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24 August 1997, Reading Festival, England
reading97.jpg (9107 bytes)


I had left getting the tickets to this gig late. A couple of weeks before the event I got the Sunday ticket as I was only interested in seeing Metallica. Ed the guy who I go to most Metallica gigs with knew someone who knew someone who lived in Reading, so we arranged to stay at his house (at this point neither of us drove). I was on holiday when the gig was on so I got a coach to Reading the day before the gig, and met up with Ed who also got a coach down. We started off at the coach station in Reading with just an address and a key which was a bit of a game but we eventually found the house after a few bus rides latter. The house was about a £5 taxi ride from the festival which was handy. We left for the festival early in the morning and got there at opening time. We met up with some people from the Bletchley Beholders Of Justice local chapter and spent the day with them until about seven o'clock. At this point we made our way into the crowd. We saw Marilyn Manson while we were at the front, his show was ok but we were not big fans. After Manson Metallica were due on. We waited and consolidated our position on the barrier for the show ahead (in our mind the only place for a true Metallica fan). Then they came on, it was nearly a year since we had last seen them. I cant remember much about the show there were no surprises in the set list. There was talk of a much smaller set than usual (about 90 mins). I am sure they played for about 2 hours. It felt like a good length anyway. We gave it everything we could and by the end of the show we were exhausted, but that's the way it should be!

When we got home to the house we watched some bootleg videos which we had bought until we fell asleep in front of the TV. I remember it being late and we were very hungry but nowhere was open. It was an exhausting show and worth every last bit of effort getting to it.

Steve with a good memory 2003

Set List

No remorse (jam)
So What!
Master of puppets
King Nothing
Sad but True
Hero of the day
Ainít my bitch
Until it sleeps
For whom the bell tolls
Wherever I may roam
Nothing else matters
Enter Sandman
Stone cold crazy
Creeping death
Last Caress



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