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Metallica Ninga Stars Page One

This is the voice of silence no more....

Re-write the script you guys, and get ready to make some big fat fucking noise. We have been storming the old brains here at MW and have come up with an idea so ingenious it makes Steven Hawkins look thick (!?) We want you budding musicians or just anyone up for a laugh to be video stars of Metworld - Here’s what you do:
1) Video/ record your own version of a Metallica song
2) Up-load it on (instructions may follow if required)
3) Then send us the link, some pictures, detailed description of why you took up the instrument, what you main influences are, how long you have been playing, whether you play for pleasure only or if you are in a band and anything else interesting about you and your instrument.
What happens next I hear you cry….We will set up a link so everyone in MetWorld land gets to see you in action. The Metalli-Idol panel here will judge each performance out of 10 and we’ll even write you a mini review. Bloody hell!! Come on then guys, get creative and grab your 5 minutes of fame, who knows you could be the "Hero Of The Day", you seriously couldn’t ask for any more! (Note: there are absolutely no restrictions on creativity so go nuts!!!!) Click here to send your submission to the Ninja Stars section.

Hi - I want to be the first female in your Ninja Stars section!!
The reason I started playing guitar is because of one man - Mr James Hetfield!!   When I heard him playing I just thought, "I want to do that!!"  The way he can play those incredible riffs at lightning speed AND sing at the same time just amazed me - and still does!!  He is by far my main influence but I'm also inspired by Dave Murray, Adrian Smith, Janick Gers, Dave Mustaine, Slash, Richie Sambora, Matt Heafy and also some amazing female guitarists such as Michelle Meldrum, Sara Marsh, Josephine Draven, Eileen Nieto etc.  I don't play in a band as yet, especially cos I'm really shy about playing in front of people, but I love to practise by jamming along to my favourite songs so hopefully one day I'll have the confidence to be able to play in a band.  My favourite songs to play are Metallica's Motorbreath, Jump In The Fire, Fade To Black and Disposable Heroes, Iron Maiden's Phantom Of The Opera, The Trooper, Rime Of The Ancient Mariner and The Wicker Man, Megadeth's She Wolf and Skin O' My Teeth, Pearl Jam's Wishlist, Bon Jovi's You Give Love A Bad Name and so on!!!  My main guitar is my black Gibson Les Paul which is a dream come true to own but I also play a metallic purple Ibanez S370 which is great for shredding solos.  I also like to play about on the bass - I love playing Maiden songs such as Killers on that!
Favorite Metallica songs
1.  Fade To Black
2.  The Outlaw Torn
3.  Fuel
4.  The Unforgiven
5.  Whiplash
Favourite Metallica live show/shows
My favourite live show was seeing them in New Jersey when Lars dragged my friend Kat up onstage to start the 4 cymbal count into Seek & Destroy!!!!  That was the best night of my life!!!  Dublin 06 on the Escape tour is a close second tho cos I got to sing the line "You play the lead clown" looking eye to eye with James!!
Metallica gigs attended
Seen them 9 times in 5 different countries - Scotland (Glasgow Green, 02/06/04), England (Donington, 10/06/06), Ireland twice (RDS, Dublin 20/08/03 and 11/06/06), America four times (Washington DC 17/10/04, Philadelphia 19 and 20/10/04, East Rutherford, NJ 22/10/04) and Italy (17/06/06).  We travelled to Italy for just 24 hours to see them!!!!
Metallica Experience
I love to follow the guys around on tour and hope to do alot more shows the next time they tour.  Had some amazing experiences at the gigs - my friend being dragged onstage by Lars, getting the horns from Kirk cos of my mental headbanging during Fight Fire With Fire, getting a wink from James, slapping Rob's hand during Enter Sandman but the best experience of all was meeting some of the best friends I have ever had and all thanks to Metallica!!!

Me1.jpg (63427 bytes) Me2.jpg (61442 bytes) Hey, I'm Mat Smith from Blackpool UK and I am the worlds biggest Kirk Hammett fan. Here is me with my 3 main weapons of choice: An Epiphone Les Paul built to Gibson Standards, an ESP Kirk Hammett Signature series, and a Washburn Dimebag Design. I also play bass, drums and pretty much anything I can get a sound out of. Guitaring is my true passion however. I play in a band. I will send some recordings of us when I get them. Until then enjoy my pics and thanks for listing me :)
Me3.jpg (61207 bytes)  

Basically, I took up the guitar because as a ten year old, I looked up to Hammett and Hetfield, as my gods! I wanted to be just like, them and grow up to be them on day (Metal Gods). So I asked my grandmother for a guitar. Christmas of '04 I got my guitar. This Christmas will be my second year playing the guitar. My main influences are Eddie Van Halen, Kirk Hammett (of course), Dave Mustaine, Dimebag Darrell, Jimmy Page, Randy Rhoads, Jeff Hanneman, etc. I also play in a band called Armageddon. We are soon to (hopefully) play at our school's talent show. I've attached some pictures of me and my band below. (The pictures of me and my band are old I need to update them) Thanks for your time. Stay Metal!


What`s up..... I´m Renato from a metallica tribute band "Bad Seed"

Hi, my name is David S. Kirsh, I'm a technically proficient (Somewhat) guitar player from Toronto, Canada. Born February 12th 1990 and I live for my guitars.

I saw my friends playing guitar at camp once...and I was like "Shit son, I GOTTA TRY IT!" so my buddy mike taught me Seven Nation Army. My influences starting with Led Zeppelin and AC/DC, I have now progressed far beyond that stage, and play/ write a lot of Metallica or dream theater style stuff. Huge fan of Hammett, Mustaine, and Petrucci. As well, I'm really digging Children Of Bodom. Alexi Laiho is pretty good. I've been playing for 2 and a half years, I play 4 guitars. Not all at once like Michael Angelo Batio, mind you, but still. I have a Jackson JS30KE Kelly (Signed by John Petrucci!), a Fender Standard Stratocaster (that was made before Mexican fenders started sucking.), a Takamine G530S acoustic, and an Art and Lutherie Cedar (Soon to be replaced by an ovation) I use a fender 100 watt FM212R combo, and a bunch of pedals (ask if you wanna know what kind I use). I am in a band, The Officially Far-Sided (Currently debating a name change). Lead guitar. Our music can be found on that link (I play all the ridiculously fast solos.). Interestingly enough, most guitar players play their solos using the bridge (treble) pickup. I tend to use the neck (bass) pickup. It works better for my sound I guess.


I'm now nearing 17 years old, have STRONGLY improved my guitar playing since. My guitar collection has now increased to 7 guitars, and my playing style has considerably changed as well. My band's name has now changed to MTRPLIS, and we've scored a minor record deal and recorded an EP. 

My complete guitar collection is now as follows

Takamine G530S, Jackson JS30KE Kelly, Fender Standard Stratocaster, Art and Lutherie Cedar, Peavey JF-1 EXP w/ DiMarzio Air Norton neck pickup and PAF Pro bridge pickup, Mahalo USG30/OR 6-string ukulele, Guipar Studio classical guitar, all mahogany (fretboard included)


  Well it all started about 14 months ago when I decided to start playing the guitar, knowing Metallica from years back I decided they are the band, nothing else just Metallica, I have 2 thousand songs on my mp3 and Metallica are the only songs that get played! As with other fans as well its not just a quick faze, I am completely obsessed with Metallica, I have my own web site dedicated to James and the crew, . I play seven hours a day straight after work till one possible two o'clock in the morning every day no question. I can play and sing about ten Metallica tracks all the way through, oh I didn't tell you I didn't know how to play the guitar 14 months ago so I learnt the guitar while playing met songs. I really want to jam with Metallica so much I would pay thousands to do it. I'm trying to form a band at the mo cause I know it would be massive. I really don't have any mp3's to send but I have vids why not check them out give me some constructive criticism







Nothing Else Matters

There is just something about the music, its addictive, you can get lost in the music whatever mood your in. I'm also a met club member so you can say my hole life is consumed by Metallica in the hope that one day I'll get to meet them. We can only pray. As for gigging, one day when the band is complete all hell will brake loose in central London I cannot wait for that day, cause I've got years of fucking aggression in me. Me and my brother have gone to see Metallica at Dublin, amazing only one complaint the sound wasn't loud enough! I'll put that down to the surrounding population.

The picture is what I used to do before I became an engineer have a look! Mad! This is trooping the colour and white hall and the queen is about 7 feet away sorry thats me on the left nearest picture.

Band Update.....
Well I now have all of the band members - Bass and lead both live in London and come down to mine for regular practice, but the drummer lives in Texas however he has just had his visa come through and will be in England for the New Year. We should be gigging by march! I know few mistakes but my vocals will come better and guitaring the more and more I play I'm so dedicated to the cause.

OK I could sit here and babble for years but I don't think you have the time to read it cheers guys thanks very much .....Any more info just send me an email

  Hi, I'm Mirza from Malaysia and I'm 16 this year and I've been playing the guitar for little over a year after having obtained a Fender Stratocaster. What inspired me was first listening to Metallica's "Master of Puppets". And after a few months I managed to play the whole song bar Kirk's second solo which I have just finished learning. My band, affectionately known as "The Pricks". Our biggest influences are Metallica, Guns and Roses, and, oh did I mention Metallica? We make a point to perform "Master of puppets", "Welcome Home", "Enter Sandman", "The Call of Ktulu", and "No leaf Clover" at every jamming session. I'd just like to say thanks to Metallica for kick-starting my band and musical career. And thanks to Metallica world to list me in your ninja stars list. Beside is a pic of "The Pricks" practice equipment. L to R (Yamaha RGX-TTD6 on Fender Champion 300, Epiphone Custom on Marshall 15DFX, Fender Stratocaster Vintage Series on Marshall DFX, and Fender Stratocaster Anniversary Series on Fender Bullet 150.)


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