to my Kenner hotel.

The journey back via Texas the next day seemed to take forever. Whilst in transit I decided to try out a Po Boy (Sandwich type thing). Very good by ones standards and it filled the void for the next 8 hours and 5,000 miles.

To everyone that I met in the French Quarter and at the gig - thank you so much for your warmth and hospitality. You know who you are! New Orleans - you guys are a fucking testament to what Metallica and Heavy Metal is all about. If any of you are ever coming to the UK let me know and I'll get you all a beer.

I must mention that after getting in touch with Gina & Gary on my return to the UK, they informed me that they were lucky enough to see Kirk & Rob in a restaurant the day after the gig. Kirk was fairly quiet but Gary managed to congratulate Rob on the show. They were seated in a special room with a strong entourage and guard on the door! Wow! How cool is that!?!

Cads 2004


  Set List

Harvester Of Sorrow
No Leaf Clover
Wherever I May Roam
The Unforgiven
The God That Failed
St. Anger
Fade To Black
Creeping Death
- - - -
Sad But True
Nothing Else Matters
Master Of Puppets
Enter Sandman
- - - -
Disposable Heroes
Seek And Destroy







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