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Radio 4 Interview with Alan Hall

Visit Alan Hall at

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Alan questioning Alan questioning again ... ... ...

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... ... Alan Hall himself. Trust star Download the Interview


The radio interview was part of a series of programs commissioned by radio 4 to get inside the minds of fans of certain types of music and one of the programs was to be based around the heavy metal fans of Metallica. This is where we came in and were the Metallica fans in question. The interview was very "freestyle" and we only had small prompts from Alan to keep us on track. The radio program will go out on Radio 4 on 26/11/2004 at 3.45 pm in the afternoon.

Steve comments do you sum up in a few words the chance that we were all given to be on National radio talking about the band we love? Thanks to Alan Hall this should on November 26th 2004 (3.45 pm) become a reality. To start the session we all had a chat about what Alan wanted to achieve so we all got the most from the time we had. Alan asked us prompting questions and we all took it in turns to give our answer which were sometimes quite different. We talked about the fashions we have as Metallica fans, the music, what it means to us, the lifestyle, lyrics and much more. I think we were all grateful to Alan for considering us to be part of this program. I am looking forward to seeing what the condensed down program will sound like as we talked for about 90 minutes and this needs to be whittled down to only 15!!

Cads comments

This had to be the highest profile MetWorld meeting since the Chapter began. Being part of a 15 minute programme being broadcast on Radio 4 about our boys. The whole sitting round chatting about our experiences and feelings regarding heavy metal and Metallica was a tad sweat inducing to start with but as the 90 minutes rolled by, I felt more at ease. Alan was superb. He gently probed us into starting to chat about a certain topic and then let us say what we wanted. We had to be choosy with our vocab thought as it is scheduled to be broadcast during social hours. Was it worth the 320 mile drive? Hell Fukin' Yeah! Turn on and tune in. Metworld is still burning.

Star comments

A beautiful conversation about the boys, metal in general and the lack of devil worship within the music we listen to. Alan was a great chap to talk to and made us feel as relaxed as possible whilst talking and really tried to dig out the issues and feelings that we have as MetallicA fans. I was quite confident talking about the band and myself as I am quite well opinionated on the subject as you would expect. We all expect some heavy editing from Alan to get what was a 90 min conversation condensed into the 15 mins that will be our story (glory).  I feel excited about the prospect of being on radio 4 talking about the band I love. I feel I got some interesting points across and maybe if there are any 'Tallica fans listening to the broadcast then they may be able to relate to bits of what we all said. For the house wives on the school run maybe it will open their eyes to the lifestyle of these black t-shirt clad freaks they might see about town and realise that underneath it all are people like us! Sex, Murder 'Tallica and out.

Mikes comments

Witnessing this event I listened to cads, Star and the one and only Uncle Steve pour out all there emotional knowledge of Metallica - the band we love. Questions such as "how has Metallica shaped your life", were for me the most interesting ones to hear the answers to, as they provided a deep insight into the minds and past experiences of some of my fellow chaptarians. I feel I have learnt from their experiences and hope to have similar stories of my own in the near future. As a relatively new fan, I do not have the years of dedicated listening that create the portfolio of events such as those from the other three. I hope to fulfill these dreams and the Interview has done the job of fueling me onwards towards this goal. I will now be even more fired up when Metallica next tour to go to every available gig, and to see them even if I have to travel between countries. What a fantastic experience to be part of. 'Tallica 4 life!!!!



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